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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 99550 SOCIOLOGY OF MENTAL ILLNESS 3 creditsPrerequtsite: 100 or permiSSIOn. The soc1al history of the mental hospital, theones and epidemiologyof mental1llness. commun1ty-based treatment models, the organ1zat10n of mentalhealth services, the role of personal soc1al networks and mutual support groups594 WORKSHOP IN SOCIOLOGY 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated) Group stud1es of speCial top1cs 1n soc1oiogy. May not be used to meet departmentalundergraduate or graduate maJor requirements. May be used for electiVe cred1t only600 FUNDAMENTALS OF SOCIOLOGY 3 cred1tsAccelerated 1ntroduct1on to sociology for the graduate student def1c1ent 1n SOCIOlogical backgroundor from other disciplines who ·rntend to take further graduate courses 1n soc1ology Lecture601 PRO-SEMINAR IN SOCIOLOGY 2 cred1tsPrerequtsrte· teaching/research ass1stant or perm1ss1on. Introduction to profess1onal aspectsof sociology and major areas of study/research in the f1eld Not approved as cred1t toward adegree Seminar. Credit/Noncredit602 FAMILY AND SOCIETY 3 cred1tsExamination of the Interplay of fam1ly and soc1ety. family as both independent/dependent m1cro/macro levels. Development and impact of family pol1c1es 1s discussed603 SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH METHODS 3 cred1tsAdvanced research methods including advanced stat1st1cal techniques Lecture/laboratory.604 SOCIAL RESEARCH DESIGN 3 cred1tslntens1ve analys1s of problems 1n a research des1gn, 1.8. those encountered 1n thesis preparationSem1nar or dissertation607 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN SOCIAL SCIENCES 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· elementary statistics course or permiss1on of Instructor. Introduction to computersand their appl1cat1ons 1n soc1al sciences (Same as KSU 72214) Sem1nar613 SOCIOLOGY OF PROGRAM EVALUATION AND PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT 3 cred1ts~rerequ1site permiSSion. Program evaluation as it occurs 1n different soc1al programs. Top1cs1ncludes h1story evaluat1on. value assumptions, political d1mens1ons. ethical1ssues. soc1al change,use of expenmentat1on and alternatives and the use for program development. Sem1nar.615 EPIDEMIOLOGIC METHODS IN HEALTH RESEARCH 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te permiSSIOn. Des1gned to Introduce the student to methods of developing andunderstanding Information concern1ng the d1stnbution of Illness and InJUry in society and evaluationsof 1ntervent1ons to reduce the burden.617 SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY 3 creditsExam1nat1on of the class1cal theoretical statements that form the foundat1on of soc1olog1caltheory. Emphas1s on class1c SOCIOlogical theory and 1ts contnbutiOns to contemporary theoryand research. Sem1nar620 GENERAL SYSTEMS THEORY 3 cred1tsAnalys1s of general systems theory as bas1s for a model of soc1ety and as heur1st1c frameworkfor theory and research. (Same as KSU 72108} Sem1na1631 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 3 cred1tsIntensive examinatiOn of soc1al psychological theory and research, both class1c and contemporary.Prov1des student With background and working knowledge of soc1al psychologrcalaspects of social phenomena. (Same as KSU 72430) Semrnar632 SMALL GROUP THEORY 3 cred1ts~rerequ~srte: permiSSion. Theoret1cal and applied aspects of small group dynam1cs. Top1csInclude l~ade1·sh1P e_mergence. effect1ve group development and functronrng, power. normsand rndrv1dual behav1or. among others (Same as KSU 72432) Sem1nar634 PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL SYSTEMS 3 cred1tsExam1natron of_ contemporary theory and research on linkages between personality and society.Some applications 1n stud1es of modern1zat10n. social class and occupatrons and sex roles.