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A %$treat Centre for Wfwk 'Hiaith 1.5 Health Through Design The healing process can begin anytime with a positive outlook and strong self-esteem. Healthy people contribute to society, their community, their families and themselves. They find nourishment in food, air and sunlight, as well as interaction with others. Problems are not problems, but challenges that can be overcome. If one cannot respond to opportunity with flexibility and inner resources, s/he is unhealthy. 12 The ability to adapt to new environments and situations is necessary to decrease the burden of disease. This adaptation is accomplished by understanding our nature and how we are interwoven with it. If we do not realize our interrelationship to the environment, then high self-esteem, self-expressiveness, self-awareness and a feeling of belonging is unattainable. 13 To resist disease, coping skills are crucial. For any system to function effectively, there must be balance. Selfassertiveness requires cooperation. Determination requires flexibility. Learning, that is, mind, body and spiritual advancement, through cooperation and flexibility, requires the will to do so. Awareness of our environment and our abilities to cope within that environment are fundamental with respect to the to the realm of personal health. The following sections outline aspects of architecture and environments as health-giving entities. 13

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