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Mt. Holly Oxbow - Flood

Mt. Holly Oxbow - Flood Bypass Channel - N Branch Burlington County Heritage Area French and Indian War Outstanding Scenic Features Mt. Holly Flood Bypass Channel N Branch Oxbow 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 90

Mt. Holly Police Department 1700’s Sailing Shallops - Last Commercial Barge to Mt. Holly - 1908 Revolutionary War Battle of Mt. Holly Multi-Use Activity Mt. Holly N Branch Community Fishing Activity Rancocas Creek Mt. Holly (N Branch) to the Confluence Hainesport (S Branch) to the Confluence Confluence to the Delaware River Mt. Holly Flood Bypass Train Station Channel Oxbow Channel RCNWT Geo-Fact Mt. Holly Oxbow Rancocas Creek National Water Trail nomination Destination Attribute: Mt. Holly Mt. Holly W inter Diving Duck – Bufflehead Passes Through the Mt. Holly Oxbow Mt. Holly - Historic Water-Works Sluiceway Advocacy 4 Public Purpose tm Oxbow N Branch - K ing Street – Weir - Flood Channel

Oakland County Trails Master Plan - Paint Creek Trail
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