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. . . The . . . . . Film — MIAMI gloria Swanson, being seen about town, had time on her hands because of postponement of opening date for the theatre-in-theround performances of "20th Century," caused by construction difficulties . . . Lincoln Road merchants objected to a truck being used to ballyhoo "Bwana Devil." The truck toured the shopping center equipped with a stereo hand camera. It was sent up to the 41st street thoroughfare, at one end of which the picture is playing at the Sheridan Theatre independent Sunset Theatre. South Miami, will show Spanish-language pictures two nights a week. Patrons of the Mayfair Art have been given a change of fare twice now during the run of "The Four Poster," which is in its fourth week. Walter Klements scheduled another preview following regular performances Friday night. "The Grand Concert" was the second feature. Stewart Granger, Belta St. John and others working on "All the Brothers Were Valiant" arrived with Director Richard Thorpe from Jamaica where shooting has been going on . Ruth Chatterton, stage and screen star, is due in town for the Jewish Appeal show ... A new business here furnishes guides to Miami's entertainment front. Not an escort service, it's for people who visit Miami and want to be shown the night life . . . Another group arrived in town to look for a theatre in w-hich to stage vaudeville along the same idea as • " the Plaza's. Mrs. Murray Friedman is ticket chairman for Variety's fashion show, proceeds to go to the hospital. The women's committee has arranged for a personal appearance of Esther Williams as commentator for the showing of swim suits, along with designer Fred Cole Society of Loew's Gallery will be shown "Grand Illusion," next in the series of famous films scheduled for presentation for members during the winter. The picture is a French classic and was first presented in this country in 1938. It was acclaimed as a great contribution to peace and world understanding. Starred are Jean Gabin, Eric von Stroheim and Dito Parlo. P^lHcetaH ^an.*nl

last year produced "The Quiet Man," now mentioned as a strong contender for Academy award honors. Vera Ralston and Fred Mac- Murray star in the new picture. Eddie Dowden is in town to make preparations. Dowden is publicist for Republic. New Colsnac Vender Is Unveiled By Wil-Kin Theatre Supply Co. Mrs. Emma Meyer, mother of Sidney Meyer, co-owner of Wometco, chose the Latin Quarter as the place to stage a family dinner on her 92nd birthday. Mrs. Sidney Meyer will return from Nassau for the event. She has been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Roy Schechter. . . . A hand-embroidered linen handkerchief, valued at $550, wound up in a Palm Beach dealer's shop, after being given to a charity auction in 1938 by Norma Shearer. It was given Miss Shearer as a memento of her 1938 film, "Marie Antoinette." Purchased locally, it will be given as a wedding present Judge Gitalin denied the Brandt interests a permit to build a drive-in along motel row. The motel association is said to have protested against the idea. J. W. Monghom Acquires Lippert Rights in South ATLANTA—John W. Mangham, independent film distributor here, has purchased the Lippert franchise for this territory, which includes Florida. He recently attended a Lippert meeting in Chicago and was elected as a member of the executive committee to represent franchise holders in the south and southwestern territories. Mangham also is distributor for Realart, Masterpiece Productions, Western Adventure Productions and Burstyn Pictures. In taking over the Lippert office, employes of both Realart and Lippert w^ill be retained. The building is now being remodeled. Two Million Feet in Stock SPEAKER CABLE Without Priority 2 Conductor No. 17 AWG Solid Copper Plot Parallel Construction Rodent Resistant Non-water Absorbent Jaclcet for Direct Eorth Burial O.D. .35x. 20-inch. Pacl