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“Looking back on the

“Looking back on the past 10 years, I was so adamant that I would never let my condition define me. Having a weakness propels me, because it gives me fight. In a way one can have a head start in life because you are so determined to not let that condition consume you. It can give you so much determination and energy behind whatever trajectory you’re on. I have lost huge gigs because they insisted on having strobe lighting. I’ve had meltdowns during gigs because I was so sleep deprived. A lot of red carpet events were very triggering. I was invited to the Burberry Runway Show during fashion week and I thought I was going to have a seizure right then and there because of the flashes from all of the cameras, which can be more in your face than strobe lights.” John Lycett Green, founder of Medical Marijuana Genetics and Cannabis activist in the UK, first introduced Chelsea to CBD oil. “I had mentioned trying medical marijuana to my doctors before and they brushed it off like I was just trying to get stoned. It was extremely degrading.” A friend gave Chelsea her first few drops of CBD oil after a sleepless night attending a wedding in England, but it wasn’t until the second time she tried it that she really noticed the effects. “I had mentioned trying medical marijuana to my doctors before and they brushed it off like I was just trying to get stoned. It was extremely degrading.” “The second time I tried CBD oil I forgot to take my medication that night. I never ever forget to take my medicine! I didn’t have to set an alarm or anything because my brain would always remind me that it was pill time. Around 6pm-9pm I would start to feel funny or like I couldn’t focus and that’s when I knew I was in the “danger zone” that I could potentially have a seizure. After I began taking CBD oil I noticed the positive effects it had on me. It was very exciting! I no longer had that “medicated” feeling, and after two months of taking it I very gradually began to wean off of my medications.” Chelsea has now been off pharmaceutical drugs for over a year and is managing her epilepsy by exclusively taking CBD oil, and although she does not recommend coming off of any medication on your own she claims to have done so in an act of desperation. “I get so many questions from people about coming off meds and using CBD. People are so hungry for alternatives. I weaned myself off extremely gradually and listened to my body. What works for one person may not work for another so it is very important that you should be able talk to your doctor and have that conversation before trying to wean off of any medication,” Leyland explains. ISSUE 01 74

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