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. . Earl DENVER Variety

. . Earl DENVER Variety Tent 37 planned to install its new officers this weekend at a dinner-dance at the Albany hotel. Randolph Scott will present the humanitarian award. The new officers include Alex Murphree, drama editor of the Denver Post, as chief barker: Don Hammer, first assistant; William Hastings, second assistant; Victor Love, property master, and Bernie Hynes, doughguy. The crew is composed of the above, the past chief barkers, and Fred Brown, George "Scotty" Allan, Henry Friedel, James Micheletti and Joe Stone. Three boys, by tripping the ticket register at the Santa Fe boxoffice just after closing time, grabbed 150 tickets and ran. Evangeline Grego, cashier, had just wrapped up the money and taken it to the manager's office. Marilyn Shrphard, usherette, called Manager Donald Saunders, and he chased the boy.s, but they got away. However, the tickets will not do the boys much good, as the numbers are known. . . Mrs. Abel . . Bruce The Monaco Drive-In lost 25 cases of candy worth over $200 and 50 pounds of coffee worth $40 to thieves that broke into the snack bar after closing hours . Davis is selling the Roxy in order to out the estate of her late husband . Archer, son of A. P. Archer, president of Civic Theatres, has started learning the theatre, having taken a job in the headquarters of Atlas Theatres. Gene Gerbase, Republic manager, went to Los Angeles to attend a divisional sales meeting . . . Ml', and Mrs. R. D. Ervin, Kremmling, theatre owners, have gone to Cali- The Ballantyne fornia on a business trip . . . Co.. manufacturers of sound equipment for regular and drive-in theatres, has established a Denver office at 929, 21st street, with Carl P. Knudson in charge. Tom Bailey, owner of the Lippert and Mutual franchises, went to Chicago to attend sales meetings by each group . Jameson jr. of Kansas City was here visiting his Realart exchange and conferring with Bernie McCarthy, manager . . . Jim Ricketts, Paramount manager, goes to New York to attend a sales meeting that will open on January 25. Foster Blake, western divi-sion sales manager, and Lester Zooker, district manager, were here to preside at a sales meeting of Universal branch managers and salesmen in Zooker's district. The managers attending included C. R. Wade, Salt Lake City; Mayer Monsky, Denver; Lou Levy, Des Moines; I. M. Weiner, Omaha, and Jack Langan, Kansas City. Jack Langan was manager in Denver prior to his being promoted to Kansas City . . . Gene VitaJe, Paramount booker, is vacationing at home. Exhibitors seen on Filmrow: Richard Bennett, Sheridan, Wyo.; C. E. McLaughlin, Las Animas; Glen Wittstruck, Meeker; John Roberts, Fort Morgan; Neil Beezley, Burlington; Fred Anderson, Eaton; C. L. Canda, Westchffe; Mike Jo.seph. San Luis; Mrs. Bert Lewis, Holyoke; Cliff Butler, Albuquerque; C. E. Bradshaw, Martin, S. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Farrell, Sidney, Neb.; Mrs. H. G. Wells, Hardin, Mont., and Herbert Gumper, Center. Polio sufferers look fo you. Drop Morch of Dimes slugs into your odvertlslng for the Morch of Dimes drive—Januory 2-31. Jones Enterprise Co. Builds lOOO-Seaier NORTH BEND, ORE.—Construction has begun on a 1,000-seat theatre on Union avenue, adjacent to the city hall. The owner, Jones Enterprise, Inc., operates two houses in Coos Bay and one here. Stanley McSwain is a partner in the f m and local manager. $100,000 Ozoner for Spokane SPOKANE. WASH.—George A. Castle, local financier, will construct a $100,000 outdoor theatre on an 80-acre tract north of the city limits, west of Monroe and Wall. The twinscreen airer will accommodate 2,000 cars. The approval of the state highway department and the county health office are necessai'y. A summer opening is planned. Lippert Plans 400-Car Airer MEDFORD, ORE.—Plans for construction of a 400-car drive-in at Crater Lake highway and Biddle road were announced recently by R. P. Corbin, southern Oregon manager for Lippert Theatres. Construction is to get under way as soon as weather permits. To Build Drive-In for 350 Cars FLORENCE, ORE.