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Environmental Engineering and Management Journal November/December 2007, Vol.6, No.6, 517-520 “Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania ______________________________________________________________________________________________ VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTAL MEASUREMENT CENTER BASED ON REMOTE INSTRUMENTATION Marius Branzila 1∗ , Carmen Alexandru 2 , Codrin Donciu 1 , Alexandru Trandabăţ 1 , Cristina Schreiner 1 1 Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 51-53 Mangeron Blvd., 700050, Iasi, Romania 2 Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, 71 Mangeron Blvd., 700050, Iasi, Romania Abstract In this paper we propose system architecture for virtual environmental measurement center based on remote instrumentation. We use Internet facilities for transmission of the information. The station center can be used in remote control mode. Circumstance data can be collected with logging field station (Web-E-Nose or meteorological station). The environmental measurement center collects and automatically save data about the temperature in the air, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction, rain gauge, solar radiation and air quality but also can perform smell detection using a purposed Web-E-Nose. Also can analyze historical data and evaluate statistical information and publish data in the Internet using LabVIEW Web Server capability. Key words: environmental monitoring, remote and virtual instrumentation, LabVIEW Web Server, Web-E-Nose 1. Introduction The EU-funded conference on "Environment, Health, Safety: a challenge for measurements", held in Paris in June 2001, recognized the need to improve the performance of environmental measurement systems and their harmonization at EU level, to foster the dialogue between the providers of measurement methods and the users of measurement results, and to prepare the base - by establishing special communication tools – for the integration of research expertise and resources of environmental monitoring across Europe. The concept presented herein aims to respond to this actual challenge by combining the latest software trends with the newest hardware concepts in environmental monitoring, towards providing reliable measurement results and representative environmental indicators, evaluating trends and quantifying the achieved results in order to manage the potential environmental risk in compliance with European legislation and local particularities. On the other hand, the climate change and the unpredictable environmental phenomena occurring in the last years impose new and modern meteorological stations, updated to new evaluation conditions, and offering remote access to measurement infrastructure (Branzila et al., 2006). The system presented below gives such an opportunity of performing measurements under real conditions from a remote location, of an optimum access to sophisticated and/or expensive apparatus and instrumentation - even geographically distributed, and/or of repeating the same experience for a certain number of times, at either convenient or unpredictable hours, with minimum support from the technical staff (Trandabat et al., 2005). For this purpose, a new concept of performing high-speed data acquisition based on remote sensors, and an accurate transmission and processing of the meteorological parameters towards obtaining useful data for the users was developed in connection with the centre services. New methods of interconnecting hardware and dedicated software support were successfully implemented in order to increase the quality and precision of measurements. In the same time, the Web concept itself is changing the way the measurements are made ∗ Author to whom all correspondence should be addressed:

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