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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron

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142 The University of AkronHUI-QIAN TAN, Assoc1ate Professor of Mathematical Sc1ences (January 1986) BA, Oberlin College,M.S., Ph.D., Kent State Un1versity, 1986MICHAEL J. TASCHNER, Professor of Chemistry (19821 B S, University of W1scons1n; Ph.D, IowaState University, 1980MARK B. TAUSIG, Professor of Sociology (1983) B.A, Un1vers1ty of Wisconsin; MA, Cornell University;Ph.D., State Un1vers1ty of New York at Albany, 1979.BRUCE C. TAYLOR, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering: Associate Professor of ElectricalEngineering 11988) BA, H11am College; M.A., Ph.D., Kent State Un1vers1ty, 1971RICHARD W. TAYLOR, Associate Professor of Management (19891 B S, M.S, Umvers1ty of Flonda;M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1983.CLAIRE A. TESSIER, Assoc1ate Professor of Chemistry (August 19901 B S, Umvers1ty of Vermont;Ph.D, State Un1vers1ty of New York at Buffalo, 1982JOHN THANOPOULOS, Professor of Marketmg and International Busmess, AssoCiate D~rector ofInstitute for Global Busmess (January 1983) B.A, Athens Graduate School of Economics and BusinessSciences; M.Sc., City University, London; PhD, Umvers1ty of Arkansas. 1983STEPHEN J. THOMPSON, Professor of Education (19731 B.S., Umvers1ty of Wisconsin at Oshkosr.M.A., University of Northern Colorado; Ph.D, Syracuse Un1vers1ty, 1973DAVID M. TOKAR, Assistant Professor of Psychology (1993) BA, The Un1vers1ty of Akron; M.A,Ph.D., Southern Illinois Univers1ty at Carbondale, 1993.BROOKS A. TOLIVER, Ass1stant Professor of Mus1c (19951 BAM., MAM , Ph D, Un1vers1ty of Californiaat Los Angeles, 1994.DAWN TROUARD, AssoCiate Provost for AcademiC Affa~rs; Professor of English (1980) BA, M A,Texas A&M Un1vers1ty; PhD, Rice University, 1981.IGOR A. TSUKERMAN, Ass1stant Professor of Electncal Engmeenng 119951 M S PhD, PolytechnlcalUnivers1ty of Leningrad, Russia, 1988.RALPH B. TUREK. Professor of Music 119801 B S, M.M., Duquesne Un1vers1ty, D M.A, Un1vers1ty ofC1ncinnati, 1975PETER B. TURK, Professor of Marketmg (19881 B S., The Ohio State Un1vers1ty; M S, Un1vers1ty ofIllinois at Urbana; Ph.D, Umvers1ty of Wisconsin at Madison, 1977DUDLEY B. TURNER, Assoc1ate Professor of Commumcation; D~rector of the School of Communication(19861 BA, Ashbury College; M.A., The Univers1ty of Akron; Ph.D, Purdue Umvers1ty, 1988MONTE E. TURNER, Professor of Biology (1982) B.S., M.S, Bngham Young Un1vers1ty; Ph.D., Universityof Georg1a, 1982SHERMAN D. VANDER ARK, Professor of Mus1c 119731 AB, Calv1n College; M.A, Ph.D, The Oh1oState University, 1970.ROBERT J. VEILLffiE. Associate