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atw Vol. 63 (2018) | Issue 2 ı February

Mihama 3, Takahama-1, -2, -3 and -4,

and Ohi-3 and -4, Ikata-3, Genkai-3

and -4 and Sendai-1 and -2.

All of Japan’s 48 reactors were shut

between 2011 and 2012 after the

Fukushima-Daiichi accident. Five

units have resumed commercial operation.

They are: Takahama-3 and -4,

Ikata-3 and Sendai-1 and -2.

Before the Fukushima-Daiichi

accident Japan had generated around

30% of its electricity with plans to

increase the share to 40%. According

to the International Atomic Energy

Agency Japan’s nuclear share in 2016

was 2.15%.

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Slovakia: Mochovce-3 startup

target of end 2018 is realistic

(se) The schedule for the completion

of the third and fourth units of the

Mochovce nuclear power station in

Slovakia is realistic, with Unit 3 likely

to begin commercial operation at the

end of 2018 and Unit 4 at the end of

2019, regulator UJD said. According

to utility Slovenské Elektrárne, fuel

will be loaded into Unit 3 in July 2018.

Preparations have begun for the start

of a cold pressure test of the primary

circuit at Unit 3, local media reports

said. In June 2016 the utility said construction

work at Unit 3 was “more

than 92%” finished, with Unit 4 at

75%. Mochovce-3 and -4 are both

440-MW pressurised water reactors of

the Russian VVER V-213 design.

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Plans for UK new nuclear

move forward as regulator

approves design for UK-ABWR

(nucnet) Plans for two new nuclear

power stations in the UK have taken a

crucial step forward as UK regulators

approved the design of the reactor

technology for the projects. The Office

for Nuclear Regulation gave the green

light today for the UK Advanced

Boiling Water Reactor (UK-ABWR),

designed by Hitachi-GE. The ONR

said the design is suitable for construction

in the UK, marking the end

of a five-year regulatory process.

Horizon Nuclear Power is proposing

to build and operate two of these

reactors in Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey

and Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire.

Duncan Hawthorne, Horizon’s

chief executive, said: “This is a huge

milestone for Horizon and a major

leap forward for us in bringing

much-needed new nuclear power to

the UK.” Horizon said today that

“steady progress” is being made with

the Hitachi-backed Wylfa Newydd

project, including the submission of

the site licence application and completion

of a third public consultation.

Attention will now turn to financing

the Wylfa Newydd project. Earlier this

year Horizon said: “We have always

been clear that we are looking to bring

other investors into Horizon. Based on

the strengths of our project, we are in

positive discussions with a number of

parties but we will not be commenting

on the process whilst it is ongoing.”

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Company News

Framatome pursues the

industrial and technological

adventure of the nuclear

energy business

(framatome) New NP, a subsidiary of

AREVA NP, becomes Framatome, a

company whose capital is owned by

the EDF group (75.5%), Mitsubishi

Heavy Industries (MHI – 19.5%) and

Assystem (5 %).

Framatome confirms its recognized

manufacturer’s ambition: being the

sup plier of safe and competitive nuclear

solutions, supporting its electrical

utility customers all over the world.

Framatome, 14,000 employees


Framatome employees have recognized

skills, a know-how that was

forged over the long history of the

company and that has enabled us to

build outstanding industrial success in

France and internationally. Framatome

places its faith in the expertise

of the women and the men who are at

its very core: this expertise underpins

the company’s strategy and is key to

serving the needs of its customers and

furthering the success of the nuclear


In the words of Bernard Fontana,

Chairman of the Managing Board and

Chief Executive Officer of Framatome,

“Framatome possesses unique knowhow

in an industry that today is and

will remain key for a low-carbon

energy mix. Our employees in France

and around the world have been able

to face considerable challenges in

recent years. As we emerge from this

transition phase, I share their pride

and I want to thank them for all

the work they have accomplished.

Steeped in a rich heritage, Framatome

is today one of the reference players in

the nuclear sector worldwide, benefiting

from unparalleled operating

feedback. Our ambition is delivering a

level of industrial excellence that is

recognized by our customers.”

Proud of its core business expertise

as designer, supplier and installer of

nuclear steam supply systems Framatome

contributes to the design of

power plants, supplies the nuclear

steam supply system, designs and

manufactures components and fuels,

integrates the instrumentation and

control systems and carries out the

maintenance of in-service nuclear

reactors. It delivers its high-performance

products and services to

customers all over the world.

Framatome is a technology company,

holding around 3,500 patents

covering some 680 inventions, which

serve the most demanding needs of its

customers who number among the

key international energy leaders.

Framatome operates on more than

250 reactors worldwide.

An internationally-focused strategy

of development and industrial excellence

Framatome has the determination

to go further in terms of industrial

excellence, leveraging five strategic

axes: proven and sustainable expertise,

performance in delivering, an

agile and adaptive organization, safe

and competitive solutions and international

development. With an existing

global fleet of some 440 reactors

representing output of around

390 GWe in 31 countries, and with

new nuclear capacity on its way, the

nuclear market presents opportunities

in the areas of components, fuel, retrofits

and services. (18191512)

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Brookfield to acquire Westinghouse

Electric Company

(westn) Westinghouse Electric Company,

the global leader in nuclear

technology, fuel and services, has

agreed to be acquired by Brookfield

Business Partners L.P. (NYSE:BBU)

(TSX:BBU.UN) together with institutional

partners (collectively, “Brookfield”)

for approximately $ 4.6 billion.

The purchase price for substan tially

all of the global business of Westinghouse

Electric Company LLC and its

affiliated debtors and debtors- in-posses

sion (collectively “Westinghouse”)

excludes cash, but includes the assumption

of certain pension, environmental

and other operating obligations.

“Brookfield’s acquisition of Westinghouse

reaffirms our position as the

leader of the global nuclear industry,”

said Westinghouse President & CEO

José Emeterio Gutiérrez. “Our transformation

and strategic restructuring




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