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28 PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 3049 F 6 € 350 Round the World Flight by Wiley Post and Harold Gatty with airplane "Winnie Mae"; Cover from Mineola/USA June 21 1931 to Berlin June 24 and via Moscow, Siberia and Canada back to New York July 1, 1930, autographed by Post and Gatty in superb quality; signed Longhi, certificate Bolaffi 3049 3050 3050 F 6 € 500 Round the World Flight by Jimmy Mattern and Lt. Griffin; cover with U.S. 5c Airmail cancelled New York July 5, 1932, plane took off from Floyd Bennett Field going via Harbour Grace to Berlin where it received a Germany 4pf stamp cancelled Berlin Zentralflughafen July 6 , from there to Moscow where it received a 15k stamp cancelled Moscow July 7, their journey ended on their trip to Siberia, cover is also signed by Jimmy Mattern and Lt. Griffin, a scarce piece of flight history as only 10 covers are believed to have been aboard, superb quality; certificate Bolaffi 3051 3051 F 6 € 800 Balbo Squadron Flight "Crociera Aerea del Decenniale Italia - Nord America", cover franked with US$ 1,70 from Chicago 1933-07-18 "by Italian Cruise to New York", transit 07-20 on the backside, addressed to Monroe, cover bears the great commemorative cachet "ITALIAN AIR CRUISE CHICAGO - NEW YORK" and has a vertical crease, Sorani certificate (Longhi 33TAa)

PER ARDUA AD ASTRA 29 3052 3052 F 6 € 100 Giant Sikosky S. 24 flight at Bridgeport/CONN 1934-04-26, purple cachet "SEAPLANE 2 WORLDS ALTITUDE RECORDS CAT. WITH 2000 & 5000 KILO LOAD", Igor Sikorsky's helicopter air-machine managed to transport a load of 7533 kg up to a hight of 2000 m and a load of 5000 kg up to a hight of 6203,6 m, the cover with 8 Cts US airmail stamp cancelled Bridgeport 04-26 was carried on the record flight, Bolaffi certificate 3054 3054 F 6 € 180 VOYAGER, special cacheted Round the World flight cover (numbered 351 of 750), autographed by both Dick Rutan & Jeana Yeager, v.f., certified Bolaffi 3053 3053 F 6 € 150 VOYAGER, special cacheted 'carried aboard' cover for Engineering Test Flight (numbered 357 of 500), autographed by both Dick Rutan & Jeana Yeager, v.f., certified Bolaffi 3055 3055 F 6 € 150 VIRGIN ATLANTIC GLOBAL FLYER, Steve Fossett's first Solo Non Stop Round The World Airplane Flight in 2005, very attractive special cacheted cover (numbered 257 of 500), autographed by Steve Fossett, v.f., certified Bolaffi Bitte beachten Sie auch unseren Hauptkatalog! Los 4341 Los 4342 Los 4340