greeted by the friendly bar owner herself.

We order a Colada Habanera and

are served an entire pineapple with

straws: bravo! Why this is such a special

place for Conchita is something she’ll

explain in the video available with the

online edition of this magazine. Unlike

Conchita, we’re not fully booked

tonight, so now we have time to head

out into the night and find some things

to add to our list of recommendations

for you.

we say culture, we mean no less than

one hundred museums (plus we’d

consider the city in itself a giant openair

museum). Life here is amazing. No

matter where you work, live or like to

hang, your eyes will be aesthetically

entertained by the stucco decorations

and statues found everywhere in the


Ending the day

with a nice drink

After all this culture, we’re in need of

a drink, and so Conchita takes us to

her second living room, the Cuban

Mojito Bar in Vienna’s first district. The

elegantly crafted dark wood panelling

takes us back to the glorious old

times, and from behind the bar we’re

Thank God

Vienna isn’t New York

If you dislike going out in places like

New York where bars close at 2:00

a.m. and security will politely but firmly

usher you out of a club by four, then

you’ve come to the right place, because

in Vienna you can revel till the

crack of dawn. With the city’s 1.8 million

inhabitants, it has quite a substantial

nightlife, and if you know where to

go, you’ll always find a place to go wild

on the dance floor. That said, there’s no

drunken revelry comparable to places

like Ibiza or New Orleans during Mardi

Gras. Vienna has just too much charm

for such things, plus quite a fondness

for individuality. Special society

events are mostly privately organized,

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