(Same as KSU 72433} Sem1nar635 SOCIOLOGY OF COMMUNICATION 3 creditsExam1nat1on of communication med1a, content. audiences and 1mpact wrth1n socrolog1cal context(Same as KSU 724341 Sem1nar.636 CRITIQUE OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: perm1ssron. Systematic evaluatron of theoretical. methodological and emo1ricalaspects of S1gnlf1cant stud1es of mass commun1cat1on. (Same as KSU 72876) Semmar639 SOCIOLOGY OF GENDER 3 cred1tsPrerequ1srte: perm1ssron. Examrnat1on of theones and research on gender orig1ns, character­IStiCS and changes. Emph~s1zes recent emp1ncal research on gender role patterns andprocesses 1n vanous 1ndustnal socret1es645 SOCIAL ORGANIZATION 3 cred1tsGeneral survey of maJor theones, concepts and problems perta1n1ng to creat1on. alteration andg~~~~uat~_on of soCial organ1zatron at vanous levels of s1ze and complexrty. (Same as KSU 72540)646 SOCIAL STRATIRCATION . 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. permrss1on Sem1nar deal1ng With soc1al class and castes w1th spec1al referenceto Amencan soc1al structure. !Same as KSU 72546) Seminar648 COMPLEX ORGANIZATIONS 3 cred 1 tsPrerequ1s1te. permission Organ1zat1ons as soc1al systems. the1r effect on md1v1duals. Problemsof profess1onals in bureaucracies (Same as KSU 72545) Sem1nar649 SOCIOLOGY OF WORK 3 cred1tsExam1nat1on f work as behavioral phenomenon in human sOc1et1es; contrasts w1th non-workf£~~~sau;~~~g~~~~1~~~~~~n~~upatJons, profess·lonal and work types 1n organization of work651 SEMINAR IN RACE RELATIONS 3 credl1sPr_erequ1s1te. permiSSIOn. Analysis of the structure and dynam1cs at race and ethn1c relat 1 onsWith attention given to both h1stoncal and contemporary 1ssues. !Same as KSU 72870) Sem 1 nar652 CONFUCT 3 creditsPrereq_uisrte· permiSSIOn. Current conceptions of human confl1ct. D1scuss1on of vrtal concepts:~~ ~~~~~~~=~~o~~~~e~si~~~~F s~~fi~~tr.phenomena. Power, values, Ideology, riots, revolutiOn656 MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY 3 cred 1 tsPrerequ1srte· perm1ss1on of instruct?r A general survey of the field of medical soc1ology w1th spe­Cial emphasis on applicatiOn of soc1olog1cal concepts and methods as tools to aid 1n the analysisof health and health care 1n the contemporary urban United States. (Same as KSU 72323}.657 URBAN HEALTH CARE . 3 creditsPrereqUISite. permiSSIOn. Relat1onsh1ps between urban soc1al structures and processes andorgan1zat1on and funct1on1ng of health-care del1very systems 1n urban1zed nat1ons. Sem1nar.658 RELD RESEARCH IN URBAN LIFE STYLES 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: permission. Examination of various life_ styles in contemporary urban s~c1ety.Explores 1ssues of theory and methodology 1n urban l1fe-styles research through evaluat1on ofboth class1c and contemporary stud1es. Includes application of concepts and techn1ques 1nactual f1eld research. Sem1nar663 DEVIANCE AND DISORGANIZATION 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te permiSSIOn Examination of nature and types of dev1ance Problems and issues1n theory and research (Same as KSU 72760) Sem~nar664 SOCIOLOGY OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR 3 cred1tsAnalysis ot relationshiP of crime and del1nquency to social structure and sacral processesResponses by criminal JUSttce agenc1es. Semmar.665 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY: THEORY AND RESEARCH 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· permission. Analys1s of theories of delinquency; eco!og1cal. class structural, substructural.etc. Review of relevant research also presented. Seminar.666 SOCIOLOGY OF CORRECTIONS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. perm1ss1on Analys1s of correct1ona11nstltut1on as social system; its formal structureand 1nformal dynam1cs. Analysis of present state of corrections research. Seminar.6n FAMILY ANALYSIS3 creditsPrerequ1s1te· perm1Ss1on Analys1s and evaluation of sociological theory and research in thefamily Concentraf1on on techniques of theory construction and researdl design in sociologicalstudy of the fam1ly. (Same as KSU 725431 Seminar678 SOCIAL GERONTOLOGY 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te· permiss1on Impact of ag1ng upon 1nd1viduals and society. Reactions of individualsand soc1ety to ag1ng. (Same as KSU 72877) Seminar.679 POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY 