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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Breakin’ Convention Project Name Hip Hop Workshops About the Project Breakin’ Convention uses Hip Hop Theatre and its disciplines from rap, spoken word, dance and graffiti to engage young people to express themselves creatively. Our workshop practitioners are all active artists in the Hip Hop scene, using their talent and skills as educational tools to enrich the curriculum through practical workshops. Working in a genre that young people feel connected to, we offer workshops across the following areas: Rap / Spoken Word: Working on literacy; building confidence in sharing in front of others individually; working on rhyme, rhythm and having fun working as a group. Dance: Our Breakin’ Convention Festival premiered a piece which is now part of the GCSE dance syllabus. We can plan a workshop to cover this piece if requested. Graffiti: History of aerosol art, stencilling, colouring and style; creating a personalized piece of art. This can be on canvas, a wall mural or t-shirts. Beatboxing: A beginner’s session focusing on breaking down the technique; different sounds, methods and activities to create a soundscape to share. Our workshops can be tailor-made to your desired outcome, depending on your subjects/themes, if you let us know what you would like to focus on in advance. Suitability Workshops can be suitable for KS1-5, post-16 and in PRU settings. Our practitioners have worked with SEN students both through movement & sound (Beatboxing & Dance workshops are recommended). This is for a class of up to 30 young people. Dates, Location & Format Dates and times are flexible across the year and take place in-school. Half day (3.5 hours) or full day (5/6 hours). 12

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Participants learn transferable skills including: • Building confidence in public speaking, team work and networking • Literacy (i.e. rhyme, multi syllabic patterns, and poetry techniques) • Numeracy (i.e. choreography & beat counting) • Creativity and self-expression Learning Outcomes Specific skills can be acquired if a workshop is focused on a section of the curriculum (i.e. Music, Dance). The GCSE Dance syllabus contains the Boy Blue piece that Breakin’ Convention premiered; this can be used to enrich the module through working alongside our practitioners who are familiar with, or have participated in, the piece themselves. Workshops can also be used to engage some young people who may not be naturally enthusiastic learners or lack the skills to work well with others. Teacher Commitment & Training We require teacher’s direct correspondence. They must state their timings of the school day and present a range of dates that they can accommodate, so we can confirm a practitioner’s availability. Teachers should select the participants for the workshop and inform the young people that it is happening, perhaps in an assembly. Young people will share or present what they have learnt or created during the workshop. This can also be part of a bigger showcase in the school. What happens at the end? Other Resources/Support If there are any students who would like to pursue their pieces further, Breakin’ Convention run events and festivals throughout the year which can be a platform for a performance should they want to participate. • Lesson plans on request • Breakin’ Convention TV (BCTV) dance performance footage for analysis • Supporting texts or images for workshops can be sent in advance £320 for a half day or £440 for a full day. Costs Graffiti Workshop additional material cost: £100 for General Graffiti Workshop or £200 for T-Shirt Graffiti Workshop. 13