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R ancocas Creek Paddlers Alert: 2016 Waterfowl and Migratory Bird Hunting along the Rancocas Creek Year Round Kayaking along the Rancocas brings paddlers into areas where l egal hunting of Waterfowl and Migratory Birds takes place. RCNWT Geo-Fact Rancocas Creek Rancocas Creek Beaver Trade (1665 A.D.) Price of a Brooklyn (NYC) Ferry ( S hallop) Boat 550 Dutch Guilders ($220.00) 1/3 in Beaver Furs (Winter Beaver Pelts); 1/3 Merchantable Wampum; 1/3 in Goods, and Free Passage. Ref: Perry, John., A merican Ferryboats, 1957 by rancocas pathways, inc Rancocas creek is both in the North and South duck hunting zones. The cut- off for North and South is Rt. 73 and I- 295. Paddler Note: Prepared 4 Public Advocacy 2 the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail, nomination www . nbranchwatersafety . com North Duck , Pemberton, Mt. Holly , Hainesport to Rt. 295 ends January 23r d R eview NJ Fish and Game Regulations 4 Seasonal South Duck , West of Rt 295 and South of Rt 73 ends 14 th January and North Goose ends 23 January Hunting Zones. Find also link below Map • Wear your PFD (Life Jacket) and Hunter Safety Orange Gear. • Elevate and Enhance paddling awareness. Plan your paddle trip accordingly. • Hunting often takes place in the morning and early evening (dusk) hours. • Plan your paddle trip accordingly. • Stay Alert for waterfowl decoys and hunters on turns and points along the Rancocas Creek. • Do not disturb decoys. Do not intrude on hunters. Do not bother hunting dogs. • Hunters Are More Likely 2 B Present in the Morning Hours and Early Evening. Wear Your PFD. Let a friend know where and when your paddling. Hypothermia sets in very quickly when water temps drop below 70 degree’s. Dress properly. Double bag all electronic gear. Paddle Safe. Share the Ride. N J State Police Paddlers Alert Winter Safety Waterway Video Tips Rancocas Creek spans numerous habitats, semi- wild, pristine, tidal marsh, natural areas in places . The Rancocas Creek Watershed embraces migratory ducks and other waterfowl, rail, snipe, coots or moorhens (gallinule). All legally hunted in NJ. U May Not C Them ! NJ Duck Hunting Boat Rancocas Creek -NJ’s 3rd TM

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