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Simmons and her sister

Simmons and her sister had travelled around the village asked people if they had seen the children. But to no avail, she couldn’t find them. The children who were now becoming settled in their aunt’s house were soon packing their brown bags once again to move in a couple of months as John’s sister wanted to help the family but her tiny, two-bedroom home was too small for all of them. The children had to sleep and eat in the damp, dark, dungeon like cellar which was wet and covered in cobwebs. These conditions didn’t help April’s health and she wasn’t making much progress in getting healthy again. John said to the children every day, “Just a few weeks ‘till I get a pit ‘house.” May and Jenny tried their best to keep April well and warm throughout this time as she often got homesick and her health was declining. A few weeks passed by and the children were getting ill. John’s sister was worried and felt uncomfortable about the children suffering. Daisy still searched for her children, and wanted to let John know she was pregnant, but still she did not definitely know that her children was with John. Although confused, May became worried for her sister’s and felt that it was her duty to look after her sisters as she was the oldest, but trusted her

father and his judgement. Finally, John had transferred to another pit and he was offered a nice house and they were glad of the move. Travelling in their aunt’s car made the children remember Mr Simmons and their mother, as they looked out of the window and down the street leaving the house that they had lived at. April remembered waving at her mother’s sister from Mr Simmons’ sweet smelling car. 22 The area that the family was moving to was lovely, they could see farms and corn fields, there were large houses, and then a row of pit houses, one of them being their new home. Further up was a lane leading to the pit, the railway was close by, and the opposite direction about a mile down the road were shops and a village hall and a nice little church. The families new house was large enough for the children. There was a large family room, a kitchen and enough bedrooms for the older children to sleep separate from the younger ones and for John and Betty to have their own room. All through this time Daisy was still searching for both John and her children. Now that John, Betty and the children had moved to a little village with a small population and the strong smell of fresh farmland travelling

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