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World Pride

2017 Madrid

The Hero from

the world of pop

In Latin American pop, Miguel Bosé

is a well known entity. Not only has

the former actor-cum-pop star landed

seven top ten hits in Italy, Spain and

numerous Latin American countries,

he’s also collaborated with many big

names in the industry, from Shakira

and Ricky Martin to Juanes and even

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe. And since his

parents counted the likes of Picasso

and Hemingway among their closest

friends and his godfather was none

other than the great Luchino Visconti,

he truly seemed predestined for

artistic success from the beginning.

Fundraising Deluxe

His music stardom didn’t let him rest

on his laurels though, as for five years

running he’s been hosting the AIDS

Gala Barcelona and using his name

and connections to raise money for

the fight against HIV. So far, each year

he’s managed to raise more than half

a million euros for AIDS research from

the well known guests and sponsors at

his outstanding gala dinner. Not only

are we impressed by Miguel Bosé’s

music but also by his giant heart and

tireless support of this good cause. In

a TV spot at the end of 2014, he repeated

his promise to not give up the

fight until a vaccine to prevent AIDS

has been found.

The talent to

inspire others

People like Miguel Bosé are blessed

with the talent to motivate and inspire

others. Such talents turn these people

into heroes when their main feat is to

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