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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 97696 TOPICS IN MASTER'S RESEARCH 1-3 cred1tsPrerequisite: permrssron of advisor. (May be repeated for a total of 10 credrts .No more thantwo credits apply to degree requrrements.) Research rn surtable topics rn polrtrcal scrence orapplied political sc1ence culminating 1n a research paper. Graded credit/non-credit.697 INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND READtNGS 1-4 cred1ts(May be repeated, but no more than six credits toward the master's degree rn political scrence)Prerequisite: permissron.698 POUTICAL SCIENCE PRACTICUM 3 cred1tsPrerequrs1te: permissron of instructor. Professronal semrnar requrred of new graduate students.May not be applied toward degree requirements Covers disciplrnary subfrelds, teaching,research practices, career tracks and program selectrons Graded credrt}non-credrt.699 MASTER'S TMESIS 2-6 cred1tsPSYCHOLOGY3750:500 PERSONALITY 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: Adm1ssion to the Graduate School Cons1derat1on of current co~ceptuali~at~onsof the normal personality with emphasis on methods of measurement, expenmental f1nd1ngsand research techniques.510 PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS AND MEASUREMENTS 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: Admission to the Graduate School. ConsideratiOn of the nature, construction anduse of tests and measurements in industry, government and educat1on. Includes aptitude andachievement tests, rating scales, attitude and op1n1on analys1s.520 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: AdmiSSion to the Graduate School. Survey of syndromes, et1ology, d1agnosesand treatments of major psychological cond1t1ons ranging from trans1ent maladjustments topsychoses530 PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS OF CHILDREN 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: AdmiSSion to the Graduate School. Survey of syndromes, et1ologies and treatmentsof behavioral disorders 1n children from the standpoint of developmental psychologyBehav1oral data and treatment approaches emphas1zed.543 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 4 cred1tsPrerequistte: Adm1ssion to the Graduate School. The applicat1on of psychological theory to theeffect1ve management of human resources 1n an organ1zat1on, 1ncluding recrt.Htment, selection,training and retent1on of personnel.544 ORGANIZATIONAL TMEORY 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: Admiss1on to the Graduate School The application of psycholog1cal theory tomacro-level processes in organizations Including leadership, motivation, task performance,organ1zat1onal theones and development.545 PSYCHOLOGY OF SMALL GROUP BEHAVIOR 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: Admission to the Graduate School lntens1ve 1nvestigat1on of factors affect1ngbehav1or and performance 1n small groups includ1ng effects of personality, soc1al structures,task, srtuation and soc1al-cogn1tive vanables550 COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: Admission to the Graduate School. Theory and research on life-span changes 1ncognitive processes 1nclud1ng concept tormat1on/categonzat1on, Information process1ng andPiagetian assessment tasks.560 HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY 3 cred1tsPrereqUisite: Admiss1on to the Graduate Sdlool Psychology 1n pre-sc1ent1f1c penod and detailsof developmental or systematrc viewpoints 1n 19th and 20th Centunes.590 WORKSHOP IN PSYCHOLOGY 1-5 cred1tsPrerequisite: Adm1ssion to the Graduate School. !May be repeated. May not be used to meetundergraduate or graduate major reqUirements in psychology.) Group stud1es of special top1cs1n psychology601,2 PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH USING QUANTITATIVE ANDCOMPUTER METMODS I AND II4 credits eachSequential prerequisite: Graduate standing in psychology or the JOint doctoral program 1n counselingpsychology or special nondegree students with permission Psycholog1cal researchproblems applyrng quantitatrve and computer methods. Top1cs 1nclude research des1gn, sampling,controls, threats to validity, hypotheses testing, psychological measurement, error,robustness and power610 CORE 1: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2 cred1tsPrerequ1srte: graduate standing in psychology or the collaborative doctoral program in counselingpsychology or perm1ss1on of Instructor Introduction to emprncal research and theoneson the