3 creditsDescnpt1on. analys1s and interpretation of political behav1or through application of sociologicalconcepts (Same as KSU 725441 Sem1nar.680 SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION 3 creditsSelected problems 1n soc1olog1cal analysiS of educational systems. Emphasis on such socialdeterminants of learnmg as class, race, fam1ly and peer subcultures. (Same as KSU 72547)Sem1nar.681 CROSS CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES IN AGING 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: perm1ss1on A companson of ag1ng 1n various cultures and soc1eties around theworld686 POPULATION 3 creditsAnalys1s of bas1c population theory and methods. Trends and differentials 1n fertility, mortality,m1grat1on and selected soc1al demographiC vanables also cons1dered. !Same as KSU 726561Semrnar.687 SOCIAL CHANGEAdvanced sem1nar 1n theones of soc1al change. (Same as KSU 72320) Seminar.3 credits688 HUMAN ECOLOGY 3 creditsSelected problems in analys1s of soc1al behav1or 1n relat1on to phys1cal environment. Overviewof theory. methods and applications of human ecology. (Same as KSU 726501 Sem1nar.689 URBAN ECOLOGY 3 cred1tsSem1nar 1n theory and measurement of social ecology of urban areas. Emphas1s on trends andd1fferent1als 1n d1stnbut1on of soc1al and organ1zat1onal behav1or 1n urban Amenca. Seminar.697 READINGS IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGICAL LITERATURE 1-3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes. seven cred1ts of socrology and permission of adviser, 1nstructor and head ofdepartment. Intensive read1ng and 1nterpretat1on of wntten matena! 1n student's chosen freldof Interest. Regular conferences w1th Instructor.698 DIRECTED RESEARCH 7-3 credits(May be repeated) Prerequ1s1te: permiSSIOn. Emp1ncal research to be conducted by the studentunder graduate facu'ity superv1s1on.699 MASTER'S THESIS 2-5 credits(May be repeated for a total at s1x cred1ts) Prerequ1s1te: permiSSion. Superv1sed thes1s wnting.700 COLLEGE TEACHING OF SOCIOLOGY 2 creditsPrerequ1s1te· teach1ng assistant or perm1sS1on. Training and expenence 1n college teaching ofsoc1ology Not approved as cred1t toward a degree. Sem1nar.705 THEORY AND MEASUREMENT OF SOCIAL ATIITUDES 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes: 603 and 604, or permtss1on Sem1nar 1n theones of soc1al attitudes and techniquesfor their measurement. (Same as KSU 72213) Sem1nar.706 MULTIVARIATE TECHNIQUES IN SOCIOLOGY 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes· 603 and 604, or p~rm1sS1on; a s'?c1ology graduate student only. Methodologicalproblems us1ng advanced mult1var1ate techniques 1n analysis of socJolog1cal data. TopiCS~~~~~~e a~o~~~p~;~~~ntal causal analys1s such as recurs1ve and nonrecursive path analysis.707 MEASUREMENT IN SOCIOLOGY 3 cred1tsPreregu1s1te: 706 or perm1ssion._The?ry and m_ethods of_rr:easurement reliability and validity1n soc1al data. Top1cs 1nclude est1mat1ng rel1abd1ty and val1d1ty, scale and item des1gn, alternativemeasurement strategies, measurement models. Seminar.708 ADVANCED TECHNIQUES IN RESEARCH 7-3 creditsPrerequiSite· perr:nJss1on Selected topics 1n advanced, multivanate statistical analysis and instrateg1es of sociological research. Emphasis on current trends and innovations 1n researchtechniques. !Same as KSU 72216} Sem1nar709 ANALYSIS OF SOCIOLOGICAL DATA 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· 706 or perm·ISSIOn. Cnt1cal exam1nation of data analYSIS techniques having particularrelevance to research problems 1n sOCiology. \Same as KSU 72218) Semrnar710 SOCIAL SAMPLING 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes. 603. 