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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

2762 Femoral stem

2762 Femoral stem driver.2763 Femoral head impactor.2764 Femoral head remoral tool.2765 Stem remoral tool2766 Slide hammer.2767 Acetabular componant2768 (Two Peices Acetabular componants)2769 Acetabular shells.2770 Acetabular liners and trails.2771 8.5mm. concellous screw.2772 Acetabular fixation peg.2773 Pediatric compression hip screw : System Plates:2774 Lag screws.2775 Comprassion screws.2776 Mini-Torque 2.8 mm bone screw2777 Pediatric guide wire.2778 Depth gauge.2779 Ped. Calibrated reamer 10.1cm length2780 Ped. Barrel Reomer.2781 Ped. Lag screw tap.2782 Ped. Lag Screw T. Wrench.2783 Twist Drill.2784 Ped. Wrench stabilizer.2785 Ped. Barrel guide.2786 Screw driver for mini-Torque screw.2787 Screw driver for comprassing screw.2788 Ped. Plate holding clamp.2789 Ped. Comprassion device.2790 Ped. Trephine2791 Plate- small Semi -Tubular ,To be used with 3.5 mm Cortical screws and 4.0 mm cancellous screwsHoles Length 5 61mm2792 External Bone Fixator (orthofix )2793 Total Hip Prothesis (cemented )2794 Instrument for T.H.P (cemented)IX OPHTHALMIC REQUIRMENT2795 Needle holders :Barraquer, curved, no catch, standard2796 Barraquer, curved, no catch, heavy2797 Silcocks, with catch2798 Troutman curved, no catch2799 Lims style ,no catch,titanium2800 Forceps :Hoskins, straight,0.5mm notched tips2801 Hoskins, straight,0.3mm notched tips2802 Mophersons,tying /10 L 10mm angled,Titanium2803 Moorfields conjunctival standard2804 Moorfields conjunctival,fine2805 Listers tying/ conjunctival,1.5 mm teeth2806 Elschnig fixation, 1.5 mm teeth2807 Swan necked, 0.25 mm notch, titanium2808 Kelman- mcpherson tying/ 10L 10mm tips2809 Harms tying, straight 0.5 mm tips2810 Chayman 10L forceps, right hand2811 Chayman 10L forceps, left hand2812 Mcpherson, tying, angled on flat,12 mm tips2813 T- End 10L forceps, titanium2814 Round end cilia forceps2815 Tarsal cyst, ayers plate dia 8.5 mm112 of 218

2816 Tarsal cyst, lambert plate dia 10,15 mm2817 Tarsal cyst/ entropian, plate width 31, 24 mm2818 Cross action, 38 mm2819 Halsteads artery, mosquito, straight 125 mm2820 Wells artery, straight 95mm2821 Wells artery, curved 95 mm2822 Weiss fine sphenoidal, U/C, 3 , 2 mm bite2823 Kelly punch,1mm dia tip for glaucoma2824 Capsolorhexis, standard tip, wide body2825 Capsolorhexis, cross action, formed, titanium2826 Scissors :Excision, curved on flat, extra strong 35 mm blade2827 Katzin wound enlarging, 10mm blade, right,left2828 Castroviejo, corneal 20,11,13 mm blade2829 Westcott tenotomy, round 17 mm blades2830 Westcott tenotomy, sharp 17 mm blades2831 Strabismus/ excision, curved on flat 25 mm blades2832 Small vannas, curved, 8 mm blades2833 Werbs DCR scissors, angled blades2834 De weckers, both blades 12 mm, sharp2835 Barraquer iridectomy, 8.5 mm blades2836 Iris scissors( curved,straight) diamond edges gold plated bows 4 1/2''.2837 Speculae :Clarkes, adult, right,left2838 Clarkes ,child , right,left2839 Langs solid blades, adult, right,left2840 Langs solid blades, child, right,left2841 Barraquer, S.S ,adult,child2842 Browns, solid blades ,adult,child2843 Miscellaneous :Pigtail probe with holes2844 Set of 4 liebreichs lachrymal probes, silver2845 Langs cacnliculus dilator, sigle end2846 Nettheslips cacnliculus dilator, single end2847 Greafe strabismus hook, small,medium,larg2848 Jamson strabismus hook (9x1.3) , (10x2) mm2849 Arruga lens expressor, right,left2850 Sinskey hook angled round handle , black2851 Sinskey hook angled round handle, satin2852 Netilship iris repositor , silver2853 Wright iris repositor , double, handle2854 Mc Callans lid spatulla2855 Knapp lachrymal sac retracror, blunt prongs2856 Angled Sinskey hook, 0.18 mm DIM tip, titanium2857 Osteotome 4 mm2858 Set of 6 sharp spoons for tarsal cysts2859 Traquairs DCR periosteal elevater2860 Microsurgical tray , metal , holds approx. 20 , 12 instrument2861 Castroviejo implant, acrylic 11.5 , 13 mm deep2862 Pack of 500 saugkeile traingular swabs unsterile2863 Pack of 100 sugi sheeting swab 10x10 cm unsterile2864 Box (of 3) self retaining chamber retainer , lewicky2865 Box (of 3) self retaining chamber retainer , Dahan2866 Box (of 3) AC stiletto knife2867 Box (of 5) Capsule polisher , krat2, 23G2868 Box (of 3) simcoe 1/A cannula ,0.3mm port2869 Box ( of 3) Dahan - simcoe 1/A cannula polisher2870 Box ( of 10) rycrofts AC cannula 30G2871 Box ( of 5) edgeahead microsurgical knif (30",45")113 of 218

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