psydlological processes related to interpersonal behav1or, focusing on topics lrke attitudedlange, soc1al 1nfluence, and prosoc1al behav·ror620 CORE II: COGNmVE PSYCHOLOGY 2 cred1tsPrerequisite: graduate standing in psychology or the collaboratrve doctoral program 1n counselingpsychology or permission of instructor. Survey of theones, concepts, empirical phenomena,and methodologies 1n human cognitive psychology. Top1cs 1nclude attention,cognitive capacity, learning, memory, categorizatron, skill acqu1S1tion/expert1se, and tra1n1ngeffectiveness630 CORE Ill: INDNIDUAL DIFFERENCES 2 cred1tsPrerequ1srte: graduate standrng 1n psychology or the collaborative doctoral program 1n counselingpsyd10logy or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Survey of theoretical perspect1ves on Jnd1v1dualdifferences in personality and behavior and of literature on between- and Within-group culturalvariables influencing personality development and assessment640 CORE IV: BIOPSYCHOLOGY 2 cred1tsPrerequisite: graduate standing in psychology or the collaborative doctoral program 1n counselingpsychology or perm1ssron of instructor. Survey of nervous system structure/function1nclud1ng neuroanatomy, neuron physiology, and synaptic transmiSSIOn. Also overv1ews blologtcalbases of learning, memory, consc·lousness, intelligence, psychopharmacology, behav­Ior genetics650 CORE V: SOCIAL-COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 2 creditsPrerequ1site: graduate standtng in psychology or the collaborative doctoral program 1n counselingpsychology or permission of instructor. Social and cognitive theory/research applied tothe 1ssue of how people understand the1r soc1al expenences. Top1cs 1nclude: person perceptiOn,attribution, soc1al categonzation, soc1al inference653 GROUP COUNSEUNG 4 cred1tsPrerequisites: 671, 710; or 5600:643, 645; or perm1ss1on of instructor Emphasis IS p\aced onprovid1ng the student with the knowledge and understanding of theory, research and techniquesnecessary for conducting group counseling sessions660 ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY4 creditsPrerequisite: graduate_stand1ng in psychology _or permiSSIOn of instruc_tor. An advance~ surveyof1ndustnal and organiZational psychology wh1ch Involves the applicat1on of psychological pnn­Ciples to the work place.671 PREPRACTICUM IN COUNSEUNG PSYCHOLOGY2 creditsPrerequ1s1tes 630, graduate standing in psychology and perm1Ss1on of Instructor Introductionto and trainrng 1n skills used in process of counseling and psychotherapy. Th1s course 1s apreparation tor actual client contact 1n subsequent pract1ca. Cred.1VNoncred1t.6n COUNSELING PRACTICUM4 cred1tsPrerequisites: 630, 671, graduate stand1ng 1n psychology and per:n1ssion ~f instructor. Ext~n­SJOn and development of therapeutic sk11Js and InterventiOn tedin1ques. With superv1sed t~a1n-1ng 1n counseling clients 1n the psychology department Counsel1ng Clin1c. Cred1t/Noncred1t.673 COUNSEUNG PRACTICUM II4 creditsPrerequisites· 630. 671, 672, graduate standing in psychology and instructor's perm1ssron.Supervised expenence w1th clients 1n the psychology department Counseling Clin1c. Tra1n1ngcovers counselrng, assessment and case management skills. Credit/Noncredit.674 PERSONNEL PRACTICUM7-4 cred1ts(May be repeated} Prerequisites· 610. graduate standing 1n psychology, 14 cred1ts of graduatepsychology and departmental permiSSIOn. Superv1sed f1eld expenence 1n lndustnal/organlzatlonalpsychology 1n sett1ngs 1nclud1ng bus·1ness, government or soc1al organ1zat1ons. The f1eld experiencerequ1res the appl1cat1on of Industrial/organizational psychological theories and techniques.Credrt/Noncredit.675 APPUED COGNmVE AGING PRACTICUM 1-4 credits(May be repeated) PrerequiSites 610, graduate standing 1n psychology, 14 cred1ts of graduatepsychology and departmental permiss1on. Supervised f1eld expenence m applied cognitiveaging psychology to prov1de the student w1th the opportun1ty to apply skills and knowledgeacqu1red rn rhe academic sett1ng and to obtain knowledge about commun1ty programs andagenc1es wh1ch focus on developmental processes. CrediVNoncred1t699 MASTER'S TMESIS 1-4 cred1ts(May be repeated) Prerequisite· departmental perm1ssron Research analysis of data andpreparation of thesis for master's degree700 SURVEY OF PROJECTIVE TECHNIQUES 4 creditsPrereqursrte. 630 or Instructor's permiSSIOn. lntroduct1on to rationale, assumptions and eth1cs,and research of projective test1ng. Elementary adm1n1Strat10n, sconng and 1nterpretat1on ofRorschach; and survey of other important contemporary projective Instruments701 PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. 