604 or pern~uss1on Theory and methods of sampling in sociology. TopicsIncludes sample des1gn, sampl1ng eff1c1ency, nonresponse, mortality in longttudtnal des1gns,urban, organ1zat1onal, and survey sampl1ng, strat1f1ed and cluster sampling. Sem1nar.711 SURVEY RESEARCH METHODS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes 603 and 604. or perm1ssion. In-depth study of des1gn and adm1n1strat1on ofsoc1al surveys. (Same as KSU 72220) Sem1nar.712 EXPERIMENTAL AND QUASI-EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH IN SOCIOLOGY 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1tes. 603, 604 or permiSSIOn. Application of expenmental and quasi-experimentalmethods 1n sociological research w1th spec1al attention given to appropnate destgns, statisticalanalyses and emprncall1terature. Seminar.714 QUALITATIVE METHODOLOGY 3 creditsPr~requ1s1tes· 603, 604 or permi:;s1on. Theory building and theory test1ng through the applicationof such techniques as part1C1pant-observat1on, open-ended interview1ng. content analy­SIS, h1stonography (d1anes, rec~rd_s from churches. schools, social agenc1es. and othercontemporary sources) and qualitative stat1st1cs. (Same as KSU 72219) Seminar

100 The University of Akron718 THEORY CONSTRUCTION 3 credttsStudy of rules and methods for constructing screntifrc theory. Emphasrs on writings of screntrstsand philosophers of scrence and applicatron of these rdeas to development of sociologrcaltheones. (Same as KSU 72107) Semrnarn1 SPECIAL TOPICS IN SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY7-3 creditsOpen course to cov~r content area not read1!y subsumable under other head1ngs. Content ofcourse to be determrned by rnstructor. (Same as KSU 721951 Semrnar.722 EARLY SOCIOLOGICAL THOUGHT 3 credttsPrerequiSite: 617 or permiSSIOn Two to four major sociolOgical thinkers pnor to 1930 exam1ned~n depth. Specific persons considered will be chosen by Instructor but w11f be announced well1n advance of beg1nn1ng of class. (Same as KSU 72191) Sem1nar723 SEMINAR IN SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY 3 credttsPrerequisite: 722 or permiss1on. lntensiv~. crit.ical analys1s of current scholarship in a broadrange of contemporary sociological th~ones. V1rtually all requ1red reading will be from primarysources. !Same as KSU 721051 Semrnar.725 SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH BEHAVIORS 3 credrtsSociological analys1s of the maJOr theones and research on health and illness and the utilizationof health services. (Same as KSU 72325)726 STRATIFICATION AND HEALTH 3 credrtsRace, _soc1al class, and gender differences 1n phys1cal a_nd mental health status, help-seekingbehav1or, and health care. Race, class, and gender strat1f1cation of health care workers. {Sameas KSU 72328)727 SOCIOLOGY OF OCCUPATIONS, PROFESSIONS AND HEALTH CARE 3 creditsSoc1olog1cal exam1nat1on of the organ1zat1on of work 1n the health care f1eld w1th emphasis onoccupations, profess1ons, and health care del1very (Same as KSU 72327)728 SOCIOLOGY OF MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL DISORDERS 3 credttsSoc1olog1cal exam1nat1on of the soc1al processes that affect mental hea~h. that frame culturalideas of normality and rllness, and that define clrnrcal pathology. (Same as KSU 72326)733 SMALL GROUP RESEARCH TECHNIQUES 3 credttsPrereqursrte 632. Applicatron and implrcatrons of research rn small groups Focus on both laboratoryand field stud1es. Seminar/laboratory.737 CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 1-3 creditsSelected top1cs on s1gnif1cant contemporary 1ssues, theones and methodological developmentsrn sacral psychology (Same as KSU 724951 Semrnar738 RESEARCH IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 1 creditPrerequisite· 631. Design and development of a research project onented to emp1rically examinmgselected concepts 1n social psychology or to test1ng selected propos1t1ons 1n social psychology(Same as KSU 72431) Research747 URBAN SOCIOLOGY 3 credttsAnalysis of theories of urban process and rev1ew of major contributions to emp1ncal analysisof urban lrfe !Same as KSU 726591 Semrnar.750 RESEARCH IN COMMUNITY AND AREA PROBLEMS 3 credttsPrerequisite· permission. Spec1al 1nvest1gat10n of community, area or reg1onal problems;desrgn and execution of small projects. (Same as KSU 72655) Seminar753 SPECIAL TOPICS IN SOCIAL ORGANIZATION 1-3 credrtsOpen course to cover content area not readily subsumable under other head1ngs. Content ofcourse to be determrned by rnstructor. (Same as KSU 725951 Semrnar.754 ISSUES IN URBAN ANALYSIS 1-3 credttsSpecial top1cs sem1nar dealing w1th current and special top1cs 1n urban process and 1ts analy­SIS. Sem1nar755 RESEARCH IN SOCIAL ORGANIZATION 1 creditPrerequisite: 645. Design and development of a research project onented to empirically examtnlngselected concepts 1n soc1al organization or to testing selected propositions 1n soc1al organiZatiOn.