IFA iNternational 2019 DAY 4 Edition





Mario Zhou

Multimedia Industry Department Vice

President, KONKA Group Co. Ltd.



Two innovation awards for KONKA TVs place

the company firmly on the world stage

on deployment of AI, IoT, 8K and

5G, we have constantly increased

investment in technological research

and development and won various

awards in related fields. R&D has

not only consolidated KONKA’s

position as a leading Chinese home

appliance enterprise, but also given

KONKA the confidence and strength

to compete with the world’s cuttingedge

technology brands.

The Chinese technology giant KONKA continues to upgrade

and optimise its industrial structure, with technology and

innovation as core driving forces. We asked Mario Zhou,

Multimedia Industry Department Vice President of KONKA

Group Co. Ltd. and International Business Division General

Manager of KONKA Group Co. Ltd. to tell us more.

At present, a new picture is shaping,

where four business groups, the

Consumer Electronics business

group, the Industrial Park business

group, as well as the PaaS (Platform

as a service) & Financial Investment

business group, are developing

side by side. By 2020, we plan to

achieve operating revenue of €10bn,

develop three new business groups

with respective operating revenue

of over €1.25bn and establish 1-3

new national and international listed

companies. We have also set goals

for the next three years: realising

an operating revenue of more than

€12.5bn and turning KONKA into a

global competitive enterprise driven

by technology and innovation.

You have a three-pronged

development strategy. Could you tell

us about it?

The three-pronged development

strategy includes reform,

transformation and upgradation.

Reform refers to implementing

mixed-ownership reforms of

business; transformation refers to

building new industrial patterns

with regards to emerging industries;

upgradation refers to upgrading

present business models regarding

smart homes.

Two of your products won awards

at the IFA Product Technical

Innovation Awards this year. Can

you tell us about these, and why you

believe they have received these


The KONKA A3 is capable of direct

input of 8K signals to full real

display of 8K images and integrates

a panoramic AI matrix. It uses Dolby

Vision and is equipped with the

Harman Kardon sound system to

create an audio-visual feast for the


The V1 adopts a 4K OLED screen and

is equipped with HDR 2 technology

and 10Bit HDR hard decoding

technology, making images look more

real. Besides, V1 adopts the YIUI 7.0,

a system independently developed

by us, to provide personalised and

preferred contents, by analysing

users’ viewing habits as against a big

data source.

These two are innovative in terms

of product design, audio-visual

performance and intelligent

technology. They have broad market

prospects and play leading roles in

the innovation of TV products.

How important is R&D to your

forward development and why?

R&D is crucial to KONKA’s future.

As a platform-based company driven

by technology and innovation,

the R&D of core technologies is

one of the important strengths of

KONKA. In recent years, focusing

What are your goals for market

share in global TV sales?

KONKA is gradually expanding in

the global market. At present, we

have actively deployed in African

market, joining hands with Jumia,

the largest e-commerce platform

in Africa, and establishing a joint

venture with Hoho, a local Egyptian

electric appliance company. This joint

venture strives to achieve annual

sales goal of 500,000 products in

Egypt and neighbouring markets

by 2020. In the future, KONKA will

progressively promote the strategic

layout of globalisation to accelerate

the growth in market share


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