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“Which is?” She’ll

“Which is?” She’ll sound impatient, but I’ll Know that she is really enjoying my eccentricity “He needs half of my mine, you see, he cannot be Too much like me, if I had too much of me I’d kill myself But he can’t be too different, I’d lose interest immediately. He needs the good half, the part of me I love, and I will Have the parts of him he loves, so that together we are, Something never lonely, but instead content.” For the first the time in our conversation The clerk has warm, Mediterranean blue eyes She begins pressing buttons, and the register gets Smokey, I hear static, and see electrical sparks flash and surge Finally, though, the receipt shoots high into the air, and flutters Into my hands, and the magical wisdom of the universe reads “There’s an animal shelter down the road, so go get a cat. Get two.” I tip my imaginary hat To the shocked clerk trying to fix The unraveling machine, as I stroll out Deciding to name them ‘Cheshire’ and ‘Jeff Goldblum.’ Author bio: Zara Hanif is an Engish/Creative Writing major at Rhode Island College. She has been published in her College's lit mag Shoreline this year as well. She is currently dating a short/tall, thin/fat male, with dark/light skin, and is very content. 76

The Ghost of Plato By Greg Wallace Artist bio: Gregory Autry Wallace is a poet, painter and collagist living in San Francisco. He studied English, World and Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. His poetry and collages have appeared in Athena Incognito, Black Scat Review, BlazeVox, Danse Macabre,Clockwise Cat and Five 2 One. His paintings, collages and assemblages have appeared in juried art shows. 27

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