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132 Literaturverzeichnis

[Sme 2008] F. Smeacetto, M. Salvo, M. Ferraris, J. Cho, A.R. Boccaccini, Glass-

ceramic seal to join Crofer22APU alloy to YSZ ceramic in planar

SOFCs, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 28 (2008) 61-68.

[Sme 2009] F. Smeacetto, A. Chrysanthou, M. Salvo, Z. Zahng, M. Ferraris,

Performance and testing of glass-ceramic sealant used to join anodesupported-electrolyte

to Crofer22APU in planar Solid oxide fuel cells,

Journal of Power Sources 190 (2009) 402-407.

[Spe 1971] E.I. Speranskaya, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Neorg. Mater., 7 [10] 1804 –

1807 (1971); Inorg. Mater. (Engl. Transl.), 7 [10] 1611 – 1613 (1971).

System V2O5-MgO.

[Sun 2002] Sun-Bum Sohn, Se-Young Choi, Gyeung-Ho Kim, Hue-Sup Song, Goo-

Dae Kim, Stable sealing glass for planar solid oxide fuel cell, Journal of

Non-Crystalline Solids 297 (2002) 103-112.

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seals, Engineered Materials Handbook vol. 4. Ceramics

and Glasses, ed. Schneider S.J., et al., ASM International, USA, (1991)


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Solid Materials, vol. 4, Oxides and Their Solutions and Mixtures, The

MacMillan Co., New York, NY, 1967.

[Tuc 2006] M.C. Tucker, C.P. Jacobson, L.C.D. Jonghe, S.J. Visco, A Braze

System for Sealing Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, In.: Journal

of Power Sources 160, Nr. 2 (2006) 1049-1057.

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[Ver 2004] V. Verlotski: Metall-Glas-Funktionsschichten auf metallischem

Substrat. Vortrag RWTH Aachen, 2004.

[Vie 2010] W. Vielstich, H. Yokokawa, H.A. Gasteiger; Handbook of Fuel Cells,

Fundamentals Technology and Applications, Vol. 5: Advances in

Electrocatalysis, Materials, Diagnostics and Durability: Part 1, (2009)


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