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| Travel & Leisure Hunger Games, are re-imagined as r o l l e r c o a s t e r s , i m m e r s i v e attractions, thrilling rides and more. BOLLYWOOD PARKS – the first of its kind in the world. Packed with action, dance and romance, live the Bollywood fantasy with exhilarating attractions and passionate live performances based on some of the biggest blockbusters across five themed zones. LEGOLAND DUBAI, the ultimate theme park for families with children ages 2-12. Let your imagination run free with over 40 Lego-themed rides, shows and building experiences that the whole family can enjoy. With 15,000 Lego models made from 60 million Lego bricks, six themed lands and a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions, Legoland Dubai cannot be missed. 7. DUBAI MALL: With an indoor ski mountain and home to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo which NAFL-Yearbook 2018 be complete without visiting the iconic gold market known as the Gold Souq in Deira. Considered as the world's largest gold market, here you will find stylish jewelry designs en from Dubai, India and across the Middle East and Africa, encrusted with gemstones and other precious metals. Carefully regulated by the government, you're assured you're buying authentic gold jewelry. 9.SPICE SOUQ—Step into the narrow alleyways of the old Dubai in Deira and it will lead you to the colorful mounds of spices and herbs and a fusion of scents uniquely found in the Middle East and Africa. You've reached the Spice Souq or Spice Market. Spices, incense, rose petals, medicinal herbs and stacks of tea leaves, flowers and barks from Iran, India, Morocco and other parts of the Middle East and Africa are all offers fascinating insight into the world's most mysterious marine life, shopping at Dubai Mall is a new experience even for frequent travelers. Apart from over 1,200 shops, the mall also offers a dedicated 76,000 sq ft indoor Sega Republic theme park where visitors can enjoy over 150 amusement games. 8. GOLD SOUQ: A trip to Dubai won't available for you to smell and taste. It's good for your healthy and friendly on the pocket. 10. BOXPARK: The chic Boxpark is a unique mall happily dressed up in a fusion of green, yellow, orange, blue and grey, with eye-catching urban designs. The place offers cool and | 333

| NAFL-Yearbook 2018 quirky cuisines and plenty of shops with unique items. 11. SKYDIVING: Beginners and experienced skydivers alike will love skydiving in Dubai. From the rush of the first free-fall to the release of the parachute and controlled glide and precision landing, it's a thrill you'll never forget. Soar like a bird over the skyline of this iconic city—see The World Islands and how Palm Jumeirah really does look like, well, a palm tree. In skydiving terms, Dubai is one of the top drop zones in the world. So what are you waiting for? 12. Ibn Battuta Mall: This is another must-see if you're interested in shopping while learning. Named after the famous Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, it's the only one depicting courts about Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India, China and Andalusia, the places where the young adventurer explored in his lifetime. 13. XLine Dubai Marina: Experience the unforgettable thrill of cruising at the world's longest zipline with “twice the distance, twice the lines and lasting for twice the time, at XLine Dubai Marina. Hang tight but don't lose sight of the fantastic view as you zipped through the line. ( 14. The Yard: An eclectic new destination in Dubai's rapidly developing Al Khawaneej area called The Yard offers a rustic courtyard, a lake with two bridges, shaded w a l k i n g t r a i l s , p i c n i c a r e a , restaurants and shops, including the fascinating Last Exit D89. Great for strolling, outdoor fun and best of all, pictures. 15. The Dubai Opera: Dubai Opera is the city's first purpose built multiformat performing arts theatre and the definitive destination for quality entertainment productions and performances. Located at what's billed as 'the most prestigious square kilometre in the world' in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the radiant centre of culture and arts in Dubai and the shining pearl of The Opera District. Dubai Opera passionately embraces its role as the creative heart of the city, producing and hosting the finest, most authentic, and engaging performing arts experiences from D u b a i a n d t h e w o r l d . ( EXPLORE ABU DHABI Travel & Leisure The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is an equally exciting place to visit and explore. With lots of greens all over the city and contrasting new and old structures, it bespoke of quiet tranquility amid rapid urbanization across the region. | 333

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