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Transact XML FTP

Transact XML FTP Response Address and Response Document A response file with the same name as the input file (with the extension .status) is placed into the FTP user's Transact status directory. Users can review this file for status information. Note that the .status file will not appear until processing is complete. Testing a Transact XML mailing Testing a Mailing When you test your mailing through Transact, you will send a test Transact Submit Document, which tests all parts of the system. Developers can test from the Transact Test Harness or from their organization’s internal system set up for Transact. To use your own system: Submit a test XML Submit document. If using HTTP, use the POST method. An email should arrive at the address you specified as the contact. See Test a Mailing below. To use the Transact Test Harness: Open the Transact Test Harness with your browser (when using HTTP submit) from the IP address that you will be submitting from in production, or an IP address that you set for testing. See Test Harness below. To use FTP for testing: If you will be using FTP, then use an FTP client from the IP address that you will be using in production. See Test a Mailing below. Test a Mailing 1. To test the mailing of a transaction response message through Transact, perform the following tasks: 2. Ensure all items in the Engage Setup section are complete, otherwise, Transact will not send messages. 3. Compose an XML Submit document. Note: The XML formatting has to be exact. XML tags and tags in Engage can be in lowercase, uppercase, or mixed case, but tags must exactly match the tags used in Engage. Boolean (true, false) must be in lowercase. 4. Be sure to include the following items in the document: • Campaign/Group ID • Contact email address 42 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML • XML CDATA content, including hyperlinks, if using CDATA content. • Any personalization tag names included in the database and Template, and their values. 5. Include the following for testing (if you are including in production): • Error response instructions, if other than default • Batch or individual processing instruction • Save Column instructions • Transaction ID • Updates to contact records • Hyperlinks to track, with personalization Test Harness Developers can use the Transact Test Harness in a standard Web browser for submitting test documents to the Transact server using HTTP. The Test Harness is a standard HTML submit form. The XML code can be typed or pasted in the form window. Contact Support for a copy of the Test Harness HTML file. Note: The Transact XML Test Harness is available in Engage under Training > Non-Tracked eLearning Courses > 303 Transact XML > Full Course > Downloads > Other > Test Harness for XML Submission Testing. You can also get to the same course via CS Portal/Training/eLearning/303 Transact XML. HTTP submissions will receive a Response Document at the HTTP address from which you submitted the document. When using HTTP, enter this URL: (where X is your organization's pod number). Paste the XML code into the test document, and click Submit Test XML. An email should arrive at the address you specified as the contact. A Response Document will be sent based on your submission method. Test Harness in a browser with XML example code 43 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.