700. Appl1cat1on of psychological test1ng to problems of diagnosis and evaluation.Pract1cal expenence 1n administration, sconng and interpretation lntegrat1on of proJective dataw1th other assessment techn1ques 1n vanety of sett1ngs.706 CURRENT ISSUES IN COUNSEUNG 4 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 630. Advanced study of the background, theoretiCal foundations, techniques,research and applicat1ons of counseling psychology as a sc1ence and profession707 SUPERVISION IN COUNSEUNG PSYCHOLOGY I 3 creditsPrerequisite: doctoral standing or permission of Instructor. Instruction and expenence in super·VISing a graduate student 1n counseling.710 TMEORIES OF COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTMERAPY 4 cred1tsPrerequiSite. 630 or departmental permiSSIOn. MaJor systems of 1nd1vidual psychotherapyexplored w1th1n a philosophy of sc1ence framework: Freudian, behavioral, Rogenan, cognitive,and other. Includes research, contemporary problems and eth1cs.711 VOCATIONAL BEHAVIOR 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: 630 or departmental permission Theorres and research on vocational behav1orand vocational counseling. Top1cs 1nclude major theones of vocat1onal behavior, empiricalresearch on these theones, applied work 1n vocat1onal counseling and applied research712 PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF INDIVIDUAL INTELUGENCE TESTING 4 creditsPrerequ1s1tes· 630 or graduate standing in school psychology, and Instructor's permiSSIOn. History,princ1ples and methodology of inteil1gence test1ng, supervised practice in administration,scoring and 1nterpretat1on of individual Intelligence tests tor children and adults.713 PROFESSIONAL, ElliiCAL AND LEGAL ISSUES INCOUNSEUNG PSYCHOLOGY4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: doctoral res1dency or permiss1on. Exam1nat1on of major 1ssues 1n the field such asthe counselor as a profess1onal and as a person, and 1ssues, problems and trends 1n counseling.714 OBJECTIVE PERSONALITY EVALUATION 4 cred1tsPrerequisites· completion of630 or 400/500, and 420/520. and 5600 645. Study of the development,administration, and 1nterpretat1on of ObJeCtive Instruments for personality assess·ment IMMPI, CPI, MBTI, 16PF and selected add1!10nal1nventorres}715 RESEARCH DESIGN IN COUNSEUNG I 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: doctoral standing or permission Study of research designs, evaluation procedures,and rev1ew of current research.717 ISSUES OF DIVERSITY IN COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY 4 cred1tsPrerequisites: 630; one semester of pract1cum work. Cnt1cal exam1nat1on and applicat1on ofresearch and theory 1n counseling diverse populations, focus1ng on race/ethnicity, sex/gender,sexual orientation, age, disability, and sp1ntuality.718 HISTORY AND SYSTEMS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 630. Ph1losoph1cal and scientific antecedents at psychology and details of thedevelopment of systematic viewpoints in the 19th and 20th centuries.n6 CHILD PSYCHOLOGY4 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 620 or permiSSIOn. Current research 1n ch1ld psychology covered w1th someemphaSIS on cognitive development. Top1cs 1nclude language, memory, rntel!1gence, hyperactivity,and selected aspects of soc1al development.727 PSYCHOLOGY OF ADULTMOOD AND AGING 4 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 620 or perm1ss1on. Aspects of development, ag1ng w1th emphas1s on life-spanmethodology and research design 1ncluding age-related dlanges in inte/11gence, personalitysensation, perception, learning, memory, and soc1alization and 1ntervent1on approaches728 APPLIED COGNmVE AGING PSYCHOLOGY: SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTAL 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1tes· 610, 620, 727 and graduate standing 1n psychology or Instructor permissron.Study of factors 1nfluenc1ng soc1al development 1n the later years Topics to be covered1nclude. social support, life stress, well-be1ng, health, caregiv1ng, and other 1ssues.730 TMEORIES OF LEARNING 4 creditsPrerequ1srte· 620 or departmental permiSSIOn. Contemporary rev1ew of research and theory1n language and memory Process-onented approach adopted with emphasis on developmental1ssues731 APPUED COGNmVE AGING PSYCHOLOGY: INFORMATION PROCESSING 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: 620, 727, and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology; or mstructor perm1ssion Perception,learn1ng, mot1vat1on, attention, and problem solving in adulthood and the1r effects onareas such as env1ronmental des1gn, mobJI1ty, Independence, neuropsychological assessment,and skilled performance

