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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron

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20 The University of AkronGeneralInformationREGULATIONSStudent ResponsibilityA student assumes full responsibility for know1ng the regulations and pertinentprocedures of the Graduate School as set forth 1n this Bulletin. Normally, thedegree requirements in effect at the time a student IS adm1tted to a program willapply through graduation. However, if existing programs are revised, the studenthas the option of pursuing the rev1sed program as long as all requirements in therev1sed program are met. Additional Information pertaining to programs can beobtained from the appropriate department head.AdmissionEvery person who des1res to enroll 1n or audit any graduate credit course must bef1rst admitted or approved by the Graduate School.Applications for admission to the Graduate School should be subm1tted to thedean of the Graduate School at least six weeks before the start of the term forwhich admission is sought in order to allow adequate time for complete process­Ing. No applications will be accepted after the Un1versity deadline for applications,which is usually about three weeks before the beginning of a term and is putrlished in the Schedule of Classes. Some programs, such as nursing, counselingand counseling psychology, have earl1er deadlines. Applicants should contact thedepartments for more detailed application information.Each first-time application to the Graduate School must be accompanied by anappl1cat1on fee. The fee for domestic students is $25 The fee for internationalstudents IS $50An official transcript from each college or univers1ty attended must also berece1ved by the Graduate School before the application will be processed. Thisapplies to the complete academic record, both undergraduate and graduate. Transcriptsshould be sent from the Institutions attended directly to the GraduateSchool. The applicant IS responsible for seeing that the above condit1ons are metby the deadlines for f1ling applications.All records, 1nclud1ng academ1c records from other institutions, become part ofthe official file and cannot be returned for any purpose. An offer of admission willnormally be made to an applicant who meets all admission requirements. must be recognized that staff, facilities and other resources are limited, sothe number of students accepted w1ll vary among departments and from term toterm. An accepted applicant may begin graduate work in the fall, spnng or summersemester. The offer of admiss1on is void, however, if the appl1cant does notregister for courses w1th1n two years from the time of admission. An individualwhose offer of admission has lapsed must submit a new application to be recon­SideredThe student is adm1tted only for the purpose or obJeCtive stated on the applicationfor adm1ssion. A new request for admission must be filed when the anginal objectivehas been attained or when the student wishes to change objectives.The admitted status terminates when the time limits have been exceeded orother conditions for continued admitted status have not been met.No student w1ll be adm1tted Without approval and acceptance by a departmentwithin the Univers1ty, but admission to a department does not necessarily implyadmiSSIOn to or candidacy for any graduate degree program in that departmentAdmission for graduate study in any program can only be granted by the dean ofthe Graduate School.Nonaccredited American School GraduatesA student holding a baccalaureate degree from a non-accredited American collegeor university, if otherwise qualified, is normally required to complete at least 10semester credits of postbaccalaureate work at a 3.00 level before being consideredfor admission to the Graduate School. The accreditation status of the schoolat the time of the student's graduation shall apply. A student should consult withthe department head in the maJOr f1eld to develop a postbaccalaureate program.Transfer StudentsA graduate student matriculated in the Graduate School of another college or universitywho wishes to transfer to The University of Akron to continue graduateeducation must be 1n good standing at the other schoolEntrance Qualifying ExaminationsThe use of examinations to determine admissibility to enter a graduate programor el1gibility to continue in one is the prerogative of the departments offering graduateprograms The department has the right to select the examination and minimumacceptable level of performance. Information and procedure may beobtained from the head of the appropriate department.ClassificationAll students are identified by the Graduate School as being in one of the followingcategories. Any change must be arranged through the Graduate School.• Full Admission may be given to any applicant who desires to pursue a graduatedegree and has a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or universitywith an overall grade-point average of 2.75 or better or 3.00 for the last twoyears 164 semester credits or equivalent); or holds an advanced degree from anaccredited college or university in or appropriate to the intended field; or holdsa baccalaureate or master's degree from a foreign college or university withfirst-class standing or its equivalent, plus satisfactory evidence of competencein English. Full admission may also be granted to applicants to the College ofBusiness Administration who meet the college's admission requirements.• Provistonal Admission may be granted to a person who has not met all of therequirements for full admission (2.74-2 5 overall GPA or 2.75 over the last twoyears). This admission status permits a student to take up to 15 semester creditsof graduate coursework. Graduate courses taken under this admission statusmay be applied to a graduate degree program, but only when allrequirements for full admission have been met• Deferred Admtssion may be granted if the applicant's record does not meet provisionaladmission standards. After completion of a postbaccalaureate programof study with an appropriate GPA, as prescribed by the department (usually twoto five courses). the student may be reconsidered for provisional admission tothe Graduate School. No graduate-level coursework can be taken by a studentunder the deferred admtssion status.