Professor of Electncal Engmeering (August 19901 B S E E., V11g1n1aPolytechniC lnst1tute and State UniverSity; M.S E.E, Clemson Umvers1ty, Ph.D, Un1versity of Illinoisat Urbana, 1990.MARY C. VERSTRAETE, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engmeenng; Department Chair of BiomedicalEngineering (19881 B S., M.S., Ph.D., Mlch1gan State Umvers1ty, 1988.BINDIGANAVALE S. VlJAYARAMAN, Associate Professor of Management I 19891 B.Sc., M .Sc., BangaloreUn1vers1ty; M.S.D.S., Ph.D., Georg1a State Umvers1ty, 1987.RONALD E. VIOLA, Professor of Chem1stry (19841 B.S., Fordham Umversity; MS., Ph.D., PennsylvaniaState University, 1976.ERNST D. von MEERWALL, D1st1ngwshed Professor of Physics, D1stmgwshed Professor of Chemistry;Faculty Research AssoCiate, IPS; Department Chair of Physics 11971 I B.S., M S , Northern illinoisUniversity; Ph D., Northwestern Umvers1ty, 1970.CHARLES A. WAEHLER, Associate Professor of Psychology (19891 B S., Suffolk Umvers1ty; M.Ed.Plymouth State College; M A .. Ph.D, Northwestern University, 1989A. MARTIN WAINWRIGHT, Assoc1ate Professor of H1story; D~rector of World Clv111zat1ons (19891BA, Emory University; MA, Ph.D., Un1vers1ty of W1sconsin at Mad1son, 1989JOHN A. WEAVER, Assistant Professor of Education (January 19961 B.A Alderson Broaddus College,MA, Villanova University; Ph.D., Un1vers1ty of Pittsburgh, 1994.STEPHEN C. WEEKS, Assistant Professor of B1ology\ 19941 BA, M.A., Un1vers1ty of Cal1forn~a; Ph.D,Rutgers University, 1991.DAVID M. WEIS, Professor of Education; Trammg Director. Collaborative Program m Counselmg Psychology;Department Chair of Counselmg and Special Education; Senior Fello

Directory 143College of EducationW.J. BANKES". 1921-1931, M.A.ALBERTI. SPANTON•, 1931-1933, M.A., Litt.D.Iactlng)HOWARD R. EVANS". 1933-1942, Ph.D.HJALMER W. DISTAD•, 1942-1944, Ph.D. (acting)HOWARD R. EVANS•, 1944-1958. Ph.D.D. J. GUZZETTA, 1958-1959, Ed.D. LL.D., D.S.Sc., L.H.D. (acting)CHESTER T. McNERNEY, 1959-1966, Ph.D., LL.D.H. KENNETH BARKER, 1966-1985, Ph.D.JOHNS. WATT, 1985-1986, Ph.D. (acting)CONSTANCE COOPER•, 1986-1988, Ed.D.JOHNS. WATT, 1988-1989, Ph.D. (acting)WIWAM E. KUNGELE, 1989-1996, Ed.DRITA S. SASLAW, 1996-, Ph. D. (interim)College of Business AdministrationWARREN W. LEIGH", 1953-1962, Ph.D.RICHARD C. REIDENBACH, 1962-1967, Ph.DARTHUR K. BRINTALL, 1967-1968, Ph.D. !acting)WILBUR EARLE BENSON•, 1968-1970, Ph.DJAMES W. DUNLAP, 1970-1989, Ph D.RUSSELL J. PETERSEN, 1989-1994, Ph.DJAMES INMAN, 1994-1995, LL.M. (interim)STEPHEN F. HALLAM. 1995-. Ph.D.School of LawSTANLEY A. SAMAD, 1959-1979, J.S.D.ALBERTS. RAKAS•, 1979-1981, J.D. (1ntenmlDONALD M. JENKINS, 1981-1987, LL.M.ISAAC C. HUNT. JR., 1987-1995, LL.B.RICHARD L. AYNES, 1995-, JD.College of Fine and Applied ArtsRAY H. SANDEFUR•, 1967-1978, Ph.D.GERARD L. KNIETER, 1978-1986, Ph.D.KELVIE C. COMER. 