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hoped for the best.

hoped for the best. Factories were now making war equipment. A group of young British men deemed the Bevin boys all volunteered for service but; their names were taken out and they were told to work the farms and go down the pit, others were street wardens, shop keepers and factory workers. The women also did their bit, whilst the others went to war. The children had been told about the safe houses and they are to run in them if the siren went off on their way home from school. They were to stay there until it was all clear to go home. Black out curtains were put up in the windows, so light didn’t shine through. They all carried gas masks in case of an emergency. Life carried on as best could be, food was rationed which was very difficult to manage and they listened to the wireless for any warning or news. April met a girl named Rose who was from London, she explained to April how some families in London sent their children to villages to be safer as they would be less of a target. April and the other children was afraid when they heard planes flying over as the noise was terrifying. April took Rose to school and Rose taught April how to tap dance. They became good friends and

42 enjoyed each other’s company. Rose told April how different London is to the village life and how she had danced on stage with some famous people such as Max Wall. One evening whilst listening to the news April’s father said, “If the Germans come here, I will shoot you all, so they don’t get to you first”. This frightened April extremely, but she had heard of what the Germans would do to them. No-one knew what could happen, people just helped each other. The elderly ladies would sit in groups and knit scarfs and socks for the army. Everyone tried to get on with life as normal as they could, it lasted quite some time, no-one knew how long they would have to live like this. April was not one for sweets, so she swapped her sweet coupon for a ticket for the local cinema, she enjoyed watching films as it was a way for her to escape the terrible atmosphere of the war taking place. April mostly watchd comedies and musicals as they made her laugh and gave her something to sing whilst in the shelter. As the years went by April starting to grow up and look after herself a bit more now. She and her friends would walk home in a group, so it wasn’t too frightening, it made them all feel

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