• Non-Degree Admission may be granted to a person who wishes to take particularcourses but who is not working toward a graduate degree. This admiss1onstatus permits a student to take up to 15 semester credits of graduate coursework.Graduate courses taken under this admission status may be applied laterto a graduate degree program, but only when all requirements for full admissionhave been met• Special Workshop status is for a person permitted to take workshops for graduatecredit without being admitted to Graduate School. Such permission isgranted by the workshop director upon receipt of a signed statement of possessionof a baccalaureate degree by the applicant, and terminates upon completionof this workshop. A student admitted to special workshop status mustapply through regular channels for any other category. A maximum of six workshopcred1ts may be applied to degree work at a later date if the applicant isgiven full admission to the Graduate School.• Transient status may be given to a person who is a regularly enrolled graduatestudent in good standing in a degree program at another accredited universityand has written permission to enroll at The University of Akron. Such permissionis val1d only for the courses and semester specified, with a maximum of 10semester credits allowable, and is subject to the approval of the instructor,department head and Graduate School. A transient student is subject to thesame rules and regulations as a regularly enrolled student of the University.• Undergraduate status is for an undergraduate student at the University whomay be granted permission to take one or more graduate-level courses if all thefollowing conditions are met.- senior standing;-overall grade-point average of 2.75 or better through preceding term (if a studentdoes not have a 3.00 or better in the major field, special justification willbe required);- written approval is given by the instructor of the course and the student'sadviserThese courses may later be applied to a degree program if not used to satisfybaccalaureate degree requirements. The maximum number of graduate creditsthat may be taken by an undergraduate and applied later toward a graduatedegree 1s 12.• Postdoctoral status is divided into three categories.·- a Fellow is a person holding an earned doctorate who is engaged in advancedresearch. A fellow shall be considered a guest of the University and providedspace and use of facilities within limits of practical need of the undergraduateand graduate programs. Tuition and fees shall be collected if allowed undersponsoring contract for any courses the fellow may choose to take;- a SpeCial is a person holding an earned doctorate who desires an additiOnalgraduate degree. A special may be admitted to any program upon submissionof application forms, application tee (if new student) and an official transcriptfrom the institution awarding the doctorate. This student will be treated as aregular student subject to registration fees and program degree requirements;- a Guest is a person holding an earned doctorate who desires to attend coursesand seminars relevant to individual work or interest without registering orreceiving grades. A written application should be submitted to the dean of theGraduate School tor each course to be taken, and approval of the instructor,department head and college dean shall be obtained. A guest is welcome to

General Information 21any course or seminar provid! ld Sl Jace is available. Normally, space and facilitiesfor researm cannot be 1 xov ided for a postdoctoral guest but specialrequests will be considered. H equ• 3sts should be submitted, in writing, to thedean of the Graduate Smool v vho will review sum requests with the appropriatecollege dean and departr nen t head.Course LoadA full load of coursework at the gra dua te level is normally 9-15 semester creditsincluding audit. Ful~time status is de fine d as a minimum of 9 semester credits; oras defined by the Internal Revenu! 1 S! lrvice for those students with graduateassistantships.RegistrationThe responsibility for being properly re 1gis tered lies with the student, who shouldconsult with the assigned adviser ir 1 P• ·eparing a program of courses and/orresearm. A smedule of courses, hours , cl. 3Ss location and registration proceduresis obtainable from the registrar.Financial AssistanceThe University awards a number of grac lua·, ~e assistantships to qualified students.Assistantships are normally awarded for up to two years of master's study and upto four years of doctoral degree study. l ne se assistantships provide stipends of$6,000 to $18,000 plus remission of tuitio n c 1nd fees and are available in all departmentswith graduate degree programs. , !>, ~ 1raduate assistant renders service tothe University through teaming, researm , ont :J other duties. For information and/orapplications, contact the head of the de1 Jar tment. Tuition smolarships are alsoavailable on a limited basis in some depart mt lntsA number of fellowships sponsored by in du stry and government agencies areavailable in some departments. Stipends 1 ·an ge up to $13,000. For information,contact the head of the department.Information about student loans can be obta ne d from the Office of Student FinancialAid.Additional information concerning financial ai d ~ Jolicies is available in the GraduateAssistant Handbook whim can be obtained i 'ro111 the Graduate Smool.International Stuc iE ~ntsThe University of Akron welcomes internatiom 11 s tudents and seeks to make theireducational experience pleasant and meanin[ JfUI ·. Eam year, approximately 810international students and smolars from 91 coL ·ntr ies pursue studies and researmat The University of Akron.AdmissionInternational students can apply to begin their gr adL rate study for the Fall or Springsemester or for either of the University's two su rnn 1er sessions. Students shouldsubmit their applications at least five months in < ldv ance of the date they wish tobegin their studies. Graduate students applying For assistantships should submitapplications nine months before the term begim ; fc r best consideration. The followingprocedures should be followed:• Obtain an international student application fror n t he International AdmissionsOfficer, Office of International Programs, The L lni1 1ersity of Akron, Akron, OH44325-3106, telephone (330) 972-£349, fax (33l )) S 172-8604 (World Wide Webaddress: http.