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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 105683 ECONOMICS OF POWER SYSTEMS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te 681. Analysis and operat1on of power system for economic dispatching using acomputer.684 PROTECTIVE RELAYING 3 creditsPrerequiSite· 480. Pnnc1ples and application of relays as applied to protection of power systems.685 SURGE PROTECTION 3 cred1tsPrerequ1site: 480. Phenomena of llghten1ng and sw1tch1ng surges on electr"Jcal systems. Protectionof systems and apparatus by line design, application of protect1ve dev1ces and 1nsula~t1on coord1natron.686 DYNAMICS OF ELECTRIC MACHINES 3 creditsPrerequiSites: graduate status in Electncal Eng1neenng. Voltage and me~anical differentialequat1ons of electnc mach1nes, analytical and numencal methods for solution of a system ofmach1ne differential equations687 POWER ELECTRONICS II 3 creditsPrerequiSite: 483/583 or equ1valent. Effects of the nontdeallties of the power ctrcutt components.magnet1cs. base and gate dnves, thynstor commutation Clrcutts, heat transfer and thermaltssuesAnalysis and design of advanced power ctrcu1ts688 CONTROL OF ELECTRIC MACHINES 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes· graduate student 1n Electncal Engtneenng. Elements of control circuits for electncdrives, techniques for torque/speed control of electnc machtnes.689 POWER SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES 3 cred1tsPrerequtstte: graduate status 1n Electncal Engtneenng. Structure and phystcs of power semiconductordevtces· dtodes, Btpolar Junctton tranststors, MOSFETs. Thynstors, Power MOS­Bipolar devices (IGT.MCT). Emphasis on the 1ssues that characterize these dev·tces from thelower power semtconductor devtces693 SPECIAL PROBLEMS 1-3 credits(May be taken more than once) Prerequ1s1te. permtssion of department head For a qualiftedgraduate student Supervtsed research or tnvesttgatton tn major fteld of traintng or expenence.Credits dependent upon nature and extent of project698 MASTER'S RESEARCH 1-6 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: Permtsston of advtsor (May be repeated.) Research on a suitable topic 1n electncalengtneenng culm1nat1ng 1n a master's thests.699 MASTER'S THESIS 7-6 creditsPrerequtsite: permtsston of department head. Research and thes1s on some suitable topic inelectncal engtneenng749 FUNCTIONAL ANALYTIC METHODS IN SYSTEM THEORY 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. permtsston of tnstructor. A course prov1d1ng necessary background 1n advancedmathemattcal techntques for graduate students m communtcatton, control, and mathematiCS753 TOPICS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· 651. lntroductton to advanced techntques in fields. Topics tnclude appltcatton ofGreen's functton techntques and related boundary value problems772 MODEL REDUCTION TECHNIQUES FOR CONTROL SYSTEMS 3 creditsPrerequisite: 674 or permtsston of the instructor Classical, modern, and opt1mal techniques forcomput1ng reduced order ~odels of linear, nonlinear, and 1nf1nite d1mens1onal systems. Mintmalreal1zat1ons of multt-vanable systems are also constdered.774 ADVANCED UNEAR CONTROL SYSTEMS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. 674 and a course 1n Real Analysts or equtvalent Covers toptcs related to the des1gnof robust control systems The synthests of controllers which yield stable closed-loop systemswtll be constdered. The H8-opt1mality cr1tenon for controller destgn 1s 1ncluded. Spectal empha­SIS will be g1ven to the robust stab11izat1on problem and the disturbance attenuatton problemn5 ROBUST CONTROL3 creditsPrereqUisite· 674. Input-output and state-space charactenzattons of robust control systems,and des1gn techniques based on the algebraic Riccati equation. Decentralized and rei table controldes1gn methodologtes777 OPTIMAL CONTROL II 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· 677 Advanced state-feedback optimal control. Output-feedback ISSues, includingloop transfer reco~ery, optimal observer destgn, reduced-order controllers, frequency weight­Ing, and