HIV doesn’t make

the news anymore

Today, however, you have the chance

to take the issue into your own hands.

That’s because we believe it needs

to be talked about much more.

The stigma surrounding HIV continues to be

a topic that cannot be ignored.

Despite thirty years of campaigning to halt its spread,

the epidemic continues to grow.

In Europe and Central Asia, there were 80 per cent

more new cases of HIV in 2013 compared to 2004.*

Because HIV is talked about less, the less

of a danger it seems, and the more risks people take.

Also, because it's talked about less, the more shameful

it seems to those who carry the virus.

This month we INJECTED THE Vangardist presses with

the blood of three HIV-positive donors.

A limited edition of 2500 copies of the magazine was printed with it.

(To see how it happened visit www.vangardist.com)

This copy, however, was not. Even if it were,

there would still be no risk to you or your friends –

Just like there is no danger

in shaking the hand of an HIV-positive person.

The virus can only be spread through sexual contact,

needles or live blood entering open wounds.

Yet people are still afraid of getting close to those living with HIV

because they still don’t know enough about it:

It is because of these fears that not all copies of this edition

were printed in such a bold manner.

Today, some people with HIV are concerned about

alienating their loved ones.

Others worry about losing their jobs if an

employer learns of their illness.

Some countries even criminalize HIV-positive people.

These fears stop INDIVIDUALS FROM SEEKING the support they need.

For all these reasons, VANGARDIST would like to

reignite the conversations

about HIV – free from taboo

and discrimination.

* WHO Regional Office for Europe and ECDC - Joint Press Release: “Europe’s HIV

response falls short in curbing epidemic:

80% more new HIV cases compared to 2004.”, 27 NOVEMBER, 2014.

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