1986-1987, Ed.D. (acting)WALLACE T. WILUAMS•, 1987-1991, Ph.D.DONALD E. HALL, 1991-1992, Ph.D. (acting)UNDA L. MOORE, 1992-, Ph.D.College of NursingESTELLE B. NAES, 1967-1975, Ph.D.ULUAN J. DeYOUNG, 1975-1988, Ph.D.EUZABETH J. MARTIN, 1988-1992, Ph.D.V. RUTH GRAY, 1992-1996, Ed .D.JANNE R. DUNHAM-TAYLOR. 1996-1997, Ph.D. (interim)CYNTHIA F. CAPERS, 1997-, Ph.D.Wayne CollegeMARVIN E. PHILUPS, 1972-1974, M.A. (acting director)JOHN G. HEDRICK, 1974-1974, M.A. (director)JOHN G. HEDRICK, 1974-1979, M.A. (dean)ROBERT L. McELWEE, 1979-1980, M.A. (acting dean)TYRONE M. TURNING, 1980-1995, Ed.D. ldeanlFREDERICKJ. STURM, 1995-1997, Ed.D. (dean)JOHN P. KRISTOFCO, 1997-, Ph.D. (dean)College of Polymer Science and Polymer EngineeringFRANK N. KELLEY, 1988-, Ph.D. (dean)Graduate SchoolCHARLES BULGER", 1933-1951, Ph.D., Litt.D. (Dean of Graduate Work)ERNEST H. CHERRINGTON, JR., 1955-1960, Ph .D. (Director of Graduate Stud1es)ERNEST H. CHERRINGTON, JR., 1960-1967. Ph.D. (Dean of the Graduate Div1sion)ARTHUR K. BRINTALL, 1967-1968, Ph.D. (Dean of Graduate Studies and Research)EDWIN L. UVELY, 1968-1974, Ph.D.IDean of Graduate Studies and Research)CLAIBOURNE E. GRIFAN•, 1974-1977, Ph.D. (Dean of Graduate Stud1es and Research)JOSEPH M. WALTON, 1977-1978, Ph.D. !Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research)ALAN N. GENT, 1978-1986, Ph.D !Dean of Graduate Studies and Research)JOSEPH M, WALTON, 1986-1989, Ph.D. !Acting Dean of Graduate Studies and Research)PATRICIA L. CARRELL, 1989-1993, Ph.D. !Dean of the Graduate School)CHARLES M. DYE, 1993-, Ph.D. (Dean of the Graduate School)University College (formerly General College)D. J. GUZZETTA, 1959-1962, Ed.D., LL.D, D.S.Sc., L.H.D.THOMAS SUMNER", 1962-1977, Ph.DPAULS. WINGARD, 1977-1978, Ph.D. (acting)MARION A. RUEBEL, 1978-1989, Ph.D.NANCY K. GRANT, 1989-1990, Ph.D. (acting)THOMAS J. VUKOVICH, 1990-1993, Ph.D. (acting)KARLA T. MUGLER. 1993-, Ph.D.Evening CollegeL. L. HOLMES, 1932-1934, M.A. (director)LESUE P. HARDY•, 1934-1953, M.S.Ed., L.H.D. (d~rector)E. D. DURYEA. 1953-1956, Ed.D. (dean)D.J. GUZZETTA, 1956-1959, Ed.D, LL.D., DSSc, L.H.D. (dean)WILUAM A. ROGERS, 1959-1967, Ed .D. (dean)CHARLES V. BLAIR, 1967-1970, M.A. (dean)JOHN G. HEDRICK, 1970-1974, M.A. (dean)CAESAR A. CARRINO, 1974-1986, Ph.D. (dean)Community and Technical CollegeW. M. PETRY•, 1964-1974, M.S.M.E.ROBERT C. WEYRICK, 1974-1985, M.S.FREDERICK J. STURM, 1985-1987, Ed .D. (acting)JAMES P. LONG, 1987-1989, Ph.D.FREDERICK J. STURM, 1990-1995. Ed .D.DEBORAH S. WEBER, 1995-1996, M.A. (interim)DAVID SAM, 1996-, Ph.D.

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