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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

Decentral ventilation

Decentral ventilation with heat recovery Fresh-r fits behind the wallpaper The Fresh-r consists of a box construction with two fans blowing in the opposite direction. In between there is the world’s most efficient air-to-air heat exchanger ever developed. It keeps exchanging heat at its maximum efficiency at sub zero temperatures. The Fresh-r In-the-Wall, shown below, is 45 inch high and 15 inch wide and fits in the wall. There is also an On-the-Wall, and Window-Frame version. For more details, please visit Demand controlled The Fresh-r only ventilates when necessary, because it has a CO 2 sensor. This costs a lot less energy than continuous ventilation. On average Fresh-r only uses 6 Watt. Wi-Fi connected For real time insight into air quality and the unit’s performance, Fresh-r is Wi-Fi connected. Copper core heat exchanger The heat exchanger is made of copper, that conducts heat 1000 times better than plastic, resulting in a thermal efficiency of 87% at 80 m 3 / hour. Even when it is freezing Filter The optional filter stops pollen and fine dust, like diesel particulates, form entering your home. The filter is very easy to replace. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Award winning technology Fresh-r is Passive House Certified and Component Award winner. According to international Passive House jury the least cost per cubic meter fresh air for refurbishments. We love to hear your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to call Daniel Holmes +31 6 12 08 94 49 40 ECOBUILDER - THE SPECIFIER SPRING 2018

Fresh-r is like a breathing window Exactly what you need for airtight building Healthy and comfortable Fresh-r continuously measures air humidity, particulate matter and CO2 and only ventilates when necessary. This way, mould does not stand a chance and the air stays clean, healthy and comfortable. Good for the environment The Fresh-r is NZEB-ready. Because of it’s thermal efficiency, even when it is freezing, there is almost no need for central heating. This saves 1.5 tons of CO2 per year for an average home. Saves a lot of money Because almost all the energy needed for heating is saved, and the usage and maintenance costs are very low, a Fresh-r is earned back within six years. Essential for cognitive performance Research shows that at 2000 CO2 particles per million (ppm), the ability to make good decisions decreases to 6%. Fresh-r ensures that the CO2 remains below 1200 ppm. Easy installation and maintenance Fresh-r is easy to install because no air supply ducts are needed and few exhaust ducts. Due to the modular design, maintenance is easy to carry out by anybody. Award winning technology Fresh-r is Passive House certified and ECOBUILDER Component - THE Award SPECIFIER winner. SPRING 2018 41

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