(Same as KSU 72541) Research756 SEMINAR IN URBAN PROCESSES 3 credttsPrerequ1s1te: Ph.D. standing in soc1ology or perm1Ss1on. Cnt1cal exam1nat1on of currentresearch and theory related to urban life, spec1al emphasis on soc1al change 1n urban environment.(Same as KSU 72691) Semrnar.767 SPECIAL TOPICS IN DEVIANCE AND DISORGANIZATION 1-3 creditDes1gned to meet needs of student wtth 1nterest 1n selected top1cs in dev1ance and disorganization.(Same as KSU 727951 Semrnar768 RESEARCH IN DEVIANCE AND DISORGANIZATION 1 creditPrerequisite· 663 Provides for analysis of research problems 1n deviance and d1sorgan1zat10nand for development of research project in above area. (Same as KSU 72761) Research.790 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN SOCIAL CHANGE 1-3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: 687 or permiSSIOn. Vary1ng topics focusing on current research and theory in f1eldof soc1al change. Advanced notice in spec1f1c content will be prov1ded by Instructor (Same asKSU 82329) Semrnar791 RESEARCH IN SOCIAL CHANGE 1 creditPrerequ1stte. 687 Continuation of 687 Student prepares a major research paper based on theoreticalmatenal covered 1n 790 and presents 1t for d1scuss10n to the sem1nar. Research.792 RESEARCH IN HUMAN ECOLOGY 1 creditPrerequiSite· 688 lntens1ve research on selected aspect of human ecology by 1nd1vidual studentw1th prev1ous tra1ning in thts area. Topic to be arranged between student and instructor.Research797,8 INDIVIDUAL INVESTIGATION 1-3 credrts eachPrerequ1s1tes: one semester of graduate work, permiSSIOn of Instructor, adviser and head ofdepartment. Read1ngs and/or research superv1sed by member of graduate faculty. (Same asKSU 728961899 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION 1-10 credits(Must be repeated for a minrmum of 30 cred1ts) Drssertation. !Same as KSU 82199)ANTHROPOLOGY3870:505 HISTORY AND THEORY IN ANTHROPOLOGY 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 150 or permiSSIOn. Survey of theones and problems in soc1al and cultural anthropology.H1stoncal development, methods of inqu1ry and contemporary theoretical perspectives555 CULTURE AND PERSONALITY 3 credttsPrerequ1s1te: 150 or permiSSIOn. Exam1nat1on of functional and causal relationships betweenculture and 1ndiv1dual cogn1t1on and behavtor Lecture557 CULTURE AND MEDICINE 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 150 or permtss1on of Instructor. Analyzes vanous aspects of Western and non­Western med1cal systems from an anthropological perspective. Compares trad1t1onal med1calsystems around the world.561 LANGUAGE AND CULTURE 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: 150 or perm1ss10n. Exam1nation of language structure and Interaction of language,cogn1t1on and culture. Lecture.563 SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY 3 credttsP_rerequtstte. 150 or permiss1on Comparative structural analys1s of non-Western systems ofktnsh1p and social organization 1n terms of status, role, reciprocal expectation, nomenclature,nuclear and extended households and other k1nsh1p groupmgs. Lecture572 SPECIAL TOPICS: ANTHROPOLOGY 3 credtts(~ay be repea~ed) Prerequisites· 150 and permiss1on Des1gned to meet needs of studentw1th 1nterests 1n selected top1cs 1n anthropology Offered Irregularly when resources andopportunlttes perm1t. May Include archaeological field school. laboratory research or advancedcourse work not presently offered by department on regular bas1s.594 WORKSHOP IN ANTHROPOLOGY 1-3 credits(May be repeated) Group stud1es of special top1cs 1n anthropology May not be used to meetdepartmental undergraduate or graduate major requirements May be used for elect1ve cred­It only651 SEMINAR IN ANTHROPOLOGICAL THEORIES AND METHODS 3 credttsMajor theoretical v1ewpo1nts 1n cultural anthropology Nature, scope of research