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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Confidance Project Name Inclusive Dance Project About the Project Confidance specialises in creating bespoke dance projects to meet the needs of a school, its teachers and pupils. Workshops can be tailor-made to support topics or subjects within the curriculum and equip staff through CPD and team teaching. Dance can explore topics as diverse as the solar system, the weather or the Vikings! Confidance specialises in inclusion and differentiation, working with pupils with a range of learning needs by meeting pupils where they are at and supporting and challenging them. This could be; supporting disadvantaged young people to build confidence, social skills and integration, or differentiating dance tasks for pupils with a wide range of learning needs. Dance Workshops will enable teachers and pupils to explore ways of working creatively, to find methods of meaningful decision making when creating choreography. Pupils will explore their movement potential, no matter how big or small, to experience their own movement ability in relation to others. There is the opportunity to engage in a whole school project where all classes create a dance piece, culminating in a whole school performance for parents, carers and VIPs, to celebrate in their creative achievement and showcase the skills of the pupils – subject to allocation of budget and time. Teachers will be supported through CPD and teamteaching to achieve this, equipping the teaching staff with creative teaching strategies to use in class. Suitability Confidance specialises in working inclusively and has a wide range of experience working in primary, secondary, post-16 and SEN schools. Dates, Location& Format This project could take place in half or full day workshops in-school, with the option of the project spanning over one or two terms. The latter option allows time in between sessions for the creative work to be developed by the pupils and teacher, with support from Confidance in the form of CPD for teachers and offering developmental tasks for pupils. 20

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Whilst dance can be used to support the teaching of curriculum subject knowledge, it also equips pupils with the tools to be able to access that knowledge and prepare them with the necessary skills to enter the adult world. Through learning dance sequences, choreographic tasks, performing and dance appreciation pupils will engage in: Problem Solving: working creatively as independent enquirers and cooperatively as a part of a team. Pupils will analyse and evaluate ideas to find creative solutions to choreographic tasks. Learning Outcomes Negotiating and Team Working: as part of the creative process, pupils work as effective participants, putting forward their creative solutions to tasks and striking a balance to achieve a common goal. Reflective Learning: as part of the workshop, pupils will engage in dance appreciation; actively observing and providing feedback to their peers to evaluate progress and identify achievement and opportunity for development. Confidance puts great emphasis on the importance of feedback and constructive criticism and creates a positive and safe learning environment to enable this. Above all, pupils of any age or ability will work and think creatively in an environment where diversity of thought and ability is celebrated to create dynamic and exciting dance work. Teacher Commitment & Training What happens at the end? Other Resources/Support Attend a planning meeting and provide practical support during the project. Provide access to a suitable dance space (e.g. school hall) and a sound system. Teacher training can be provided for all levels of ability, knowledge and experience, taking place in class time and as twilight sessions. Where appropriate, Confidance aims to work towards a live performance outcome. This could take place within school assembly, or a performance outside. Dance for film is also an option if live performance is not suitable. Lesson plans and discussion with the teacher on potential follow up tasks can be provided on request. Schools will be directed towards useful websites, music choices and dance stimuli. 21