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The report identifies

The report identifies severe inequalities between rich vs. poor communities as the cause of so-called failing schools. The report argues that “to solve the quality education problems that are at the root of many of the issues, school finance reform is essential to ensure that resources are allocated according to student needs.” Closing the achievement gap requires specific investment in lowperforming schools, not punitive measures. There should be more federal, state, and local policies to attract and retain fully qualified educators, improve instructional quality, and provide wraparound services for young people. The report suggests states model their funding formulas on those of Massachusetts and California and that the federal government should fully enforce the funding-equity provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). It would be difficult to find more rational and reasonable solutions to the education problems in today’s schools. But pay attention to the response it’s getting. Corporate reformers are running scared with their hair on fire as someone finally has the guts to point out that the emperor is walking around stark naked! Editor’s Note: This article first appeared at the blog, Gadfly on the Wall, and is used with the author’s permission. Be sure to check out Steven Singer’s book, Gadfly on the Wall: A Public School Teacher Speaks Out on Racism and Reform

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