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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron

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14 The University of AkronApplications development and support for University systems is provided. Majorsystems supported include Human Resources, Student Information, Alumni andFinancial Aid systems.Central computer services include:• A CMOS-based IBM 9672/R41 CMOS running MVS/ESA for administrativeand batch research applications• An IBM 4381/R14 running VM/ESA for interactive computer language support• A Digital DECsystem 5000/240 for unix and c programming• A Digital AlphaServer 1000 for E-mail and web home pages• A Digital AlphaServer 2100 for ZipLINK, the on-line library catalog• A Digital DEC 3000/300LX Usenet news server• An IBM RS6000/390 for graph1cal, secure information access• An NCS Opscan 21-75 optical mark sense reader for scanning mark senseformsOther services provided to the campus by Information Services include:• PC purchase information and assistance• On-campus hardware and software installation services for departments• Computer repair services (on-campus and carry-in)• Cable Television- ZIP-TV• Telephone and voice mail services• Security systems• Cable plant management• Cable television and network connections to residence hall rooms in Grant,Garson, Gallucci, and the Townhouses• Rental of public address systems for campus eventsThe Information Services Department continues in its quest to bring staff and studentsthe most up-to-the-minute advances in computer applications, research,knowledge and training.Student AffairsCOUNSELING, TESTING, ANDCAREER CENTERThe Counseling, Testing, and Career Center provides a wide range of psychologicalcounseling, therapy, testing, career planning, and outreach and consultingservices to the University community. The Center is staffed by psychologists andpsychology trainees, and all services are confidential and free to enrolled students.The Center is located in 163 Simmons Hall, 1330) 972-7082.Counseling ServiceThe Center's counseling service offers assistance in the following areas:• Personal-emotional counseling deals, within a short-term framework, with feelingsof loneliness, inadequacy, guilt, anxiety, and depression; harmful involvementwith alcohol and drugs; recovery from acquaintance or stranger rape;interpersonal relationships, especially with the immediate family, intimate relationships,and roommates; personality development, identity, and self-esteem.• Educational counseling relates to educational goals, motivation, attitudes, abilities,and the development of effective study habits and skills.• Group educational programs through the College Survival Kit cover a widerange of topics which typically deal with improving grades, reducing test anxiety,planning careers, increasing wellness, and addressing personal issues; aswell as providing support groups for minority students and others with a varietyof concerns. Brochures are available.Testing Service• A wide range of testing programs including college entrance examinations,career assessments, personality assessments, and some learning disabilityassessments are available to students.Career Service• Career counseling involves discovering one's interests, needs, values, aptitudes,abilities, and goals; relating these to the world of work; exploring appropriatemajor subjects and career fields. Occupational information is available throughreference books and two computerized career guidance and information systems,SIGI and OCIS.Outreach and Consulting Service• The Center's outreach and consulting service offers assistance to the larger universitycommunity by providing programs and workshops for a wide variety ofcampus groups. The Center regularly provides speakers for classrooms, residencehalls, student organizations, and administrative offices. Topics include,among others, academic performance, wellness, sexuality, and appreciating culturaldiversity.The Counseling, Testing and Career Center also cooperates with the Office ofPlacement Services in jointly providing an extensive range of career developmentservices.STUDENT HEALTH SERVICESHealth services are available to all students enrolled at The University of Akron. Itis located in Robertson Dining Hall, immediately adjacent to the North Quad res~dence halls. This facility is capable of handling most acute injuries and illnesses.Student Health Services is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday throughThursday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday.The student who becomes seriously ill or suffers a serious injury on campus shouldbe taken to an emergency ward of one of the local hospitals without delay. Those personspresent in this kind of emergency should call University Police or 911 immediately.The University assumes no legal responsibility or obligation for the expenses ofsuch transportation or for medical services at the hospital.Student Health and Accident Insurance, designed specifically for students, isrequired of all residence hall students and all international students except thosewho present proof of similar coverage. Other students may purchase this insuranceat the annual individual rate. The student insurance provides coverage forsuch items as hospitalization, surgical benefits, and in-hospital medical benefits.Completed health forms and other health-related records are treated as conf~dential and are kept in the Student Health Services offices.SERVICES FOR STUDENTSWITH DISABILITIESAccording to provisions outlined in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973and the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with disabilities are ensuredequal access and reasonable academic adjustments and accommodations tJyinstitutions of higher learning.The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities is part of the Student AssistanceCenter in the Division of Student Affairs. It is the responsibility of this officeto provide students with disabilities the necessary services that will ensure theopportunity for full participation in University academic programs, activities, andservices.If a student has a specific disability, he or she should contact the Office of Servicesfor Students with Disabilities, Spicer Hall 124, (330) 972-7928 (Voice), or1330) 972-5764 (TOO)CENTER FOR CHILDDEVELOPMENTThe University of Akron Center for Child Development provides a variety of earlychildhood programs which are open to students, faculty, staff, and the community.Each classroom is staffed with a Pre-K certified teacher and student aides. Opportunitiesare provided for the children to engage in developmentally appropriate activitiesin the following areas: creative art, language arts, music and rhythms, scienceexploration, gross motor and fine motor development, socio-dramatic play, multisensoryactivities, and computer experience. The program emphasizes the developmentof a positive self concept through an anti-bias curriculum.The Center for Child Development is open during the Fall and Spring semestersof the academic year between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.The program offers hourly flextime and half-Gay programs for children three to fiveyears old and toilet trained. Full-Gay sessions are available year round for childrentwo-and-a-half to five years old and toilet trained.A summer pre-school flextime program is offered Summer Session I.A summer program is also offered for school-aged children. This program isoffered during Summer Sessions I and II from 7:00 until 6:00p.m.For more information call the Center for Child Development, (330) 374-8210.

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