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. . Harley . . John . . The KANSAS CITY Dill Brooker, RKO exploiteer, made one of his regular stops in Des Moines to work on future releases . . . Catherine Dye, WB clerk, was home ill . . . Erma Woods, a member of Harman's bowling team, and Elsie Rea, Pinton Jones, were among the recent money winners in the state bowling tournament at Springfield . . . Don Walker. Wai'ner publicist, was in St. Louis. . . . Elmer Bills, Salisbury. Mo., exhibitor, was vacationing in Florida . . . The KMTA board of directors met Wednesday Dick Biechele attended the inaugural ceremonies at Topeka January 12 . . H. B. Doering, Peoples, . Gai-net, is a member of the Kansas legislature, which convened Monday (12) . . J. T. Goshen. Uptown, Sedalia, Mo., Ben Adams, Eldorado, Kas., and Ed Harris, Bandbox, Neosho, were among the visiting theatremen last week. J. K. Neger, 20th-Pox manager here, and members of the sales force, returned from a regional meeting in Milwaukee . . . Chick Evens. 20th-Fox publicity man. made stops in Springfield, Mo.. Wichita and Topeka, Kas.. SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coverage in U.S. No "Net" listings- Highest reputation for know-how and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your liroker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists! 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED STEBBINS THEATRE Equipment Co. laOit Wy.AJalla Si. KANSAS CITY 8, MO- Satisfaction — Always MISSOURI THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY L. I. KIMBRIEL, Manager Phone BAllimore 3070 115 W. 18lb Kansas Cily 6. Mo. as part of an extensive campaign for "My Pal Gus" . . . Mark Roberts, son of Ward Scott, has a part in the film "Taxi." Scott was the former 20th-Fox district manager here. He retired several years ago. Don Davis, RCA theatre equipment division manager visited recently with Johnny Scott, former RepubUc booker, in Albuquerque. Scott is now a salesman for a plastic manufacturer there . . . Davis was in St. Louis for a few days then preceded to Camden. N. J., for the annual RCA convention. Bob Shelton. Commonwealth vice-president, and Dick Orear. purchasing agent, were on a combined business and pleasure trip down south. They aie expected back around January 20 . . Lucille Cayou, secretary to . Orear. has resigned, and has been replaced by Betty Tanner . Tatum was recently added to the Commonwealth office The Lyric Theatre, Kirksville. Mo.. force . . . has been sold by Raymond Eitel to John A. Mason. Ben Marcus and Tom Baldwin were in Chicago January 16 and 17 attending a meeting of branch and division managers and home office representatives. The feature of the meeting was a screening of the new Rita Hayworth film. "Salome." The picture is due for release Easter week . . . Gene Autry. Columbia star, was here for a show at the Municipal Auditorium January 18 . . Ben . Marcus and family spent New Year's week in Minneapolis. . . Joseph . J. W. Young, bookkeeper at Shreve Theatre Supply, has returned to work after a siege of illness . . . Paramount tradescreened "Come Back. Little Sheba" . . . Glen Dickinson sr. was vacationing in Florida . Walsh, head of exchange operations for Paramount, was due here for a visit Monday (19) ... Mrs. Amie Sinclair, secretary to Bob Withers at Republic, returned from a New York vacation Fryer. Plaza. Lamar, Mo., and E. Campbell. Norb, Norborne. Mo., were Filmi-ow visitors last week. Dickinson Theatres has changed the name . of its house at Granley. Mo., from the Club to Lux . . . The Royal Theatre, Burden. Kas., was purchased by Mark Wingert from H. L. Evans . . . Bob Brown resigned as a Paramount salesman Fiesta has been shuttered again. HANDY SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM BOXOFnCE: 825 Van Brunt Blvd., Kansas City 24, Mo. Please enter my subscription to BOXOFFICE. 52 issues per year (13 of vffhich contain The MODERN THEATRE Section). D $3.00 FOR 1 YEAR D S5.00 FOR 2 YEARS D S7.00 FOR 3 YEARS Remittance Enclosed D Send Invoice THEATRE STREET ADDRESS TOWN NAME STATE. POSITION 'Mississippi Gambler' Bows At St. Louis Fox Theatre ST. LOUIS—With Piper Laurie and JuUa Adams, two of the featured players of the cast, making per.sonal appearances, "The Mississippi Gambler," starring TjTone Power, had its world premiere at Fanchon & Marco's 5.200-seat Fox Theatre here Tuesday (13). Also on the stage program for the premiere were three recent winners in a nationwide beauty contest. These girls were Jackie Loughery. Miss U.S.A.: Valerie Jackson, Miss Montana, and Ruth Hampton. New Jer- .sey. The national radio program. "True or False," also was presented from the stage via the local outlet KWK. In addition to the big premiere at the Fox here. "Tlie Mississippi Gambler" has been dated for early engagements at 22 cities served by the St. Louis film exchange. 