that’s a big mistake, because the only

efficient way to counteract this problem

is an open and ongoing discourse

about it. Everyone who doesn’t know

what it is or that they have it will most

likely unwittingly pass it on to someone

else. Simple preaching doesn’t

help though, because the problem is

rooted much more deeply. In some

way, how we deal with HIV/AIDS functions

like a gauge that measures to

what extent a society has managed to

liberate itself from patriarchal rule.

The #HIVHeroes Edition:

that’s why!

At the VANGARDIST we regard ourselves

as a progressive medium committed

to proclaiming a lifestyle far

removed from all kinds of patriarchal

restraints. We regard all forms of sexual

preferences—whether they’re homo

or hetero—as completely natural and

equally valid. A large part of the content

of our men’s magazine is gay and

so are a considerable number of the

people involved in its making. Because

of this, we are used to standing up and

fighting, but at the same time we’re

aware that there’s not much use in playing

the suppressed minority here. For

this reason, our magazine deliberately

treats an open attitude to all things

sexual as a given that is befitting to our

modern times, just as we regard openness

regarding gender stereotypes.

We’ve decided to boldly expect overall

equality because this type of selfconfidence

is much more efficient than

self-victimizing whingeing will ever be.

And that’s why the VANGARDIST is organizing

the #HIVHEROES Campaign:

because we need an open discourse

about HIV/AIDS without all the moral


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