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I Look White Even Though

I Look White Even Though I’m Not White But You Will Make Me White But I’m Not 100% White Because No One is 100% White Around Here But We Pretend That the Quarters in Us that are Indigenous Can Be Turned into Dollars for Silence ears going blind head like wax kid in class saying, “if you only knew what science has done to me” the mercy of ravens I’ve been colonized so deeply that I can feel it in my colon once upon a midnight false binary I overheard the conversation where the woman was saying “the liberals made Trump by not including poor whites, as if they’re bathed in white privilege and not bathed in suffocation” the hymns of shadows the hers in shadows the stagnant stag I striped to get my way through the striped collage where I found out that college meant nothing but stripping me of any chance to be free of debt the uber-Christian girl tells me she will always love Jesus more than me the rent is eating my bones the landlord knows he is Lord, knows he is Land (Land = Lord, Lord = Land) the landlord knows he is Lord, knows he is Land (people - money, people - freedom) 52

the rent is eating my bones the Christian pastor tells me I am a little boy I stopped to bleed and ended up in the blood jobs with my blood wages and I’ve gotten home several times to find blood on my clothes (non-fiction) Nancy is pregnant—we call her preg-nancy—she says she can’t keep it—she says she can’t lose it. the hours of violence the hims of violence I underheard any conversations where in the end everything you ever owned would be sold for the medical bills, bulls, kills once upon a midday dreary we realized we were eating our lunch in our cubicles because they were firing anyone who tried to breathe I’ve been colonized so deeply that I can’t even type a ; without feeling sick to my guts the mercy of ravens kid in class saying “they would have killed us a hundred years ago” heart like an ax going deaf eyes 53

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