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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital


MY BLOODY MEZCAL-ENTINE RECIPE BY MONICA LO OF SOUS WEED INGREDIENTS: 2 oz Mezcal 4 oz Blood Orange Juice 1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice 4 drops Sous Weed Lemon Verbena Tincure 1 sliced Blood Orange for garnish METHOD: In a serving glass, combine Mezcal, Lemon Juice and Cannabis Tincture. Top Glass with Large Ice Cube. Slowly pour in Blood Orange Juice. Garnish with Blood Orange Slices. Serve immediately. TIPS FOR CANNABIS STYLING AND PHOTOGRAPHY: COMPOSITION Play with your composition. I’m a fan of the controlled chaos look but sometimes things look better when they’re perfectly symmetrical. Find what works best for you visually, replicate it, and you’ll develop your own style. STORYTELLING Go ahead and take a bite out of your dish or get messy with your seasoning. These little perfect imperfections add a sense of reality to your image. INGREDIENTS Take a little extra time to pick out the best-looking ingredients and garnishes. Discard the sad, wilted looking guys. The tiniest damage on a leaf will show up on camera. It may seem super-obvious but it’s often easy to miss.

Elise McRoberts is a Cannabis Entrepreneur, Producer and Influencer. Through culture, community and education, she’s changing the way people view Cannabis. With a proven track record of success in business development, brand strategy, marketing and media relations, Elise has established herself as a top advisor to emerging and leading Cannabis brands. Here are a handful of her favorite products! @BESOMATIK @BOSMWELLNESS @PRANAMEDICINALS @TRYCHEMISTRY

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