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Moorsetown - Chester

Moorsetown - Chester Boundary Creek Burlington County Parks Natural Resource Area-Observation Platform ( screen grab B CParks) Ref: Herd Register 1901 Borton Landing 1682, John and Sarah Roberts became the first English-speaking residents of Moorestown From pw schopp collection Main Stem Off Borton Landing Long Wood Municipal Park Sir Thomas Lipton Race “ v sl” Sandot Muffie-M oorsetown Owner Vsl clocked at 41.43 MPH

RCNWT Geo-Fact Share the Tide Reflective Main Stem Burlington County Protected Paelo-Indian Sites Typical Phossy Jaw - 1880’ s Quaker Burial Ground Motor Boating Rancocas Creek near M oorsetown ref: riverton hx society County Parkland Horsehead Point 1950’s Sea-Scout Base Great 4/12/2018 Blue Heron Fenton Island Sandbank 135

Oakland County Trails Master Plan - Paint Creek Trail
Angels Creek Master Plan and Trail - City of Angels Camp
NGV WATER TRAIL EducATIoN REsouRcE - National Gallery of ...
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