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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

The Benefits of

The Benefits of Maximising Natural Daylight and Ventilation in Buildings Building design can have a huge impact on our health. Throughout our lives we all spend a large amount of time indoors, away from natural sunlight and a natural air supply. Studio Designer neo rooflights specified for Steven Myhill’s ‘Summerhouse’. Health and Wellbeing is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a “state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing”. The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) also includes social, psychological and physical factors into their definition. A recent research study carried out by research agency Cadvantage surveyed 150 architects and found that of their sample only 11% (17 architects) could correctly define what Health and Wellbeing means in building design. The research has identified that Health and Wellbeing is taken into account in all sectors of building design, however not by all architects, with only 59% of the architects working on designing education buildings, 57% in healthcare, 48% in office spaces, 44% in retail and most 92 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL - SPRING 2018 worrying of all 35% in residential. In construction it is widely accepted that natural light and ventilation can vastly improve health, concentration levels and performance so these findings will not be well received by the UKGBC or other organisations such as NARM (the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers), who regularly promote the health and wellbeing benefits of light from above in building design. The UKGBC believe that generous access to daylight as well as a supply of natural ventilation should be part of the design considerations for Health and Wellbeing. However, Cadvantage have further revealed that 43% of the architects surveyed felt that the support they receive from manufacturers is inadequate when they are specifying products that meet Health and Wellbeing needs. According to NARM, daylight is an essential natural asset. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that buildings enjoying high levels of natural light are literally more successful than those more reliant on artificial light. In all environments the eye and brain functions respond better to natural light, so people perform better, while passive solar gain can reduce energy costs. It’s clear from the UKGBC, WHO and NARM that introducing maximum natural daylight and ventilation to buildings is key to improving the Health and Wellbeing of the UK population. One solution to this is to specify rooflights on a design scheme. Rooflights can flood up to three times more natural light into a space than a vertical window of an equivalent size, and rooflights such as the Studio Designer Range from the Rooflight Company provide almost unlimited arrays of glazing to truly maximise natural light from above. Studio Designer Conservation Rooflights Mews, London. To find out more about Health and Wellbeing in rooflighting and how the Rooflight Company can help you integrate light and natural ventilation into your projects call us on 01993 833108 or visit With thanks to Cadvantage and NARM for their statistics in this article.

Award- Winning Partnerships We specified the Rooflight Company because we were impressed by the attention to detail and quality of construction of their rooflights. We worked closely with their design department to develop a rooflight that would dovetail with the rest of our design. Buddy Haward, Burd Haward Architects Working closely with architectural practices across the UK, our rooflights are regularly specified on award-winning buildings. The Rooflight Company. Helping to create award-winning environments for over twenty years. Call us today on 01993 833108 or visit SPECIFIERS JOURNAL - SPRING 2018 93 Bespoke openable Trapezoidal Rooflights at the RIBA award-winning Mottisfont Visitors Centre.

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