47 cities in Illinois and in Keokuk. Iowa, and Paducah. Ky., between now and February 15. Dickinson Circuit Seeks Second Airer Permit MISSION. KAS.— Dickinson Theatre circuit has applied to the Mission township board for a permit to coiistruct a 1.000-car drive-in at 95th and Antioch in Johnson county. Kas.. it was revealed this week. Glen Dickinson sr.. president of the circuit, has just retiu-ned from a three-week trip through the Miami and New Orleans areas, where he was gathering new ideas for driveins. Dickinson said this week that the proposed drive-in in Johnson county would have a third-dimensional screen. Meantime, circuit officials revealed that work is continuing at a rapid pace on the new Leawood Drive-In. located at 120th and State Line. This 1.000-car situation is due to open April 1. BOWLING KANSAS CITY—Film Delivery and the Ritz Theatre were tied for first place in the Filmrow Men's Bowling league with 43 victories and 25 defeats. Jack Stewart rolled a new high ten with 245. and the Film Delivery star also set a new high 30 mark with 530. MGM, an early season leader, faded into seventh place after forfeiting eight games, as the league reached the season's halfway spot. Team Won Lost Team Won Lost Film Delivery ...43 25 Commonweoltti .31 37 Rifl Theotre. . . .43 25 Michocl's 31 37 Fox Trotters 40 28 MGM 28 40 Fox All Stars. .. .34 34 Scrcenland 22 46 KANSAS CITY—The Finton Jones keglers tightened their grip on first place in the Filmrow Women's Bowling league with 35 triumphs and 16 losses. The Continentals and Bureaucrats were locked in a second place tie, each with 31 and 20. Teom Won Lost Tcom Won Lost . .. Finton Jones 35 16 Monlcy's Foxy 22 21 29 30 Confinentols Burcouerots .31 31 20 20 Five U-l 21 30 Hortman's 28 23 Columbia IS 36 PDCHT \II[PT[DM STAGE EQUIPMENT C OMPANY UIILHI flLUILim, rVCRTTHINC FOR THC STACt • AUDITORIUM • LI BOX CFFlCC • 1324 Grand Ave, Ksn«a« City 6, Mo 56 BOXOFFICE :: January 17, 1953

'Mississippi' Debut Aids Variety Home MEMPHIS—Patrons mingled with film People paid as much as $100 a seat for stars. a motion picture and the Variety Club's campaign for funds to build a Home for Convalescent Children got a shot in the arm. That just about told the story of the premiere January 14 at Malco Theatre of the picture, "Mississippi Gambler." All proceeds went to the children's home fund. Admission was by contribution. A $100 gift called for a seat near the film stars. to get in was $5. Minimum gift Julia Adams, Piper Laurie and Valerie Jackson, who have parts in the picture, were there in person. Valerie said Jeff Chandler had always been her favorite star. "And now he eats lunch with us," she said dreamily. "And he calls everybody by name." Miss Laurie was asked if experienced actors like Tyrone Power helped youngsters like herself along. "Some pretend to help you because it looks good," she said. "But Mr. Power is exceptional. He helped me when people were not aware of it as well as when they were." She was speaking of the picture, "Mississippi Gambler," in which Miss Laurie and Miss Adams star with Power. M. A. Lightman sr., president of Malco Theatres, and Dick Settoon, branch manager. Universal, arranged for the premiere for Variety's fund. FEDERAL TAX REPEAL SOUTHEASTERN STATES COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Richard M. Kennedy Jack Bomar Sam Kirby Lamar Sarra i Home Owners Win Fight In Rezoning for Airer TAMPA, FLA.—Home owners have won a second round in their fight to prevent the construction of a drive-in on Dale Mabry highway. A rezoning petition by S. E. Britton, which would have permitted him to construct a theatre on the tract, was rejected by the county commissioners. Residents opposed the ozoner on the grounds the traffic, noise and lights would depreciate the value of their homes and become a hazard to the neighborhood. Britton claims to have invested about $50,- 000 in the theatre venture for the site and equipment during an interval when it was rezoned for commercial, then rescinded when residents protested. He has also taken another drive-in decision by the commissioners to court. This concerns the rezoning of an area on 40th street at East Broadway. A theatre is now under construction there, started last summer under a zoning permit approved by the commissioners. Now four property owners declare it to be illegal be- registered notices had not been mailed to them as required by law. Lloyd Binford Is 111 MEMPHIS—111 With a virus infection, Lloyd T. Binford, chairman of board of censors, has entered Baptist hospital at Memphis. Binford is 86. Visitors are not permitted. Plan Airer at Indian Rocks, Fla. TAMPA. FLA.—Mrs. Sarah Higginbotham, a well-known businesswoman, will erect a drive-in at Indian Rocks.