decentraltzed ADAPTIVE CONTROL3 creditsPrerequ1si~e. 671 or perm1ss1on of 1nstructor. Thts cours~ will provtde the. advanced graduatestudent w1th !he tectmiqu~s required for the control of ttme-varytng nonltnear and stochastiCsystems. Top1cs mclude mmtmum pred1ct1on error control, least squares estimation, certaintyequivalence adapt1ve control. Kalman ftltenng, mintmum vanance control, LOG control andstochasttc adaptive control.779 ADVANCED TOPICS IN CONTROL Jcred1tsPrerequtsite· 776 Dtscusstons of recent advances in control systems.794 ADVANCED SEMINAR 1-3 credits(May be taken more than once) Prerequistte: permtssion of department head. Advanced levelcoverage of specialtzed top1cs. For student seek1ng Ph D. in engineering.898 PREUMINARY RESEARCH 1-15 cred1ts(May be repeated l Prerequtsite· approval of dissertation director. Prel1m1nary investigationspnor to subm1ss1on of a d1ssertat:on proposal to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Comm1ttee.899 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION 1-15 cred1ts{May be repeated.) Prerequisite. acceptance of research proposal by the lnterdisclpltnary DoctoralComm1ttee and approval of the dtssertatton dtrector. Ongtnal researdl by the doctoral studentCOMPUTER ENGINEERING4450:520 OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN 3 cred1tsPrerequisit~s: 3460:208. or egUivalent lnvest1gat1on of object-onented destgn parad1gm andthe destgn tmplementatton With the object-onented programming language C++570 INTEGRATED SYSTEM DESIGN 3 creditsPrereqUISite for 470: 4400:465. PrereqUISite for 570: 4400:565 Introduction to computer~tru~tures, des1gn methods and development tools for VLSI systems. nMOS dev1ces and fabncatJon.Processtng and control destgn Layout methods and tools. Destgn systems.597 SPECIAL TOPICS: COMPUTER SCIENCE 1-2 cred1ts(May be taken more than once) Prerequistte permisston of department head. Spec1al top1cs1n computer eng1neenng606 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE3 creditsPrerequtstte: 4400:363 or equivalent. Historical development of computer architecture. Oestgnmethodologtes. Processor organization and des~gn _of 1nstruct1on sets. Parallel processing.Control sectton tmplementat1ons. Memory organ1zat1on. System configurations.607 PARALLEL COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE3 cred1tsPrerequtsite: 606 or eqUivalent Th1s course provtdes an introductton to parallel computer architecturesand parallel processtng based on a single instruction, message-passing, or sharedmemory610 COMPUTER ALGORITHMS I 3 creditsPrerequiSites: 4100:206 and 3450:235. Orgamzat1on of scientific and eng1neenng problems lorcomputer solut1ons. Analysis of error and convergence properties of algonthms611 COMPUTER ALGORITHMS II 3 cred1tsPrerequtstte: 610 or perm1Ss1on. Data structures and algonthm destgn for minimum executront1me and memory requirements.620 FAULT-TOLERANT COMPUTING 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· 363 or equtvalent This course encompasses the many aspects of fault-tolerantcomputing and covers reliability, fault-models, fault-tolerant design techntques, quantitativeevaluation methods, testing, and des1gn for testability.642 ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING 3 cred1tsPrerequtsite: 641 or equivalent. Advanced study of knowledge acqu1stt1on and expert systemproject management643 FRAME-BASED EXPERT SYSTEM DESIGN 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes: 441, 641, or eqUivalent. lntroductron to the des1gn and development of framebasedexpert systems693 SPECIAL PROBLEMS7-3 cred1ts(May be taken more than once) PrerequiSite· pemltsston of department head For a qualif1edgraduate student Supervised research or 1nvest1gatton 1n student's maJor fteld. Credit dependsupon nature and extent of proJect.794 ADVANCED SEMINAR 1-3 credits{May be taken more than once) Prerequtstte. permtsston of department head. Advanced levelcoverage of various toprcs. Intended for student seektng Ph D. in engtneenng.MECHANICALENGINEERING4600:500 THERMAL SYSTEM COMPONENTS 3 cred1tsPrereqUISites: 301, 