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1639 Anchorage Before

1639 Anchorage Before the Ship Channel Note: Anchorage Mark RCNWT Geo-Fact Note: Anchorage Mark Rancocas Creek Note: Water Depth Soundings for Navigation. Soundings obtained by poling or “casting the lead”. Ref: Library of Congress Relief shown pictorially. Depths shown by soundings. - Shows the region of the Delaware Bay and river, natural features, and other geographical entities. - Pen-and- ink and watercolor. - Attributed to Joan Vinckeboons by comparison with his other Dutch maps in Henry Harrisse collection. - D escribed in Terrae incognitae, v. xvi, 1984. Richard W. Stephenson's The Henry Harrisse collection ... , p. 40; the third volume has binder's title "Manuscript maps of New- Netherland and Manhattan drawn on the spot by Joan Vingboons in 1639. 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 142

Maritime History from around the “1639 Dutch Anchorage” 1902 RCNWT Geo-Fact Ref: 1849 Ref: 1916 Ref: 1860 Ref: 1889 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 143

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