—A 350-car ozoner is to be built on the Coast highway here. Owned by Erwin Moullet, the situation is to be designed by Errol Holland of the B. F. Shearer Co. Portland office. To Spend $250,000 on Outdoorer SEATTLE—Excavation for a $250,000 outdoor theatre being constructed for the Kenmore Drive-In Theatre, Inc., was begun recently. W. R. Forman, Dwight L. Stracher and E. W. Johixson are the owners. The proposed site is two blocks north of Bothell Way at Kenmore. Settlement Reached In 'Valentino' Lawsuit HOLLYWOOD — Out-of-court .settlement was reached in the $750,000 damage suit lodged by Alice Terry, silent-screen star, against Edward Small Productions and Columbia. Her superior court action had charged she was libeled in the Small film, "Valentino," which Columbia distributed. To Start 'Calexo Pass' HOLLYWOOD — Producer Edwin Levin plans a Monday (19) start on "Calexo Pass," a western to star David Brian, which he will film independently for an as-yet unannounced release. The opus will be directed by Lew Landers and the picture will be made at the Republic studios in North Hollywood. Willard Ebeling Is Promoted COLORADO SPRINGS — Willard Ebeling, formerly assistant laboratory manager, has been named laboratory manager for Alexander Film Co. SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Larg»t coverage in U.S. No "Net" list-Jtr inos. Highest reputation for know-how and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Asl( Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE LOS ANGELES T ured by the sunny southland were visitors from snowbound midwest aieas. Reno Wilk, who at one time owned the Wardman Theatre in Whittier, as well as other houses in this territory, checked in from Minneapolis, reporting that his four drive-ins there are snowed in, while Oscar Johi^son, who also operated theatres here and is now an Omaha exhibitor, closed his enterprises and plans UUman, to spend the winter locally . . . Frank who used to operate theatres in El Centro and Brawley in partnership with Fox West Coast, was a visitor. He now runs apartment houses in El Centro. . . . Skip . . Condolences Tom Muchmore took over the Canoga In Canoga Park from Bob Strong Wesner, a producers' representative headquartering in New York, was a Filmrow visitor . . "Mac" McTaggert, Columbia salesman, . is now a grandpa. A baby boy, Michael James, was born to his .son and daughter-inlaw, Mr. and Mrs. John McTaggart . were extended to Irv Levin, of Realart, on the death of his brother Sol. Harold Wirthwein, western sales chief for Allied Artists, and M. J. E. McCarthy, local branch manager, returned from a business junket to Phoenix. At the AA office, John O'Neill, former city salesman, has been upped to office manager, while Henry Balk, who left the organization four years ago to enter the real estate business, has returned to fill the selling post vacated by O'Neill . . . Damage exceeding $200 was reported by Ned Calvi, owner of the Lomita in Lomita, when the showcase was entered by vandals who stole a fire axe from the wall and used it to chop up a door and and a popcorn and candy bar in the lobby. The Lomita h£is been closed for several months. . A new soundproof cry room has been installed in Vic Walker's Surf Theatre in Huntington Beach. Tlie showcase is managed by Sam Terry . . Charles Maestri, theatre operations manager for Robert L. Lippert, checked in from San Fiancisco to take a gander at Lippert's three newly acquired houses, the Desert and Aladdin in Indio and the Coachella Valley Drive-In . . Booking and . buying visitors included Merritt Stone and Jim Allen, operators of the Palms in Palms. Hugh Prince, who has been managing the Sierra and Towne in San Fernando, resigned to return to his home in Georgia. He's the father of Ginger Pi-ince, moppet actress. Chester Black of Pacific Drive-ins reports he's poppa of a baby daughter named Ellen Margaret. . . . Among the Fox West Coasters: Arthur Paulson has replaced Bob Sanderson as manager of the Orpheum in San Diego, while Gerald Vacchio. whose Loma in Hollywood was damaged by fire recently, has moved over to the Maj'wood in Maywood Harry Seipel, former northern division district manager, now associated with Hoyts Theatres in Australia, and wife spent the holidays here. Howard Stubbins, co-owner with Me! Hulling of the Allied Artists west coast franchise, returned from Phoenix, where he and Mrs. Stubbins spent the holidays . . . William Z. Porter. AA home office field representative, checked out for Dallas for huddles with James Pi-ichard, southwestern sales head. 44 BOXOFFICE :: January 17, 1953