310.315. Performance analysts and destgn of bas1c components of thermalenergy exchange and conversion systems. Components studied tnclude heat exchangers,pumps, compressors, turbines and expansion engtnes510 HEATING AND AIR CONDmONING 3 cred1tsPrerequisites· 301, 315. Thermodynamtcs of gas mtxtures Design and selectton of a1r condltroningequtpment Control of gas mtxtures, heating, cooltng and humidtty511 COMPRESSIBLE FLUID MECHANICS 3 creditsPrerequisites: 301, 310. Subsonic and supersonic flow tn nozzles; diffusers and ducts. Onedimensionalreacttve _gas dynamtcs. Pr~mdti-Meyer theory. Applications to des1gn and analysiSof compressors, turbtnes, and propuls1on devtces.512 FUNDAMENTALS OF FUGHT 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite: 310 or equJvale.nt or permtssion of Instructor. Introduction to basic aerodynamics,airplane performance, stability and control, astronautiCS and propulsion. Des1gn considerationsare emphas1zed.513 INTRODUCTION TO AERODYNAMICS 3 cred1tsPrereQUISites: 300 and 310 or permtsston. Introduction of aerodynamic concepts; conformaltransformations, theory of th1n a1rfotls, 2-dJmenstonal arrfoli theory, w1ngs of ftnite span, lifttngline theones, lumped-vortex, vortex-lattice, and panel methods.514 INTRODUCTION TO AEROSPACE PROPULSION 3 cred1tsPrerequis'rtes: 300 and 310 or perm_isston. Introduction to propulsion systems cu~rently used1n the aerospace fteld; propulston pnnctples for turbojets. turbofans, ramJets. chemtcal rockets,and electncal rocket propulston.515 ENERGY CONVERSION 3 cred1tsPrerequisites: 310, 315. Topics from fields of internal combustion engtnes, cycle analysis, modernconversron devtces.516 ENERGY TRANSFER PROCESSES 3 cred1tsPrerequistte: 315. Analysis, design of extended surfaces Natural convective, combrned modesof heat transfer and heat transfer w1th a change of phase Heat transfer in magnetohydrodynamtcsystems.522 EXPERIMENTAL STRESS ANALYSIS I 3 creditsPrereqUISite: 336 or 4300:202. Expenmental methods of determ1n1ng stress or strain: brittlelacquer, strarn gages, photoelasttctty.530 MACHINE DYNAMICS 3 cred1tsPrerequtstte: 321. Stattc and dynam1c forces 1n mad"unes, products of inertia, dynamrc eqUivalence,flywh_eels. Balancing of rotattng, reciproca_ting, cycl"lc plane motton. Computer simulationof transtent mechantsm dynamtcs, other toptcs 1n advanced dynamics531 FUNDAMENTALS OF MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS 3 cred1tsPrerequisrtes: 203 and 3450·235 Undamped and forced vibrattons of systems having one ortwo degrees of freedom.532 VEHICLE DYNAMICS 3 creditsApplication of dynamrc systems analysrs techn.1ques to road vehicles. Newtontan andLagrangian methods. Tire/road. Interface. Ride charactenstics, handling and stability. DtgttalSimulation540 SYSTEM DYNAMICS AND CONTROL 4 cred1tsPrerequisites: 315, 431, or perm1ssion. L~place transforms Mathematical models of physicalsystems. Trans1ent response and stabtlity. Error analys1s and system accuracy. Root locusmethods 1n des1gn. Frequency analysts and des1gn. Compensation techniques.541 CONTROL SYSTEMS DESIGN 3 cred1tsPrerequisrtes: 315, 431, 340. Methods of feedback control destgn such as mtntmtzed error, rootlocus,frequency domain. Compensation techniques Multrvariable and nonltnear design methodsand computer-aided control destgn

106 The University of Akron542 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATIC CONlROL 3 creditsPrerequisite: 440 or equivalent Operation of basic control mechanisms. Study of mechanical,hyd~aullc, pneumatiC, flu1d1c control systems, including apphcat10n areas. Tun1ng of controldev1ces for optimum performance of system. Case studies on control apphcat1ons from 1ndustry,e.g. boilers, furnaces, process heaters543 OPTIMIZATION METHODS IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 3 cred1tsPrerequtsite 360. Development and method of solutron of optmzatron problems rn mechan­ICal eng1neenng. The use of dy~amic programming .and operat1onal research methods for opt1-m1zat1on 1nclud1ng computer ut1lizat1on and applications544 ROBOT DESIGN, CONTROL AND APPLICATION 