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Islam and Christianity

ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY This book is written in the nature of a “key” for those Muslim brothers of ours who have just a smattering of knowledge on how the Islamic religion has developed, and it has been written for those non-Muslims willing to know the fundamentals of Islam. Islam, the most up-to-date and the most immaculate of the world’s existing religions, is based upon very humane and very logical principles. Without going into details, this book touches upon the fundamentals of Islam and makes a comparison of Islam with other religions. It answers criticisms raised against Islam by its adversaries and explains as compendiously as possible the qualifications essential for being a good Muslim. For those who would like to read valuable books on Islam written by Islamic scholars (rahimahumullâhu ta’âlâ) after learning the facts contained in this book, we advise that they read books published in different languages by the Hakîkat Kitabevi (Bookstore) in Istanbul. The names of these books are appended to our books. Read this book slowly and with reflection! Encourage others to read it, too! An ignorant person cannot be a good Muslim. Indeed, it is impossible for a person not to attach all his heart to Islam after learning its fundamentals. After reading this book, you will also realize what a lofty, sacred, logical, and perfect religion Islam is, and you will attach all your heart and soul to it in order to attain salvation and repose in this world and in the hereafter. Islam that abrogated celestial religions of Judaism and Christianity along with their validity is explained first. That Qur’an-ı Karîm is word of Allah; miracles of Muhammad ׳alayhissalâm, his virtues, moral practices and habits; how to be a true Muslim; a comparison of Islam and Christianity; that Muslims are scientifically powerful; are explained next.

nineth verse of Chapter

nineth verse of Chapter Baqara in the Qur’ân al-kerîm: “Woe to those who write the Scriptures with their own hands and then say: ‘This is from Allah,’ in order to gain some paltry end. Woeful shall be their fate, because of what their hands have written, because of that which they have gained.” The holy meaning of the 1-4 âyats of Surâ Ikhlâs: “Say that Allah is One and Only. He is free of all needs. Everything depends on Him. He has no son nor father nor partner. There is no person like unto Him.” We quoted the story below from the Turkish book Diyâ-ulkulûb by Ishaq Effendi (rahima-hullâhu ta’âlâ) of Harput, Turkey: Two Jesuit [1] priests went to the city of Kanton for the first time in order to Christianize the Chinese people. They asked the governor of Kanton for permission to preach the Christian religion. The governor took no heed of them. But when the Jesuits annoyed him by coming to him every day (and soliciting for permission), he said at last, “I have to ask the Faghfûr [Emperor] of China for permission for this. I shall let him know.” So he reported the matter to the Emperor of China. The answer was: “Send them to me. I want to know what they want.” Upon this he sent the Jesuits to Peking, the capital of China. This news caused great alarm among the Buddhist priests. [They begged the emperor to expel the Jesuits from the country on the grounds that “These men are trying to imbue our people with a new religion which emerged under the name Christianity. These men do not recognize the Holy Buddha. They are going to misguide our people.”] The emperor said, “We must listen to them first. Then we will decide.” He made an assembly of the eminent statesmen and clergy of the country. Inviting the Jesuits, he told them to explain to the assembly what the principles of the religion they wanted to promulgate were. Upon this the Jesuits made the following discourse: “God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is one. Yet at the same time, He is three. God’s only Son and the Holy Ghost, too, are a God each. This God created Adam and Eve and put them in Paradise. He gave them all kinds of blessings. Only, He commanded them not to eat from a certain tree. Somehow the [1] Jesuit is a missionary society founded by Ignatius Loyola in 918 [A.D. 1512]. – 284 –

Satan deceived Eve. And she, in her turn, deceiving Adam, they disobeyed God’s command by eating fruit from the tree. Therefore God deported them from Paradise and sent them to the world. Here they had children and grandchildren. They were all sinful because they had been depraved by the sin committed by their grandfather. This state lasted six thousand years. Eventually God pitied human beings, yet He found no other way than sending His own son for the expiation of their sin and immolating His only son as an atonement of the sin. The Prophet we believe in is Jesus the Son of God. There is a city called Jerusalem in a region called Palestine to the west of Arabia. In Jerusalem there is a place called Jelîla (Galilee), which has a village named Nâsira (Nazareth). One thousand years ago there lived a girl named Maryam (Mary) in this village. This girl was betrothed to her paternal first cousin, but she was a virgin yet. One day, as she was alone, the Holy Ghost appeared and put the Son of God into her. That is, the girl became pregnant, virgin as she was. [Then, as she and her fiance were on their way to Jerusalem, she had a child in a stable in Beyt-i-lahm (Bethlehem). They placed the Son of God into the manger in the stable. The monks in the east, who knew that he was born when they saw that a new star suddenly emerged in the sky, set out for him with presents in their hands, and at last they found him in this stable. They prostrated themselves before him. The Son of God, called Jesus, preached to God’s creatures until he was thirty-three years old. He said, ‘I am the Son of God. Believe in me. I came to save you.’ He displayed numerous miracles, such as resuscitating the dead, making the blind see again, making the lame walk, curing the leprous, stopping seastorms, feeding ten-thousand people with two fish, changing water into wine, withering a fig tree with one (hand) signal because it did not yield any fruit in winter, and so forth. Yet very few people believed in him. Eventually, the treacherous Jews betrayed him to the Romans, thus causing him to be crucified. However, three days after dying on the cross, Christ resurrected and showed himself to those who believed in him. Then he ascended to heaven and sat on the right hand side of his Father. And his Father left all the matters of this world over to him. And He Himself withdrew. This is the basis of the religion we are going to preach. Those who believe in this shall go to Paradise in the hereafter, and those who do not shall go to Hell.” Listening to these words, the Chinese Emperor said to the priests, “I shall ask you some questions. Answer these questions.” – 285 –

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