9 months ago

Bourge-wise Cat

A thousand suns

A thousand suns bleaching the sky, the earth white, The sun coming from the earth to explode. Our legacy is history, but we never learn from our mistakes. Do we regret the taking of life, or the change we brought From that fierce atomic beauty in the warm August sun? An American Poem A nuclear pompadour Releases Buried collective anger. Integrity and humanity cease. The world becomes much stranger. Incandescent lies, Breach of the fragile peace, Fear the money changer. What his billions buy, The mouthpiece, Of the clear and present danger. AMERICA FIRST Dismembered, one stroke of the pen, One dollar at a time— The arsonists are in charge of the fire station. Destruction plumes, forcing fumes To an indifferent, hazy sky. Books and art in the sulphur flames Crackle and snap alongside Food scraps for the aged and Melting plastic eyes of children’s puppets— The radio hisses its last static, Then silence.

The water leeches its lead, Flowing down the strip mine scar. A fiery freight car carries the lost To the pyre on the River of the Dead. In this deconstruction of the administrative state, We’re all going to be deconstructed, destructed and Tossed into the mass grave of alternative facts. What did you expect? THIS WEEK IN HISTORY I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed on the internet. Branded crazy, dumb as stumps, goaded, extorted. Bullied and sullied in an abject abuse of power, Fruit flies, dissected on a slide. I heard your lies— You, insatiate demon, You will not take my voice, Your tiny talons may claw my eyes But I will not sign your parchment. I heard the river Lethe— Its black murmur grows to a rush, Ferrying me on foam rapids To some crazed misogynistic alternative reality. The tabloids become real news— That reveal all, While the rest is fake. Narcissistic hypocrisy blackens the sky. Go on, grab my pussy. I can take it. Rant on my bloody facelift, My menstrual cycle. The moon, the moon holds my power. We are more than body parts and functions.

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