98 The University of Akron732 APPUEDCOGNmvE AGING PsYCHOLOGY: HIGHER PROCESSES ~creditsPrerequiSite: 620, 727. and graduate standing 1n psychology: or instructor perm1ssion. Memory,compre~ens1on, dec1510n processes, Intelligence, and knowledge, and the1r relat1on to everydayfunct1on1ng 1n ~reas such as dementia, commun1cat1on, JUdgment awareness, expert1se, WISdom,and creat1v1ty733 APPUED COGNmvE AGING PsYCHOLOGY: RESEARCH 4 creditslntenstve read1ng 1n selected content area; des1gn and conduct of a complete research studyMay be repeated734 APPUED COGNmvE AGING PSYCHOLOGY: CURRENT ISSUES 2 crecJitsPrerequisite: 620 or permiSSion Examination of applied, theoretical. rnethodolog1cal, and analytiC1ssues of current Importance to the field of cogn1t1ve ag1ng psychology. May be repeatedfor a total of 10 cred1ts.736 THE P!M:HOLOGY OF MENTAL RETARDATION 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: 620 or graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or permiSSion of Instructor. Currentknowledge about the cognit1ve and soc1al development of retarded 1ndlv1duals IS exam1nedThe f1rst half of the course 1s a broad survey emphas1z1ng methodology and f1nd1ngs about theme~tal!y retarded. The second half 1nvolves an 1n-depth exploration of selected appl1ed andbas1c research topics such as react1on to failure, mamstream1ng, sexuality, tra1ro1ng, behavioralproblems, knowledge, and th1nk1ng737 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING DISABILITIES 4 crcaitsPrerequisite: 620 or graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or permiSSIOn of 1nstructor Exarr1nat1onof the theories and research regard1ng learning and reading disabilities Errphas1s 'S on a cnt­ICal evaluation of the research wh1ch 1nvest1gates hypothes1zed process d1fferences betweenlearmng-d1sabled and normal-ach1ev1ng children738 APPUED DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY ,J cred1tsPrerequisites: 620 and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or permiSSIOn of 1nstructor Exammatlonof methodologies, evaluation, child abuse, early 1ntervent1on. day care, k1bbutz1m, soCialnetworks, subcultural vanat1ons. and hosp1ce/dying740 INDUSTRIAL GERONTOLOGY 4 creditsPrerequisites: 610 and 620, graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or departmental perm1ss1on forother students who have completed 610 and 620. Study of age-related 1ssues Hl work 11wolv1ngadult a~d older adult workers. Top1cs 1nclude personnel selecton, rlot1vat1ng andappra1s1ng older employees; health and safety; JOb des1gn. vocat1onaland retirement741751754758SURVEY OF COUNSEUNG METHODS4 creditsPrerequisites: 620 and 630; graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or perm1SS1on of Instructor Anexpenent1al survey of treatment methods from a vanety of theoretical approaches Approaches include, but are not limited to, behav1oral, gestalt. cogn1t1Ve and psychodynamiC methods750 ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS AND MEASUREMENTS4 cred1tsPrerequiSites. 610 and graduate standing 1n psychology or departmental perm1sS1on tor otherstudents who have completed 610 Analys1s of test construct1on techn1ques and stat1st1calanalyses of tests w1th a review of published tests and measurements used 111 psychologyStudy of psychometnc theory and pnnc1ples.ORGAN~TIONALPSYCHOLOGYPrerequisites. 610 and graduate standing 1n psychology or departmentalstudents who have completed 610 Applies the general systems theoryto thestudy of the relationships between organ1zat1onal charactenst1cs and human behav1or. theInternal processes of organ1zat1ons, and the relat1onsh1ps between orgarwat1ons and the1renvironment.752 PERSONNEL SELECTION AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION4 cred1tsPrerequisites: 610 and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or permiSSIOn for other students whohave completed 610. Rev1ew of strategieS employed by lndustnaljorgan.zatlonal psycholog1stsfor personnel selection. placement and promot1on Survey of objeCtive and subjeCtive cntemused 1n pertormance appra1sal1nclud1ng test validatiOn and tra1n1ng effect1veness753 TRAINING2 cred1tsPrerequ1s1tes: graduate standing 1n psychology and 650 or permiSSion to students w'ho