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& fytreat Centre for 'Whole Of&aCtfi Healing architecture must be experiential. Architect Carol Venolia(1951- present) illustrates that healing and healthy environments mean more than eliminating toxic material usage, poor light and excessive noise. They are places that help us connect to ourselves. In her book Healing Environments, Your Guide to Indoor Well-Being Venolia proposes "that healing environments: 1. stimulate positive awareness of ourselves; 2. enhance our connection with nature, culture, and people; 3. allow for privacy; 4. do us no physical harm; 5. provide meaningful, varied stimuli; 6. encourage times of relaxation; 7. allow us to interact with them productively; 8. contain a balance between familiarity and flexibility. " 1S These ideas are largely self-explanatory and expanded throughout the thesis. Responding to each site separately and specifically is critical in the creation of health-giving architecture. 20

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