4 years ago


"SALOME" is, by any

"SALOME" is, by any measure, the most costly motion picture Columbia has ever produced or distributed. In its multi-million dollar negative, however, is beauty and spectacle and drama enough to justify an even more fabulous expense. And now, with plans finalized for an advertising and promotional campaign representing an additional $1,000,000 expenditure, "SALOME" looms large as the most significant event on the motion picture horizon. With its glittering cast, it tells the dramatic story of the beginning of Christianity. No better time could be chosen for its first launchings, therefore, than the Easter season. It is for that

eason that, in certain selected key city first runs, the prerelease of "SALOME" will begin at Easter. We are fully aware that it is, by law, neither our right nor our function to fix admission prices. That prerogative belongs solely to the exhibitor. Our sales organization has received firm and explicit instructions to that effect. However, we also recognize the fact that, in the recent past, pictures of similar scope and stature have done extremely well in situations where the exhibitor has voluntarily presented these super-attractions at increased prices. We believe that "SALOME" offers the exhibitor the same opportunity.