problemsSurvey of methods 1n f1eld work. Sem1nar697 INDIVIDUAL INVESTIGATION 1-3 credrtsPrerequ1s1tes: permiSSIOn of Instructor and head of department. Intensive readtng and/orresearch 1n student's chosen field of Interest Regular conferences wtth Instructor Preparat1onof a research paperPUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONAND URBAN STUDIES3980:590 WORKSHOP 7-3 credtts(May be repeated) Group stud1es of spec1al top1cs 1n urban stud1es. May not be used to meetgraduate ma1or requirements 1n urban stud1es. May be used tor elective credtt only.600 BASIC ANAL¥nCAL RESEARCH 3 creditsPrerequisite: perm1ss1on Examines baste framework of soctal sc1ence research methodologiesand bas1c complementary stat1st1cal techniques. 1nclud1ng probability and samp\1ng mostuseful in urban stud1es.601 ADVANCED RESEARCH AND STATISTICAL METHODS 3 credttsPrerequisite: 600. Extends study of soc1al sc1ence to 1nclude more advanced research des1gnsand mult1vanate statiStiCal techniques602 HISTORY OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT 3 cred1tsExamination of maJOr literature on processes of urban1zat1on 1n Un1ted States and selectedfacets of urban 1nstttut1onal development610 LEGAL FOUNDATIONS OF PUBUC ADMINISTRATION 3 credrtsPrerequiSite: perm1ssion. Introduction to the legal foundations and context of public adminiStration,1nclud1ng the Interaction of the course, publiC organizations. public administration andthe publiC611 INTRODUCTION TO THE PROFESSION OF PUBUC ADMINISTRATION 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te· permiSSion. Introduction to the theory and practice of the f1eld of public administrationFoundation course for later MPA study.612 NATIONAL URBAN POUCY 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: permiSSIOn. Major federal pol1c:es that relate to urban problems exam1ned 1nregard to policy-making processes, 1mplementat1on and 1mpact613 INTERGOVERNMENTAL MANAGEMENT 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: permiSSion. Examines the fteld of mtergovernmental relat1ons as 1t appltes tourban adm1n1strat1on and management.614 ETHICS AND PUBUC SERVICE 3 credttsPrerequ1s1te: permiSSion. Exam1nat1on of the eth1cal problems and 1mphcat10ns o~ dec1s1on~and poliCieS made by those whose act1ons 1mpact on the broad public. Case stud1es of deci­Sion mak1ng in both the public (government) and pnvate (business and the profess1onslspheres, are stud1ed 1n relation to classicall1terature 1n eth1cal theory615 PUBLIC ORGANIZATION THEORY 3 cred1tsPrereqUISites. 611 and 6i0 or equivalent. Exammes the development of publ1c organ1zat1onaltheory and the current status of theoretical developments 1n the f1eld of public adm1n1stratton616 PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT IN THE PUBUC SECTOR 3 credrtsFundamental issues and pnnc1ples of public sector personnel adm1n1strat1on, 1nclud1ng recruitment,select1on, tra1n1ng, mot1vat1on, supervlston, evaluatiOn. labor relations and aff1rmat1veact1on.617 LEADERSHIP AND DECISION-MAKING 3 cred1tsExam1nes the context of public organ1zat1onal management 1nclud1ng relevant organ1zat1onaltheones, strategic management and plann1ng and publ1c sector leadership618 CITIZEN PARTICIPATION 3 credrtsThe fundamental theory, background. techniques, and ISsues of Clttzen partlc1pat1on 1n urbanpol1cy-mak1ng.620 SOCIAL SERVICES PLANNING 3 credrtsPrerequistte. permission. In-depth analysis of total soc1al serv1ces requ1rements and vanousways 1n whidl soc1al serv1ces planning function IS earned out 1n urban commun1t1es.621 URBAN SOCIETY AND SERVICE SYSTEMS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te. permiSSIOn. Analys1s of social bases of urban society; h1erarch1es. soc1al problems,relationships to planning, public serv1ces622 URBAN PLANNING AND HEALTH CARE 3 cred1tsBas1c knowledge ot the health service del1very system 1s prov1ded for planners and administrators1n the publ1c sector.623 PUBLIC WORKS ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite. perm1SS1on. Exam1nes the bulidtng, maintenance and management of publicworks.

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