I BOXOFHCE Two Die in Collapse Of Drive-In Tower TUCSON—Two workmen were killed here Saturday (10) when a 57-foot screen tower wall collapsed during construction at the Prince Drive-In on East Prince road, near north Campbell avenue. One man was killed instantly beneath 20 tons of debris from the fallen screen. The second, who had loosened his safety belt and jumped from the falling screen, died at a local hospital four hours later. He received multiple broken bones along with head and internal injuries. Both men had been hired on the day of the accident by theatre manager Hugh Downs. County engineers visited the scene at the request of the sheriff's office to check construction practices at the partly-built ozoner. The engineers said they found two ropes, five-eighths of an inch in diameter, that had been used as emergency supports for the 20-ton screen. The investigators reported the ropes had been fastened to car bumpers, then attached at each end of the partially completed structure. They pointed out that manufactures of similar rope advertise their product as being able to withstand a total stress of 880 pounds. Workmen were unable to give any reason for the sudden collapse of the wooden framework. Four portions of the frame, each 12x 57 feet, were already in place. A fifth frame was being attached when the entire structure collapsed. Western U-I Sales Heads Meet in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO—Western sales executives of Universal-International convened here to discuss promotional plans on forthcoming releases. With Foster M. Blake, western division manager, and Barney Rose, western district chief, presiding, the sessions were attended by branch managers Abe Swerdlow, Los Angeles; Ted Reisch. San Francisco; Ernest Piro, Portland, and Arthur Greenfield, Seattle. Also on hand was Archie Herzoff, studio advertising and promotion manager. Fire Delays Lyric Opening MOUNT VERNON, WASH.—Fire, believed to have started near the heating plant, caused over $2,000 in damage at the new Lyric Theatre here, and delayed the opening of the house several weeks. The new Lyric, owned by Elden Pollock, formerly the Missouri, has been undergoing renovation for two months and was scheduled to be opened in about two weeks. Firemen battled for three hours before finally subduing the blaze. Firemen said that the fire walls in the house prevented complete destruction. Remodel Silver Star Airer WALLACE, IDA.—Plans for extensive improvement and remodeling of the Silver Star Drive-In, recently purchased by the Simons Amusement Co., were announced by Edna Wilma Sharp, president. The airer, located seven miles west of here, is the Simon company's first venture into the outdoor field. The firm operates indoor houses in northern Idaho and western Montana. WESTERN STATES^ FEDERAL TAX REPEAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Roy Cooper Al O'Keefe Ray Davis J. Roger Mendcnhall Homer LeBallister Ed Kidwell Boyd F. Scott William Graeper Sam Gillette Frederick A. Danz jr. ^ LOS ANGELES—Exhibitor state chairmen for the Council of Motion Picture Organizations-sponsored campaign for repeal of the 20 per cent federal amusement tax are shown above for the western states. These men, along with distributor chairmen, have been contacting senators and congressmen to obtain pledges of support in an all-out attempt to get the federal tax on admissions repealed. The exhibitors represent the following states; CALIFORNIA—Roy Cooper, San Francisco, and Al O'Keefe, Los Angeles. COLORADO—Ray Davis, Fox Intermountain, Denver. Paramount Theatres, Phoenix. ARIZONA—George Aurelius, IDAHO—Roger Mendenhall, Boise. NEVADA—Homer LeBallister, Majestic, Reno. NEW MEXICO—Ed Kidwell, Theatre Enterprises, Roswell; Boyd P. Scott, Plains Theatre, Roswell. OREGON—William Graeper, Portland, UTAH—Sam Gillette, Associated Amusement Co., Salt Lake City. WASHINGTON—Frederick A. Danz jr., Sterling Theatres, Seattle. Also named as committee chairmen, but not pictured here, are; COLORADO—Edward E. Pringle, Denver. MONTANA—Carl E. Anderson, Anderson Theatre Co., Kalispell. WYOMING—Russell Schulte, Casper. Medford. Ore., Rialto Closes MEDPORD, ORE.—The Rialto Theatre, which has been operated since 1917, was shuttered early this month. Robert L. Corbin, southern Oregon manager for the Robert L. Lippert theatre chain, said the auditorium will be used by a furniture store for expansion. The house was purchased by Lippert interests in 1947. The circuit operates three other theatres here, a drive-in, and is erecting an ozoner north of here. I : : January 17, 1953 45