havecompleted 650. Rev1ew of 1ndustnal training methods and programs 1n terms of vanous theoreticalonentat1ons, as well as cons1derat1on of techn1ques to evaluate these programsRESEARCH METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGYPrerequ1s1tes: 610, 620 and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology orand 1ts spec1f1c application to psychology. Top1cs 1nclude dataof general linear model and 1ts alternat1ves and power analysis.2-4 credrtsSc1ent1f1c methodval1d1ty. reliability use755 COMPUTER APPUCATIONS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH4 cred1tsPrerequiSites: 610 and graduate standing 1n psychology or perrT%Ston for other studentshave completed 610. Pract1cum 1n apphcat1on of computers to psycholog1cal researchmg data collection, analysis and interpretation. Also covers computer S1mulat1on of deCISIOnmaking 1nclud1ng use of d1fferent models.756 ROLE OF ATTiTUDES AND VALUES IN INDUSTRIAL/ORGAN~TIONAL PSYCHOLOGY.1 ued1tsPrerequiSites: 610 and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or departmental perniiSStOn tor otherstudents who have completed 610. Cons1derat1on of the role of att1tudes and va1;.Jes :n tlle prediCtiOnof behav1or includ1ng consumer psychology, expla1n1ng att1tude cha'lges measurementof attitudes and the use of survey methodology757 ORGAN~TIONAL MOTIVATION AND LEADERSHIP4 cred1tsPrerequiSites: 610 and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or departmefltalfor otherstudents who have completed 610 Survey of theones of fT10t1vat1onboth the 1ntr1nsicand extnnsic determ1nants of worker mot1vat1on. The leadership process and 1ts relat1on tomot1vatton, group performance and attnbut1ons is also analyzedENGINEERING PSYCHOLOGY AND JOB DESIGN4 cred1tsPrerequiSites: 610 and graduate stand1ng 1n psychology or permiss1on for other studPnts whohave completed 610 Survey of field of eng1neenng psychology Covers such as JObdesign, task analys1s, man-mach1ne systems analysis, worktng cond1t1ons and759 JOB EVALUATION AND EQUAL PAY 4 creditsPrerequisite: 610. Major Job evaluation systems will be rev1ewed and r:r1t1qued Issues such asminimum qualif1cat1ons for a JOb will be rev1ewed Advantages and disadvantages of vanousJOb evaluatiOn systems w1\l be compared. Issues concern1ng federal1nclud1ng theEqual Pay Act, comparable worth and other 1ssues Will be d1scussedapproachesto job evaluation and applicable court cases will be rev1ewed760 ORGAN~TIONAL CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION 4 creditsPrerequiSites: 610 or perm1sston. Survey of theones and IntroduCtiOn to pract1cal methods oforgan1zat1onal change and transformat1on used to Increase organ1zat1onal effectiveness andimprove employee quality of work l1fe.761 INFORMATION PROCESSING AND INDUSTRIAL/ORGAN~TIONAL P!M:HOLOGY4 cred1tsPrerequisites: 610, 620, 630, and 640. Coverage of current theor1es 1n cogn:t1ve psychology ISapplied to traditional concerns of 1ndustnaVorgan1zat1onal psychology such as performanceappra1sal or mot1vat1on.762 PERSONNEL PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LAW 4 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 610 Issues 1n personnel psychology which have legal implications are reviewedThe 1mpact of recent court dec1s1ons are evaluated 1n staffmg and compensation.780 GRADUATE SEMINAR IN PSYCHOLOGY 14 cred1ts(May be repeated) PrerequiSites. graduate stand1ng 1n psychology and permiSSIOn Spec1al top-­ICS 1n psychology795 ADVANCED COUNSELING PRACTICUM 4 cred1ts/May be repeated I Prerequisites· 671, 672, 673 and permission of 1nstructor. This course pro­Vides graduate students Hl counseling w1th actual client contacts and superv1sory expenencesunder faculty superv1s:on Cred1VNoncredit796 COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICUM 4 cred1tsI May be repeated l Prerequ1s1te· 795 (eight hours) or 5600 675 (f1ve hours) Advanced counselingpsychology students will have superviSed tra1n1ng w1th clients 1n a var1ety of sett1ngsand w1!1 focus on supervised development of specialized theoretical applications. CreditfNoncredlt797 INDEPENDENT READING AND/OR RESEARCH 1-3 credits\May be repeated) Prerequ1s1te. permiSSion. IndiVidual read1ngs and/or research on a top1cunder superv1s1on of faculty member with whom specifiC arrangements have been made899 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION 1-12 creditsPrerequ:s1te open to a properly qualified student Required mmimum 12 credits. maximumsubject to departmental approval Superv1sed research on top1c deemed