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Chapter 12 The Wedding

Chapter 12 The Wedding Day A new chapter for April as the wedding day came. They married in a registrar office, April wore a pin striped suit she looked very smart. Her sisters, May and Jenny, came to the wedding along with a few guests. William’s best friend, Chuck, was best man. He also did photography and took some nice pictures of the day. Betty and her children did not come to the wedding, which wasn’t a surprise to April as Betty had never liked her. As a consequence of this her father also didn’t attend and she was upset her father wasn’t there. They couldn’t be there as Betty took John on holiday, already knowing they had planned that date for the wedding.

60 They had a little party and reception in their new home. April’s father said he was sorry; Betty was very demanding and insisted to go on holiday. April forgave him, as she was happy to move on with her life at last. They enjoyed their celebration. And this was a new beginning. May and Jenny were so happy for their little sister. And thought ‘at last the time has come for April’. April, May and Jenny spoke about old times and how much fun they had had at Jenny’s wedding. Jenny was now living in a rented home. And told April that she should visit with William. As April looked at the start of her new life she remembered back to when May had said: A home, a husband to love her and the future children she will have…

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