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes: 321, 440 or equ1valent Robot design and control K1nematic transformations,veloc1t1es and accelerations, path traJectones and dynamics, control and sensing 1n robotiCSThe automated factory w1th robot applications550 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTATIONAL FLUID FLOW AND CONVECTION 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes: 315, 360, or permiSSIOn of 1nstructor. Numencal model1ng of flu1d/thermal systems,numencal solution of the momentum and thermal boundary layer equat1ons, flow Simulationus1ng advanced heat transfer/fluid/graphics packages562 PRESSURE VESSEL DESIGN 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: 336 or 4300:202. Introduction to modern pressure vessel technology. ToptcsInclude bas1c structural considerations, matenals and their environment and design-constructionfeatures563 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING 3 creditsPrerequisite: 460 or permission. The use of computer systems to ass1st in the creation, mod­Ification, analysts, or opt1m1zat10n of eng1neenng designs, and to plan, manage. and controlmanufacturing plants600 GAS DYNAMICS 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: 411/5n Denvat1on of equat1ons for multJ-d!mens1onal 1rrotat1ona1 flow of a compressrbleflurd Method of small perturbatrons. Method of charactenstrcs Ideal flow theory.Transonic flow One d1mens1onal unsteady flow608 THERMODYNAMICS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: 301 or equ1valent. Extension and generalization of bas1c laws of thermodynam­ICS with appilcat10n to a variety of physical and biological systems Introduction to irreversiblethermodynamics, the third law and stat1st1cal thermodynamics.609 ANITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS I 3 credrtsPrerequisite: 622. Introductory development of f1n1te element method as applied to various top­ICS from cont1nuum mechan1cs. Areas covered 1nclude plane; axisymmetnc and 3-D stress analy­SIS, conduction, flu1d medlan1cs, trans1ent problems and geometric and matenal nonlinearity.610 DYNAMICS OF VISCOUS FLOW I 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1tes: 301, 310 or equ1valent Denvat1on and solut1on of equat1ons govern1ng lam1narv1scous flow. Applications include unsteady flows, slow v1scous flows, parallel flows, lubricationtheory and lam1nar boundary layers611 COMPUTATIONAL FLUID MECHANICS 3 creditsPrerequiSite: 61~ or permis_sion of instructor. Study of numerical methods 1n flu1d~; numencalerrors and stab1l1ty, f1n1te differencing, nonlinear convection terms, Po1sson equat1ons, boundarycond1t1ons, turbulence, spectral and f1nite element techn1ques.615 CONDUCTION HEAT TRANSFER 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 315 or equivalent. Study of one-, two- and three-dimensional heat conduct1on.Development of analytrcal technrques for analysrs and desrgn616 CONVECTION HEAT TRANSFER 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite: 315 or equivalent. Heat transfer from lam1nar, tu~ulent external, Internal flowsConvective heat transfer at high velocit1es Heat transfer to liquid metals; h1gh Prandtl numberfluids617 RADIATION HEAT TRANSFER 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 315 of equ1valent. Study of govern1ng radiation laws Black and real systems, geometricfactors, gray enclosures, non-gray systems, gaseous rad1at1on, rad1at1on equipment.618 BOIUNG HEAT TRANSFER AND lWO-PHASE FLOW 3 cred1tsPrerequisites· 301, 315 or equ1valent Current tedm1ques to determ1ne heat transfer and pressuredrop 1n components such as boilers, heat exchangers, and steam ~enerators, With bo11-1ng. Boil1ng mechan1sm. slip rat1o, cnt1cal heat flux and 1nstabillt1es 1n boi11ng flow systems.620 EXPERIMENTAL STRESS ANALYSIS II 2 cred1tsPrerequiSite: 422/522. DynamiC strain gage methods, transducer des1gn, Mo1re fnnge tedlntquesand topics 1n photoelast1c1ty621 INTRODUCTION TO TIRE MECHANICS 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite: permission. Top1cs 1nc\ude t1re as vehicle C

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