su1table by the diSsertationCOr!'dllltteeSOCIOLOGY3850:503 HISTORY OF SOCIOLOGICAL THOUGHT 3 credits100 or permiSSIOn Exam1nat1on of maJor scholars 1n the class1cal soc1olog1cal tra-504 CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGICAL THEORIES 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 403 or perm1Ss1on. Exam1nat1on and cnt1cal evaluatiOn of works of modern soc1-olog1ca: theonsts. emphas1z1ng current theoret1cal approaches to 1ssues of soc1al order andSOCial change Lecture510 SOCIAL STRUCTURES AND PERSONALITY 3 cred1ts100 or penniSSIOn. lnterrelat1onsh1ps between pos1t1on 1n soc1ety, personalityPersonality treated as both result and determinant of soc1al structure andprocess Lecture511 SOCIAL INTERACTIONP1erequ1s1te 100 orchologv, part1:u:ar 1 y3 cred1tslntens1ve study of advanced theory and research 1n soc1al psy­SOCial interaction and self-conception affect one another Lecture512 SOCIALIZATION: CHILD TO ADULT 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· 100 or perm1ss1on Theoretical and empincal analyses of process by wh1ch 1nfant.child. adolescent and adult learn SOCial and cultural reqUirements necessary to funct1on 1n newroles. chang1ng ~ales ar-Jd soc1ety rn general521 RACIAL AND ETHNIC RELATIONS 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite· 100 or perm:ss1on. Analysis of structure and dynamiCS of race and ethniC relat1onsfrom a vanety of perspectives emphas1z1ng both h1stoncal and contemporary 1ssues. Lecture523 SOCIOLOGY OF WOMEN 3 cred1tsPrereqJISites 108 or perm1ss1on of Instructor Exam1nat1on of researdl and theones perta1n1ngto wome!l's status rn soc1ety, rnclud1ng economiC cond1t1ons. the relat1onsh1p between structureand exprmence, and other gender-related rssues.525 SOCIOLOGY OF URBAN LIFE 3 cred1tsPrerequ•s1te 100 or permiSSIOn. Emergence and development of urban soc1ety Examinationot urban soc1al st1ucture from neighborhood metropolis, the problems and prospects. Empha­SIS on var1ous l1fe styles of urban subcultures. Lecture/d1scuss1on.528 THE VICTIM IN SOCIETY 3 creditSnereauiS~:es 100 o~ perrniSSIOn of Instructor. Study of the nature, causes. and consequencesvw•i>m"~1,nn wrth spec1al focus on cnme VICtimization.529 PROBATION AND PAROLE 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. 330 or 430 or permiSSIOn. Analys1s of how probat1oners and parolees are selected,and then reieased rnto pr1vate life Emphas1s on current and past soc1al530 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 100 or permiSSIOn Analysis of soc1al structure and process from wh1ch delinqueflcyde-.'elops EmphaSIS on current and past research. Lecture/discussion531 CORRECTIONS 3 cred1tsPrereau1s1te 330 or 438 Theones. belief systems. correct1onal pract1ces and effectiveness asrelated to offender groups. Lecture/d1scuss10n/freld expenence.533 SOCIOLOGY OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 3 cred1ts1 00 and at least s1x add1t1onal creditS ot soc1ology courses or permiSSion Surveyof cJev1art behav1or and relevant empincal research. Special emphaSIS g1ven to1nteractron processes and soc1al control Lecture.540 SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION 3 cred1ts100 or permiSSIOn Study of forms of rehgron and the1r soc1al functions wrthon rei1Q10n 1r American society. Lecture541 SOCIOLOGY OF LAW 3 cred1tsPrereqUISites 100 and at least SIX add1t1onal cred1ts of soc1ology courses or permiSSIOn. Soc1aland consequences of law and legal processes. Emphas1s on uses of law, soc1al changeaspects of legal profess1ons Lecture542 SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION 3 cred1tsPrerequ1srte· 100 or permrss1on Analys1s of education from an organ1zat1onal and soc1al psyperspectlve.Top1cs rnclude. desegregation; bus1ng, neighborhood schools, impactpee~s a:~d teachers on learn1ng; school organization Lecture543 INDUSTRIAL SOCIOLOGY 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite SIX cred1ts of soc1ology or 1ndustnal management. Companson of formal andInformal structures rn mdustnal organ1zat1ons; analysiS of work roles and status systems; communicationprocesses, relat1on of work plant to commun1ty and soc1ety. Lecture544 SOCIAL ISSUES IN AGING 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 100 or permiSSIOn. A look 1nto the maJor 1ssues and problems fac1ng older per­Special attentiOn 1s g1ven to the unmet needs of the elderly as well as an examrnationcu: retlt soc:etal policy and programs to meet these needs

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