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Later that year an

Later that year an accident had occurred at the factory and caused April to injure her foot- a spring had stuck in her foot and the injury had become infected. As a result of this she had to be off work; Betty went to the factory and asked for April’s wages. They said, quite bluntly, that she was not entitled to any pay and that they had to finish her because she had gone against the rules about her shoes. There was a notice up about what shoes to wear and it was ignored. Betty was furious, she came back home and shouted at April, as though it was her fault. Betty told her to find another job, April went everywhere that day, her foot still sore. She came back and told Betty “I have not found a job locally, but I know that there may be one in the next town, so may I have some bus fair to go”. Betty slapped April so hard across her face and said “NO! You can walk it. You will not have any money from me until you pay your wages”. April cried and ran out the door, limping and shaking with pain. She walked miles to Betty’s sister’s house. Her foot still sore and so painful, yet she did not tell Jane the reason she was there. Jane just thought that she had came to babysit and stay overnight, although Jane had decided not to go out. April

50 and Jane sat talking for hours, April got up to make a drink for the two of them when Jane noticed that April was limping. “What’s happened to your foot? You seem to be limping a little,” Jane had asked April. April sat down once again and told Jane what had happened. She explained that it could have been prevented if not for Betty taking her wages. Jane was upset by this news and searched her closet for a pair of fitting shoes for April. She also promised to talk to Betty and see if she could persuade her to treat April better. When John arrived home, he was surprised to not see April. Betty had to tell him they had had words and that April has not come home, after she had ran upset out of the door. John was troubled by this, they put on their coats and went searching for her. Eventually they found her and explained to Jane what happened- not realising that Jane knew the ‘full’ truth- told by April earlier in the night. They took her home, April explained to her father and he gave her money for the fair and she managed to get a job again. Everything was as well as it could be. April met some nice friends at work and felt good about herself, she was learning to be more independent and looking quite like a lady now.