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Wildlife Heritage

Wildlife Heritage Maritime History Multi-Use Scientific Study Recreation Conservation Points of Interest Destination Attributes N. Branch Rancocas Creek Westampton, NJ Mt. Holly, New Jersey Original Creek-Bed N. Branch, Rancocas Creek 1929-1930, State of NJ Aerial Survey RCNWT Geo-Fact St. Andrew’s Point - Mt. Holly Flood Bypass Channel - N. Branch Rancocas Creek

40.00000° N Geo-L ocation : 40.00182° N - 74.81465° E Mouth of the Rancocas Creek Mt. Holly and the Rancocas Creek Sits 40.0000 Degree Line on the Bernard Devonish, Land Owner on the Rancocas Creek in 1687 sailed regularly back and forth to Barbados from the Rancocas Creek. Bernard's brother was a Ship’s Captain known to have sailed from the Ports of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Back in the 1700’s brigs and such unloaded cargo from Barbados in the Port of Philadelphia. From these docks, cargo was loaded into Rancocas Creek shallops and than sailed the tide back to the Devonish and Other Land Holdings (todays Rancocas State Park) up on at the confluence. RCNWT GEO-FACT Rancocas Creek Navigation Geo-L ocation : 40.00182° N - 74.81465° E Mouth of the Rancocas Creek 40.00000° N 18 th Century Navigation Plan 20.0000° N Horse Latitudes Geo-L ocation: 13° 10' N and 59° 32' W Barbados 40.00000° N As an example: General Sailing Directions from the Island of Barbados to the Rancocas Creek. Actual plans vary in detail. The majority of Captains and Pilots kept knowledge of the trade and maritime passage --- private. Word of mouth passed from generations to generations. Sample Sail Plan: Sail North- West from Barbados, striking in two weeks the Coast (America). Sail North to the South River (Delaware Bay). Ascend the Delaware River passing the Port of Philadelphia to 40.0000 N. At the “Hens and Chicks” rocks at “White Sheet Bay” effect safe passage in to the Rancocas Creek. Allow the tide to sail you East on the Rancocas Creek to the Confluence. Take the North Fork to Devonish Landing*. Follow the Little Dipper up creek to Mt. Holly. (* now inside todays Rancocas State Park). 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 93

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