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The Prologue The date

The Prologue The date was April 18th,1931 in a small village in Derbyshire England. The smell of spring air flooded the room as a window opened, crying, as a little girl was born in her Grandma’s front room. She had two sisters who were called May and Jenny, she also had a brother who died at the age of three, two years earlier. The new-born girl was to be named April, after the month she was born. John, her father, had hoped for another boy, but as he looked at April’s smiling face, he thought that a boy could wait. Everything was well, a happy little family. April’s father John worked hard at the pit. Her mother, Daisy worked as a housekeeper and looked after the family

As time went by, April whom was still very young, became frail and had to wear irons to strengthen her legs, but she was always positive and had a smile for everyone. April’s sister May always have looked after her, as she was the oldest of the children and cared for her siblings very much. Little did the family know, it was now everything would change... And so, the story begins:

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