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April’s children are

April’s children are her life she could not terminate her baby, William agreed, but also worried for April, so they went back to hospital to discuss the options. The Doctor said he would monitor her all the way, but she must have her womb removed straight after the birth, they agreed to this and signed. Near the end of the pregnancy April was taken into hospital, she was monitored throughout, the birth came she had a daughter they named her Jane. Straight after the birth, April’s children could go to see their mother and the baby, as the doctors wasn’t sure the cancer had spread, May and William took them, then April was taken down to have her womb out, they were all concerned, one of the nurses took the new baby home to look after her, as she thought William had got enough to look after. May and Jenny took the children to their homes for a while, so to give William less pressure and they did not want the children to see him crying. William cried every night as he was so afraid he may lose her, he told a friend “April is my life and the first time I met her I knew what love was,” which he had never known before. “April is my purpose to live without her I have no life.”

84 As April awakened from the operation she told William that her dad was by her side through the operation she believed he watches over her. The operation was successful; but April was very ill, she was looked after very well and at one stage it was touch and go as she lost a lot of blood, April was in hospital about 3 months, it was very hard on all the family, May and Jenny helped look after the children so William could work and visit her, William was so worried, after everything April’s been through now this; but April’s strength came from nowhere she suddenly picked up in her health and free from cancer. Now she can go home to her children, they all missed her very much, the family are one once again. The nurse that looked after the baby had been trying for a baby herself for quite some time, having April’s baby, helped she said, as she has just had the results she is pregnant the day April left hospital, how strange was that. William had a little party to welcome her home and to thank May and Jenny for their kind help.

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