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Ipcress File' and

Ipcress File' and 'Darling' Open Strong as Longer Runs are Down NEW YORK — The contimied hot weather, plus some rain Sunday and Monday (8, 91 hui-t some of the lonk'-rumiing films in Times Square although several of the two-a-day pictui-es. notably "My Pair Lady," "The Sound of Music" and "Those Magnificent Men in Their Plying Machines." were better than the preceding week, proving that New York is filled with summer visitors, as all legitimate theatres also had an upsurge in business. The two new pictures. "The Ipcress Pile" and "Darling," both British-made and playing smaller class houses, did sensational business iii their first weeks following favorable newspaper reviews. "The Ipcress File" gave the east side Coronet the biggest gross in a year, except for "Goldfinger," with long waiting lines nightly, while "Darling" was terrific at the Lincoln Art and Loew-'s Tower East. Also continuing exceptionally strong was "Ship of Fools," with a big second week at the Victoria in Times Square and even better at the east side Sutton, which also had long lines nightly. "The Sandpiper" again had a smash week, its fouith, at the Radio City Music Hall, this being the first time the gross went slightly below the $200,000 mark. The fifth week started Thui-sday il2i. AMERICAN MADE for American Users MOSQUITO REPELLENT ^c^ *lrilS MOSOUIIOES FAsr; NOW WITH MATCHES IN EACH BOX NAR Trading Corp. of Fla., Inc. Only Factory 0/ its Kind in the U.S.A. 320 Northeast 60th Street Miami 37, Florida Telephone PLaza 4-4796 QeaTiF

I i NEW 'i "Rapture," i ' During i I ' jPhiladelphia to 'Condemn' iDrive-In Land for Stadium PHILADELPHIA—This city has given up Ihopes of attempting to negotiate with ownjers of 30 acres of land sought in south jPhiladelphia for the erection of a new stadium and is expected to start condemnation proceedings. The largest pai-cel of land involved is a 2L2-acre site that is part of the South City Drive-In. A spokesman for the city said the di'ive-in is asking $2.6 million for the ground. The board of view, which will set a value on the land, said it will not take up the case until after Labor Day. Owners of the land have cut their asking price "only slightly" during six months of negotiations, ilhe city spokesman said. It was pointed out that the city does not Ihave to await the results of the condemnation action to take the land. The spokesman said it can take the land when it livanted and let the board of view or courts llecide the price. 20th-Fox Sets N.Y. Dates For 'Rapture/ 'Morituri' YORK—Twentieth Centmy-Pox, vhich has two roadshow attractions playng on Broadway, "The Sound of Music, n its 24th week at the Rivoli Theatre, and 'Those Magnificent Men in Theii' Plying vlachines," in its ninth week at the De- ^llle Theatre, will open two more pictm-es n Manhattan first nins duiing the week !if August 23. which is distributed by International Classics, 20th-Fox subsidiary, vhlch was filmed in France with Melvyn Oouglas, Dean Stockwell and Patricia i>ozzl starred, will have its world premiere \X the Paris Theatre August 23. "Morituri," tarring Marlon Brando. Yul Brynner and [anet Margolin, will open at Loew's State ^heatre August 25, following a nine-week un for "Von Ryan's Express," also a loth-Fox release. i^ancy Carroll, 60, Dies; [""ilm Actress in 1930s NEW YORK—Nancy CaiTOll, 60. film 'ctress in the late 1920s and 1930s, was pund dead Friday night i6) in her Manhattan apartment by a daughter after the ctress failed to show up for a scheduled lerformance in a play "Never Too Late," \\ which she was co-starred with Bert lahr at the Tappan, N.Y., Playhouse. her film career. Miss Carroll coi^arred with such actors as Richard Dix, :lchard Arlen, Jack Holt, George Ban- ;-oft and Gary Cooper. She began her jiovie career for Pox in 1927, co-starring jith Virginia Valli in "Ladies Must Dress." |4ovielab. Inc., Reports 101,512 Half-Year Net NEW YORK—Net income of $101,512 >r the first six months ended July 3 was [iported by Movielab, Inc. This equals 17 lints per share on 592,902 shares outstandg and compared with net income for the l-me period a year ago of $221,607, equal 37 cents per share. Net sales for the first i' iilf amounted to $4,120,742, compared 'ith $3,965,090 the same period a year ago. BRO ADW AY pETER LAWFORD. executive producer of "Billie" for United Artists release: producer-director Don Weis: Milton Ebbins. who was in charge of production, and Warren Berlinger, co-star with Patty Duke, are in New York for conferences with UA executives. Berlinger just clo.sed at New Hope, Pa., where he played the title role in a new stage version of "Tom Jones." ' • * Al Glaubinger, United Artists central division manager, headed for Indianapoli.': Wednesday (ID and then went to Pittsburgh for meetings with branch personnel and exhibitors. * * * Carl Peppercorn, executive vice-president and general sales head of Cinema V, is back from meetings with exhibitors in Washington, Baltimore and Boston on openings of "Rotten to the Core" and the forthcoming "Paris Secret." • Claude A. Giroux. president of Allied Artists, who went to his native Montreal to serve as the official American juror at the Montreal Film Festival August 6-12, served with Roberto Rossellini, Italian director, and NoiTTian Campbell of CBC on the six-man panel, returned to New York Friday ( 13 * * * » . Martin Ransohoff chairman of the board of Filmways, and John Calley, executive vice-president, left for London for meetings in connection with MGM-Filmways' "13," which will start shooting late in August, while Bernard Smith, producer of MGM's forthcoming "The Bells of Shoreditch," got back from Europe after two weeks of preliminary preparations. * * • Woody Allen, writer and one of the stars of "What's New Pussycat?" for United Artists, left Sunday (15) for London to attend the opening of the picture at the Odeon Theatre, Leicester Square, August 29 and then tour the Continent for other European openings. • George Reeves, who is American International's New York legal counsel, has been named administrative assistant to Stanley Dudelson, vice-president of AIP Television, in the acquisition, production and distribution of programs, features and syndicated shows. * • * Merv Bloch, creative dii-ector of the MGM pictures account at W. H. Schneider, Inc.. has sold his new TV adventure series. "Jericho," to Norman Pelton's Arena Productions, which plans it for the 1966-67 season. * ' • Laurence J. Quirk, former tradepaper man who is now editor of Screen Stars and Movie Life fan magazines, made his annual trip to Hollywood Friday (13). • Robert S. Ferguson, vice-president of Columbia Pictures, was guest of honor at a banquet given by the more than 60 members of Columbia's advertising, publicity and exploitation departments. The event, which took place at Toots Shor's Thursday (5), was in celebration of Ferguson's 25 years with the company. • Ginger Rogers took over for Carol Channing as star of "Hello Dolly" Monday