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PERSONAL COMING OUT GREEN STORIES BROUGHT TO YOU BY TOKEATIVITY, THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN Tokeativity is a Cannabis Community for Women. Our intention is to nurture a safe space for women to connect, learn and create. Whether you are a first timer or daily consumer, all women are welcome. Join our community for in-person or online Cannabis conversations, social gatherings, workshops, networking, Cannabis Q & A’s, speakers, films, guest artists, and more. We donate a portion of our monthly proceeds to causes we are passionate about supporting. Learn more about Tokeativity Connect, our new digital network designed to help women connect about Cannabis across the globe, at We are opening up chapters this year and encourage any woman interested in starting one to visit ◀ Founders Samantha Montanaro & Lisa Snyder Photographed by Jennifer Skog “I am an Army veteran and I have been struggling working with the VA for my pain management for years. Especially after a major car accident, I was in constant pain and I could barely get through the day without pain pills. I finally moved to Portland in my tiny home where I reconnected with my good friend Lauren who showed me how much Cannabis has helped her life and daily pain. I have been a regular user ever since and I’ve only been in Portland for a month. “I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a young teenager, I suffered from severe scoliosis. I had to wear a back brace every single day for 20 hours a day for over 2 and a half years, and after that I had to undergo a full spinal fusion surgery. My spine now made from 2 rods, 12 screws, and bone from my hip. I was just 16 when this happened, and to deal with the pain I was given dozens of different heavy medications that were constantly putting me in a daze. When I turned 18, I moved to California and discovered the world of medicinal marijuana. CBD products were providing me the most pain relief I have ever received, and with no side effects. Cannabis has helped me so much, and I just want to be able to share with others what Cannabis has given me. I live in Portland, Oregon now with my lover. We have been recreationally growing Cannabis for over a year now, and my life has been so blessed by this plant.” - A I was always worried about the stigma of using Cannabis and how it looked as a veteran and someone trying to get into the entertainment industry. I have an upcoming episode of me and my custom tiny house on Tiny Luxury for HGTV in the spring and working to become a professional burlesque dancer. But I came to realize that my life has been made so much better by daily use of CBDs and other Cannabis products. I am a forever Cannabis babe.” - J “It was the mid-’90s and I was 15. Raised by a single parent as an only child, my mom and I were very close. I told her about my first pot purchase from a classmate and the first thing out of her mouth was “you got ripped off!” She went to her bedroom and I could hear her fumbling around. She came out of her room with the coolest 1960s tie-dyed ceramic bong. It was turquoise and purple with a groove in the top for buds. I was shocked! My mom smokes pot and she is exposing that fact to me?! Some may think that I was to young to be partaking with my mom but I was already curious and purchasing. Lets just say she saved me a lot money and spared me from a lot of fear. We still share pot experiences to this day and I am nearly 40. In fact, we just went to our first Tokeativity event (a Cannabis social in Portland, OR) in 2017! Thanks Mom!” - Y ISSUE 01 94

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