//, ·sli•1ternationai/IP-MAIN.html;electronic mail address: Jnternational@uakron.ed( 4. f 1eturn the completed appl~cation and the one-time nonrefundable applicatior 1 fe e of $50 with the followingdocumentation:-An official transcript and degree from all secon• :Jaf) 1 institutions and universitiesattended previously. Original records in langu age s other than English mustbe accompanied by exact English translations an d cE 1rtified by the smool, U.S.consulate or other legal certifying authority.- Proof of English language proficiency. The Univer. sity 1 ·equires eam student forwhom English is not the native language to take the Test of English as a ForeignLanguage (TOEFL). This test is administere d in major cities throughoutthe world. Applications may be obtained from bina1 ·ional agencies, UnitedStates Information Service (USIS) offices, or from the E :ducational Testing Service,Princeton, NJ 08540. Graduate applicants rr 1ust < 1mieve 550 or greater.Exceptions include the departments of English and History (580), PublicAdministration and Urban Studies (570) and Biomt Jdica,' Engineering (590).Admission may be offered to students who are ac :ader, 1ically acceptable butwho have not yet reamed the level of English pr ·oficiE mcy required for FullAdmission, sum students must attend intensive Er tglish instruction until theyhave attained the required level of English proficier 1cy fc 1r full-time academicstudy.- Proof of adequate financial support. An internation< 11 stu dent should submitthe Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF) a nd ar 1 original statementfrom the bank showing availability of sufficient funds to cc Jver the cost of thefirst year of study. The Office of International Prograr ns vv ·ill prepare the Certificateof Eligibility (I-20A!B or IAP-86) upon receipt of adec 1uate financial supportand admission to the University.Costs, Financial Aid, and Medical InsuranceTo cover tuition and living expenses for the 1997-98 academic year, internat1onalgraduate students holding F-1 visas will need approximately $17,929. Addit1onalcosts for J-1 visa holders and student's dependents are Indicated on the DCFGraduate students may request financial aid through fellowships and graduateassistantships. A graduate student interested in applying for this aid shouldrequest the necessary forms when requesting the admission application.The University of Akron requires that all international students carry rnedicallnsurancethat meets minimum established requirements. Sum health insurance coveragemust be in effect during their stay in the United States. Internationalstudents will not be permitted to register without proof of sum coverage.International Student OrientationThe required International Student Orientation takes place one week before classesbegin and costs $45. The orientation dates will be mailed to students with theirorientation letter and immigration documents.Teaching AssistantsApplicants whose native language is not English and who expect to becometeaming assistants, are also required to amieve a minimum score of 50 on theTest of Spoken English (TSE, Revised 1995). This exam rnust be taken prior tofunctioning as a teaming assistant. Those for whom English is the native languageand who expect to become a teaming assistant must demonstrate proficiency inEnglish through departmental certification. Neither the TSE nor departmental certificationis required for researm or administrative assistants.Note: International students are encouraged to contact the Office of InternationalPrograms directly with questions about housing, climate, insurance, or imm~gration regulations. Questions concerning degree programs should be directed tothe appropriate academic department.Course Numbering SystemEam course at the University has two numbers. One des·1gnates the college anddepartment of whim it is a part; one specifies the subject matter of the particularcourse. For instance:3300:507 Middle English LiteratureIn the above example, the first four digits of the number (3300) indicate the collegeand department. In the case, 3000 represents the Bumtel College of Arts and Sc~ences; 300 refers to the Department of English. The second set of digits (507) followingthe colon, indicates exactly whim course in the Department of English isbeing specified. The course number also indicates the level at which the course isbeing taught and the point at whim the student is ready to take the course.An explanation of that numbering system follows:500-£99 Master's-level courses60(}-799 J.D.-Ievel courses700-899 Doctoral-level coursesWhen approved 400-level undergraduate courses are taken for graduate credit,they become 50(}-level courses. A student must apply for and be admitted to theGraduate Smool before registering for graduate credit.GradesA student admitted to graduate study under any status at the University is expectedto maintain a minimum 3.00 grade-point average (4.00= "!!::)at all times. A minimumgrade-point average of 3.00 is required for graduation. No more than sixsemester credits of "C+;' "C;' and "C-" grades may be counted toward thedegree. Grades of "D+;' "D;' and "D-" are treated as "F" grades. No gradesbelow "C-" may be counted toward a degree.Official academic records for graduate students are ma1nta1ned with a grade-pointsystem as follows:GradeAA­B+BB­C+cC­D+DD-FCRNCAUDQualityPoints4. creditAudit

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