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They are very misinformed here. I am hoping they will look to us and start to catch up and stop denying people Cannabis. My journey with this film is to explore the climate of the medical Cannabis industry in the UK and US and compare the two. It is about my fight to get my sister access to Cannabis. We are exploring the medical Cannabis industry by looking at epilepsy as a case study and exposing the convoluted laws behind using CBD. We are also using different medians with sound and animation to really illustrate what epilepsy feels like. I would have never gotten to where I am without having that illness. It gave me a lot of fight and still drives me everyday.” Follow Chelsea’s journey on Instagram @chelsealeyland and be on the lookout for more information regarding her upcoming documentary, @CBD4epilepsy “Separating The Strains.” When asked if she uses marijuana recreationally Chelsea divulges that she is completely sober. “I smoked when I was younger,” she says. “I’ve taken so many pharmaceutical drugs that I was never afraid to try CBD. However, THC can sometimes cause seizures so it is important that I stay clear of recreational use. Not to say I’m against it. Working hard as a Cannabis activist, people are so quick to shut it down so it is crucial to come from a well-informed place and to use science, research, and well-informed facts to speak the terms of politicians and to change policy.” CBD has had a huge impact on Chelsea’s life, and with more than 60 thousand Instagram followers she’s using her influence to advocate for the health benefits of using Cannabis to treat everything from epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases, to PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. Embarking on her biggest project yet, she is now in the preproduction stages of co-producing and co-directing her documentary, “Separating The Strains.” “This film is about my personal story and my sister’s story struggling with epilepsy. My sister has a very severe form of epilepsy and autism that requires full time care. She is living in the UK and has no access to Cannabis because it is not an approved drug. It’s very frustrating because it has been such a huge success with treating mine. The UK is very far behind the US in terms of having access to medical marijuana. You can buy CBD under .3 percent THC but it is not medicinally or recreationally legal. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brittney Mesica is a Los Angeles native and Southern Oregon transplant with a passion for travel, music, fashion, and canna-culture. Currently working as a freelance writer and special events coordinator, Brittney has hosted many Cannabis commerce events such as Marijuana Mixers and Private Industry Parties. She has experience in publications with articles that have been featured in Oregon’s 1859 Magazine and Sunset Magazine ISSUE 01 76

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