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June, 1929 Fort Dix Camp

June, 1929 Fort Dix Camp Dix Opened June 1917 Turn of the Century Stereographic Photo WW1 Camp Dix Gas Mask Drill B- 17 Mt. Holly – 1944 Fort- Dix Army Air Force Photo-Recon Training Unit Constructing Fort Dix 1918 60 GEN. HUGH L. SCOTT AT CAMP /12/2018 DIX - 1918 4 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination

Representative of Distinguished Units that Trained at Camp Dix 369t h Regiment - Harlem “Hell Fighters” Fort Dix September 1917 The 369th Regiment band was relied upon not only in battle but also for morale. By end of their tour they became one of the most famous military bands throughout Europe. They followed the 369th overseas and were highly regarded and known for being able to immediately boost morale. Two Medals of Honor and many Distinguished Service Crosses were awarded to members of the regiment. Henry Johnson was the first American to receive the C roix de Guerrre awarded by the French government. This award s ignifies extraordinary valor. By the end of the war, 171 members of the 369th were awarded the Legion of Honor or the Croix de Guerre 4/12/2018 61

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